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вторник, 13 августа 2013 г.

ETC 2013 - Intro

Hey, I’m back to life! ETC 2013 has ended so I have some spare time to write my blog.

 Yes, it meens that I’ve participated in the Warhammer 40000 European Team Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia this year! And that’s the reason why I haven’t write my blog for some time – I was focused on the tourney. So, now I have a lot of battlereports and articles to write for you.

I hope that my opponents will come to read my blog, so I’ll try to write down 6 battlereports from the tourney first of all. Second, I’ll try to finish the battle reports from the Russian Team Cup – 2013 tourney. I have 4 more reports to write! Then I’ll try to generate some team-tourney related content, cause I was a captain of team Belarus this year as well as the captain of Minsk team at the Russian team Cup. So, I have some ideas to discuss about pairing systems, army lists and strategies.

So, I need some time to have a sleep and then I’ll be back, so check for the new posts soon;)

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