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среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

Bealrus at ETC-2013. Afterword.


I found myself a bit slow, so I still has no account at warhammer org to say thank you to organizers, so I’ll do it on my blog now.

THANK YOU, Serbia for great event! It was my first ETC and I fell in love with the event. Organization was at a very high level, in detail:
+ Terrain on the tables was fantastic! Playable and different! Great job!
+ The place was conditioned!
+ Dinner! Not something exotic, but nutritious and fast, actually!
+ 2 games a day with 4 hours per game was great!
+ Transport from airport to hotel and back!
+ Magnets, T-shirts for the event! Cards for pairings! Awesome!

Minuses of organization are so small, that I don’t want to mention them ever. It will be great to run ETC in Serbia again!

I found my players to be a great folks, I was lucky not to get any bad or hard opponents – all my games were comfortable. So, I want to say THANK YOU to all of my opponents:

Vit, from team Norway. I do not remember if we had any issues through the game, I suppose not. Very comfortable to play with you! Hope to play again!
Jan, from team Germany. High sport and easy to play with. I had some difficulties to play any jokes, so the game was not fun, but comfortable nevertheless:)
Tim, team Belgium! It was fun to meet you in real life after we met in internet before! Very interesting mirror game with a lot of jokes, actually. I had a great time at the table, playing with you! See you in Vassal again?
Jukka, team Finland! A really positive and smart guy! The game was intelligent and full of jokes. I liked our game very much, hope to play again next year!
Chunk, team Scotland. Chunk was not relaxed during the game. Nervous about bad match-up? Chunk did well anyway, used my mistake and lost by a little in a hard matchup! I hope, I’m not too scary to be nervous near me:)
Andrew, team Latvia. It was so comfortable to speak Russian, so we laughed a lot with intense humor throughout the game. Nice game, interesting moves, interesting armies. I like the games like that!

Feel free to comment me, actually. If I remember something wrong in my reports – correct it, please:)

Bad moments
I want to consider 3 situations I dislike for the tourney. It’s the nongaming methods of gaining additional points.

After the game with team Germany we had to submit results. I played till the very end of the round – we did 7 turns a game, so it was a long one. After the game we written down our results to the table and I wanted to check all the other results, as a team captain. At this point team Germany captain argued that I’m slowing down the submitting procedure and that I have to sing the table immediately or be penalized for this. I decided not to argue with the captain and asked judges, whether I have 5 minutes to check the table, filled by team Germany captain. They allowed me to do this, without penalty.  The difference is in that team Germany captain was a non-playing one and had a plenty of time to fill and check the table himself, but it’s of no good to try to penalize somebody for being a playing captain, I think. Not high sport behavior.

Team Belgium was penalized by team Serbia for square bases. The Daemon player brought the list with 2 packs of hounds on square bases and team Serbia forced them to remove all the “non-oval” based minis from the game. Team Belgium proudly declined to play with team Serbia at all. I think that it must not happen at ETC! There are no actual difference and team Belgium never used this aspect in their favor. So, shame for team Serbia. Very low sport behavior.

Team Russia was penalized by team Spain for slowing down the pairings process. They did it secretely. When team Russia players went to smoke in the beginning of the round, team Spain called judges showing that not all the team Russia players ready to do pairings. Pairings were finished in time, actually. After the game team Russia was faved in front of a fact that they are penalized by 2 points and that was the difference between loosing and a draw. It’s not a sport behavior of team Spain!

I hope that it won’t ever happen at ETC again. I hope we can be friendly with each other! Come on, guys, it’s not too difficult to be fair and do not cross the sport margins.

A good and bad seem to mix together in the post. I want to say that the weight of bad is little and the weight of GOOD is the major part here.
It was my first ETC. I liked it very-very much! I’m going to participate in ETC-2014!

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  1. Про собак убило. Я сам собак не видел новые блистеры (когда своих соберу, это будут вархаунды от варриоров хаоса), но на ГВ сайте сказано что только квадратные базы прилагаются. Ороро какое-то.

    Короче, судейство - днище, как я понял... А я то думал, это только в России можно повстречать упоротое трактование или не-чтение правил вовсе + штрафы не самые справедливые... Но, в следующем году расчитываю на своей шкуре ощутить, хотя бы сингл, так что поглядим-увидим)