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четверг, 22 августа 2013 г.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 3 - GK

Third game from the Russian Team Cup – 2013 was against Arisk. Actually I did pairings extremely bad and my worst nighmare stood across the table – Paladins with Draigo!

So, this is a 0 point match for me:) Paladins can easily push me off the table – I have nothing to do with them.


HQ1 : Lord Kaldor Draigo [275 pts] - Warlord
HQ2 : Inquisitor Coteaz [100 pts]

Troop 1 : 10 Paladins (4 NFHammers 5 NFHalberds) (550) with 4 PsyCannon(80), Banner(25), Apotecary(75) (1 PsyCannon with NFHammer, 3 PsyCannon with NFHalberds) [730 pts]
Troop 2 : 3 Warrior Acolytes [12 pts] in Transport1
Troop 3 : 3 Warrior Acolytes [12 pts] in Transport2
Troop 4 : 3 Warrior Acolytes [12 pts] in Transport3
Troop 5 : 3 Warrior Acolytes [12 pts] in Transport4
Troop 6 : 3 Warrior Acolytes [12 pts] in Transport5

HS1: Dreadnoght(115) 2 AutoCannon(10+5) PsyAmmo(5) [135 pts]
HS2: Dreadnoght(115) 2 AutoCannon(10+5) PsyAmmo(5) [135 pts]
HS3: Dreadknight(130) Heavy Incinerator(30) [160 pts]

Transport1 : Razorback(45) PsyAmmo(5) Searchlight(1) [51 pts]
Transport2 : Razorback(45) PsyAmmo(5) Searchlight(1) [51 pts]
Transport3 : Razorback(45) PsyAmmo(5) Searchlight(1) [51 pts]
Transport4 : Razorback(45) PsyAmmo(5) Searchlight(1) [51 pts]
Transport5 : Razorback(45) PsyAmmo(5) Searchlight(1) [51 pts]

TOTAL [1850pts]

Mission: The Emperor’s Will (4 pts per objective) & Crusade (1 4 pts objective in the center of the table).
Deployment: Dawn of War.

I placed my objective as far as possible and set my Aegis near my board edge.
I won the rolloff and got the second turn. So, I have to save my flyrants and try to Deny objectibes in the late game to gain at least some points!

Draigo scoutmoves into the middle of the board and I split my forces and move along the short board edges with raveners and flyrants.
I loose warlord but manage to get raveners into enemy backfields, killing him all the dreads and transports!
Dreadknight deepstrike into my deploy and I assault him with poisoned gants, bringing him down in 3 turns!
Paladins are forced to turn back for raveners, killing one squad, so my objective is unreachable now!
On my turn 4 I fly tyrant off the table.
On turn 5 paladins try to shoot down last raveners in his deployment, but fail to kill all, leaving 2. Raveners pass morale!!!
Then I rush raveners onto his objective to contest! Last hiveguard and Flyrant rush to the central objective. There are paladins and 2 acolite squads. I kill one acolite squad with flyrant shooting, then assault the second acolite squad with hiveguard successfully and manage to get into 3” area from the central objective with my last hiveguard!

And… the time is out! We even rolled to check wether the game will end naturally and 1d6=2! Lucky me!
Feel that? I lost almost all my army, killing a little, but I won on objectives. The result is 10-10!!! Awesome for tyranids!

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