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среда, 14 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 1 - Tyranids vs IG

My army for the ETC looked like this:

Alexander "Erle" Ivanov (CAPTAIN)
HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0) [260 pts] {warlord}
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0); Old Adversary (25) [285 pts]
Elite1: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Elite2: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Troop 1: Tervigon (160), Stinger Salvo (0), Scything Talons (5), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) [190 pts]
Troop 2: Tervigon (160), Stinger Salvo (0), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) [185 pts]
Troop 3: 10 x Termagant Brood [50 pts]
Troop 4: 10 x Termagant Brood [50 pts]
FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]
FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]

Army Total: [1850 pts]

Army idea: It's an army designed to open up transport parkings of Imperial guard and Grey Knights. It's not a problem if opponent has Fortifications but the army is afraid of many manticores and GK dreadnaughts. Raveners and Tyrants get into close combat turn 2, so they synergies well. Two tervigons give 2 FnPs as well as let me stabilize the point outcome if the attack of the raveners fails.

My first game at ETC is against Vít "Hamster" Iľkanin with a mech IG army.

HQ1: Company Command Squad (50), Warlord ; Transport 1 – [95Pts]
Melta Gun (4x10); Company Commander - Melta Bombs (1x5)

Elite 1: Guardsman Marbo (65) - [65Pts]

Troop1:Veteran Squad (70) - [125Pts]
Demolitions (30) (Demolishion charge (x1); Melta Bombs(x9)) Veteran Sergeant - Plasma Pistol(10)
Troop2:Veteran Squad (70) - [125Pts]
Demolitions (30) (Demolishion charge (x1); Melta Bombs(x9)) Veteran Sergeant - Plasma Pistol(10)
Troop3:Veteran Squad (70) – [115pts]; Transport 2
Plasma gun (2x15); Flamer (1x5); Veteran Sergeant - Plasma Pistol(10)
Troop4:Veteran Squad (70) – [115pts]; Transport 3
Plasma gun (2x15); Flamer (1x5); Veteran Sergeant - Plasma Pistol(10)
Troop5:Veteran Squad (70) – [110pts]; Transport 4
Melta Gun (3x10); Veteran Sergeant - Plasma Pistol(10)

Fast1: Vendetta Gunship (130) - 3 TL Lascannon (0) – [130 Pts]
Fast1: Vendetta Gunship (130) - 3 TL Lascannon (0) – [130 Pts]
Fast3: Hellhound (130) - Inferno Cannon (0); Heavy Flamer (0); Smoke Launcher (5) – [135pts]

Heavy Support1: 2 Hydra (2x75) - 2 Heavy Bolter (2x0) – [150pts]
Heavy support2: Leman Russ Demolisher (165)- Demolisher Cannon (0); Lascannon (15); Extra Armour (15) –[195Pts]
Heavy support3: Colossus (140) - Colossus Siege Mortar (0); Heavy Flamer (0) – [140Pts]

Transport1: Chimera - Heavy Bolter (0) – [55 Pts]
Transport2: Chimera - Heavy Bolter (0) – [55 Pts]
Transport3: Chimera - Heavy Bolter (0) – [55 Pts]
Transport4: Chimera - Heavy Bolter (0) – [55 Pts]

It looks like a good opponent for me, cause there are nothing except shooting to stop my army. My evaluation for this match is 13 points on the average, but I'm goingto pop up his heavy support for 1-2 additional points, cause the mission is:

BIG GUNS NEVER TIRE - 5 Objectives (3 game points each, maximum difference by controling objectives: 12 game points)

I lost both roll-offs. As a result, I have 2 objectives in my part of the table and opponent has 3 objectives! So... NO HOLDING BACK! RUN FOR YOUR MEAL!:)

I lost the roll-off and Vit deployed first in a typical gunline. Vendettas are in reserve with Demolishion charge veterans inside.

I deployed extremely agressive. 2 gant squads are in reserve.

I do not try to seize, cause we play Big Guns and I havee good cover for my bugs.

Turn 1. IG

Demolisher comes closer, as well as Hellhound to shoot my raveners.
Everything start shooting at my raveners and when the dust settles I lost only 1 guy and got 2 wounds more.

Turn 1. Tyranids

I found that Demolisher is 21 inch from left raveners!!!
I Feel No Pain both ravener squads and fly tyrants off the board.
Raveners rush forward at cruising speed:) Hiveguards and tervigons crawl behind them.

Shooting. I immobilize Hellhound with hiveguard shooting and run blue raveners into the ruin for cover.

Assault. My left ravener squad roll 11 for assaultand I manage to multiassault both Demolisher and Hellhound! Knock-knock, scratch-scratch...

Demolisher explodes and hellhound is wrecked!!!! Oh yes! No more demolisher! Raveners feel at ease. Great turn for tyranids!

Turn 2. IG

One vendetta comes in hover mode and disembark veterans, who prepares tothrowa Demolishion charge!
Marbo decides to become a HERO as usual and want to kick some ravener asses right in the middle of tyranid horde!

Shooting. I loose more then a half of the left ravener squad and 2 raveners from the second squad. Oh, that hurts!

Turn 2. Tyranids

Left tervie spawn 8 gants with a double. Gants go to punish some imperial guards!
Both tyrants come on the right to pop up some chimeraes in the side armor.
Hiveguards aim at the vendetta in hover mode.
Both ravener squad rusher to the parking lot. 3 guys go for hydras, 6 guys to the troop chimeraes.
Right tervie spawns 12 gants to deal with Marbo.

Shooting. I immobilize the Vendetta and wreck 2 chimeraes on the right with hiveguards and tyrants respectively. 8 gants kill 3 guards with shooting. Gants kill Marbo.

Assault. Left ravener squad take away 1 gun from the hydra, while second 6-man ravener squad multiassaults 2 chimeraes and... only shaken one twice! Oh!

8 gants assault 7 guards. 1 drop on overwatch, then 7 gants make their charge and kill all but 1 guard with Init 4! The last guard fails to do anything and is stomped into the static grass with gants hoofs! Gants consolidate out of the firing arc of the immobilized vendetta.

Turn 3. IG

Second vendetta come in and aim at hiveguards.
Hydras tankshock both ravener squads, small squad fail morale and run 12 inches.

Shooting. Vendetta wound a hiveguard in cover. A lot of meltafire with some multilaser shots bring down all 6 raveners from the biggest squad.

Turn 3. Tyranids

I Iron arm one tyrant and endurance the second, flying to the center of the opponents deployment zone.

Raveners regroup, being in synapse and hide behind a small wall. I FnP them with Tervigon to save points.

Shooting. One tyrant wrecks Vendetta. It crush and burn. 3 guards survive the crash just to be eaten by fleshborers!

Second tyrant brings down full troops squad with shooting.

Hiveguards explode one chimerae and wreck the last one.

Turn 4. IG

Nothing, actually, happen. I loose 1 wound on each tyrant and one ravener if I remember right.

Turn 4. Tyranids

I rush everything to the remaining IG forces to finish em.

At the end of the turn only hydras and 3-man command squad survive! TABLED!

As I toldbefore, we made 3 very good pairings, so if to plus my 20-0 victory it's a flawless victory of Team Belarus! The scoring sheet looked like this:


But the bad news is that we gonna play with Germany in the next game! Stay tuned for the report...;)

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  1. Great series of reports and pics - one of the first dual 9x lists of raveners I've seen played.