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вторник, 2 июля 2013 г.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 1 – CSM (ROH)

I don’t actually understand how, but I became a captain of a 5-man team Minsk & Co for the team championship “Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013”. Our country, Belarus, was represented by 3 teams at the tourney:
Expendables – team composed entirely of our heavy veterans
Vitebsk united – team from Vitebsk, guided by Bubon. A young but ambitious team.
Minsk & Co – my team is a composition of talented newbies, guided by Jarek – one of the most experienced 40k players in our country. I played the role of pairing master and Jarek is our leader and adviser. Our composition is as follows:
Erle – Tyranids (wide attacker)
Jarek – DA+IG (tough platoon-defender)
F9SSS – GK (semi-defender)
Fredya – Tau+SM (mech attacker)
Paul – Necrons+GK (semi-defender)

So, I’m gonna tell you about my own games first of all. Let’s look at my army list.