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среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.

Cultivating Warhammer 40k community in Belarus

A year ago I was a happy newbie. Today I generate ideas how to popularize warhammer 40k in Belarus :)

I made the first step and organized the first national team tourney on 16 November 2013. It was a good push forward for experienced players from one side and showed that our community is still too small. I think that we have a broad possibilities to grow up, so I focus now on involving new people with the warhammer 40k in Belarus. Here is my plan:

вторник, 19 ноября 2013 г.

Belorusian Team Cube - 2013 results

This was my first try to organize a tourney and it is successful as I can see. Four teams from different belorusian cities took part in the event. Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Polotsk participated in the full circle game system. It stands for 3 games if we have 4 teams, actuaaly.

I round result:
Minsk – Vitebsk : 42 -  58
Polotsk - Mogilev : 64 – 36

II round:
Mogilev – Vitebsk : 44 – 56
Minsk – Polotsk : 44 - 56

III round:
Vitebsk – Polotsk: 56 – 44
Minsk – Mogilev : 54 - 46

So, team from Vitebsk won with all three victories under the belt. Team Polotsk finished second, Minsk placed third, while Mogilev right after the Minsk:)

Yes, this 10 cm Dice (the prize for the first place) is made of steel and weights about 10 kilograms:) 

среда, 13 ноября 2013 г.

Belorusian Team Cube - 2013

The reason, why i abstained from posting here is that I try to organize some tourneys :)

For those who are not in course of situation with warhammer 40000 in Belarus I’ll make a short report.
I suppose that we have about 50 players in Belarus and only about 30 active players. The average size of a local tourney is about 16 people.
Nevertheless we manage to participate in every team tourney in Moscow and in every European Team Championship past 4 years.
This year we managed to get 3 teams to the Russian Team Cup – that is a great step forward for our tiny community!

Now I want to make another big step and set up a national team tourney! I called it “Belorussian Team Cube - 2013” It will happen on the 16 of November in Minsk. 4 teams from 4 different Belarusian cities will take part in a tourney, representing Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Polotsk.
Each team consist of 5 players. The format of a tourney is a 1850 pts with ETC scoring system.

For people keen on army lists – check this post:   

I will not play at a tourney, so I’ll have some time to make some photos to write a report after the tourney :)