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среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.

Cultivating Warhammer 40k community in Belarus

A year ago I was a happy newbie. Today I generate ideas how to popularize warhammer 40k in Belarus :)

I made the first step and organized the first national team tourney on 16 November 2013. It was a good push forward for experienced players from one side and showed that our community is still too small. I think that we have a broad possibilities to grow up, so I focus now on involving new people with the warhammer 40k in Belarus. Here is my plan:

1.  I want to stimulate the beginners and announced a 750 pts tourney on 18 January 2014. The unique idea of the event is that all the players have to send photos of their armies with some description (some background of the army, more fluff to the fluff gods!). It will serve for two roles: first, it will be a great piece of content, second – it will help to estimate paint scores for each player. The Overall score will combine this paint score, mission scores and sportsmanship score. The great thing is that one of the best local painter’s Yaroslav promised to paint any one HQ model for the tourney winner! I still not sure what to do with all the other prizes, so I will be thankful for any ideas on what to award for the Best sport, best general and best paint, for example.

2. We have no warhammer stores with gaming tables at our country. But, last month a book store oz.by that is also the seller of the warhammer 40k minis organized a fastpaint championship:) They got some resonance in the masses so this weekend 30 November 2013 they set up a painting battle with painting master-class. Nevertheless, they lack of tables to play on, so…

3.  I decided to run a series of demo-battle of Warhammer40k at our local game club “Another World”. The club’s main audience is a Magic the Gathering players and the owner let me to set up two tables for warhammer 40k there, so I can run some trainings and demo-battles there. I think that it’s a good possibility to pull the attention of a card gamers to the warhammer 40k – a lot of current warhammer players started with some card games or other board games :)

Are there any guide how to cultivate a warhammer 40k community?

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