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пятница, 13 декабря 2013 г.

New nids - new love

I have nothing to add to the news floating over the internet. It looks like Tyranids is coming soon. And I wand just to write something about it.

Release date is rumored to be 11 of January 2014 - soon enough. Pre-order is rumored to start at January 4. Three weeks left:)

I found a possible codex cover:

Looks great! It must be a hardcover book, I think. I'll try to go through the codex, gathering all the last rumors together:

Swarmy - 285 pts with little to no changes. New psychic discipline may add something.

Parasite - not present in the codex.

Hive tyrant - 20 pts cheaper, but devourers are no longer Str 6. Str 5 devourers is a crap.

Tyranid Prime - new model that is cool! Still looks like the only Independent Character in the codex.
Tervigon - +15 pts cost increase. It's affordable nevertheless.

Tyrant Guard - New model (hive guard/tyrant guard kit). Great model as I see. Can have crushing claws! May become a solid choice for HQ, headed by Tyranid Prime - powerful unit:


Hive guards - new models with new guns! Oh, what to do with old models?!?! Nevertheless, new models looks much better then the old ones! And new guns! Exciting! I bet on something with range 36"!!! It is said to be a some sort of bio-electric gun. Tesla? He-he:) Get ready to buy 9 of them:)

Lictors - Nothing special about them. I do not believe in assault after arrival, so, nothing interesting.

Deathleaper - I think, nothing will actually change.

Pyrovores - Nothing interesting here too

Venomthropes - cost 10 pts less, but what for? Nothing really interesting.

Doom of Malan'tai - not present in the dex.

Ymgarl genestealers - not present in the dex.

Zoanthropes -  useless without mycetic spore pod for sure. (later about mycetic spore pod).

-=Troops =-

Genestealers/Broodlord - minor changes

Warriors -  minor changes. If we get back Eternal  Warrior they'll become much-much better, but I don't believe in EW for free, so, no way - they'll rest in peace on the shelf. The only interesting rumor is that each synapse creature generates a warp charge for nearby psycher - this may be the only possible way to bring them back into the game as warp charge generators and objective holders.

Termagants - 4 pts/model.

Hormagants - +3" run range... not interesting.

Tervigon - as troop choice can be taken accompanied by 30 gant brood. Yay! 120 gants + 210 tervigon... Price increase, but it still affordable.

Ripper swarms - price increase. Nothing interesting.

-=Fast attack=-

 Harpy - is very cheap. And new fantastic model! For sure it will find it's place in every army now!

Hive Crone -  The second flier in ual kit (Harpy/Hive crone) is said to be an anti-flier with rockets, massive vector-strike and bio-plasma gun. Very cheap in points, so a must for new tyranids!!!

Spore mines - new cool models! The, for sure, come in a Harpy kit.

Gargoyles - no changes

Sky-slasher swarms - no more in the codex.

Tyranid shrike - no more in the codex

Raveners -  nothing new, but...

The Red Terror - RETURNS!!! Cool!!

-=Heavy support=-

Biovore - same

Mawloc - same

Trygon - same

Tyrranofex - HUGE price decrease (-60 pts), nevertheless he is useless.

Carnifex - new 2 model package and price decrease (-20 pts). But if devourers are Str 5 - useless...

Old One Eye - new massive regeneration and price decrease, but... for sure - useless.

Haruspex - I love the model! Giant close combat beast! But, actually, we have Trygon already... looks a bit useless... sadly.

Exocrine - new shooty beast! Very nice model, comes in a dual kit with Haruspex. Said to have Assault 6 S7 AP 2 gun with possible large blast mode of fire... Hmm. Another variant of tyrranofex? Looks much-much better!! Nevertheless not a game winner as I can see.

Mycetic Spore - Not present in the codex! Oh! That hurts! I love my spores!

Santa, please, write mycetic spores into the codex, please:)

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