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понедельник, 20 мая 2013 г.

[1850 report] Tyranids vs Tau/Eldar

I haven’t beeng writing to a blog for a long time. Nevertheless, I think that it’s never late to write another battlereport!

I found out recently that my friend Paul lives 150 meters from me and he has a nice table for 40k.

But the first time I got to his place I forgot to buy batteries for my camera, so no battlereport from that game. Just a few words – I faced Daemon and his Tau/Eldar list with Ethereal powered firewarriors, Shadowsun powered battlesuits and new awesome Skyray gunships:) I managed to pull a narrow draw 9-11 in favor of Tau, nevertheless it was an uphill battle for me.

The second time I came to Paul’s place and faced Paul’s Tau/Eldar list (by memory):