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пятница, 30 августа 2013 г.

Composition ideas after ETC

Our composition on the past ETC-2013 looked like this: 3 defenders, 2 semi-defenders, 3 attackers. I tried to get the best possible pairings for our attackers while playing defenders and semi-defenders as champions, defenders and as last man standers. Let’s look at our composition in detail:


DA+IG – the “first defender” based on the Azrael-boosted platoon with punishers and Vendettas, the list that never get more than 12 points, but do not give points to the opponent.

GK – razorback spam, a lot of fast cheap troops. It has no destruction points, so it can bring points in any match and also has the capability to attack several builds that are afraid of mass S8 shooting.

IG+GK – the second mech-defender with punishers. It synergies well with GK and DA, creating something like a similar defender type.

So, all our defenders need the same types of attacking build to be constructed for them. Something like a target overload for opponent’s composition, that might not include 3 attackers on mech armies.

пятница, 23 августа 2013 г.

четверг, 22 августа 2013 г.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 3 - GK

Third game from the Russian Team Cup – 2013 was against Arisk. Actually I did pairings extremely bad and my worst nighmare stood across the table – Paladins with Draigo!

So, this is a 0 point match for me:) Paladins can easily push me off the table – I have nothing to do with them.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 2 – CSM/Daemons (Xellos)

I’ve posted 1 report already from Russian Team Cup – 2013. As I have no photos from the games, It will be easier to post a short reports with some conclusions – it will be better to read and understand.

My army is Tyranids with 18 raveners:

среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

Bealrus at ETC-2013. Afterword.


I found myself a bit slow, so I still has no account at warhammer org to say thank you to organizers, so I’ll do it on my blog now.

THANK YOU, Serbia for great event! It was my first ETC and I fell in love with the event. Organization was at a very high level, in detail:
+ Terrain on the tables was fantastic! Playable and different! Great job!
+ The place was conditioned!
+ Dinner! Not something exotic, but nutritious and fast, actually!
+ 2 games a day with 4 hours per game was great!
+ Transport from airport to hotel and back!
+ Magnets, T-shirts for the event! Cards for pairings! Awesome!

понедельник, 19 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 6 - Tyranids vs SM+IG

The last game for the ETC-2013 is against Team Latvia. I played with Andrew 'Weran' Isaev. Andrew is a great guy – we laughed a lot along the game, besides the game was highly competitive itself!

His army is an interesting SM+IG built with a Kor’Sarro Khan in a platoon and a lot of flyers!

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 6 - Latvia - Pairings

The last game we were paired with LATVIA, the russian-speaking team, ah, finally, It's so pleasant to speak russian instead of poor English:)

If we win this game, we'll place in top10. So, it was an important game for me, cause the best place Belarus ever took at ETC was 11! So, top10 was our goal for this tournament, actually.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 5 - Tyranids vs IG+SW

My Scotland opponents was Brett "Chunk" Armitage wis a nice mech IG army.

His list:

Primary Detachment: Imperial Guard

HQ 1: Primaris Psyker (70) Force Axe (-) = [70] - WARLORD

TROOP 1: Infantry Platoon 1
TROOP 1a: Platoon Command = [30]
TROOP 1b: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 1
TROOP 1c: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 2
TROOP 1d: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 3
TROOP 1e: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 4
TROOP 1f: Infantry Squad (50) = [50]

TROOP 2: Infantry Platoon 2
TROOP 2a: Platoon Command = [30]
TROOP 2b: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 5
TROOP 2c: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 6

FAST 1: Vendetta = [130]
FAST 2: Vendetta = [130]

HEAVY 1: Manticore = [160]
HEAVY 2: 2 Griffons = [150]

TRANSPORT 1: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 2: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 3: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 4: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 5: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 6: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves

HQ 1a: Rune Priest (100) Living Lightning (-) Storm Caller (-) Meltabomb (5) = [105]
HQ 1b: Rune Priest (100) Living Lightning (-) Jaws of the world wolf (-) = [100]

TROOP 1: 5 Grey Hunters (75) Flamer (-) = [75] + Transport 7

TRANSPORT 7: Rhino (35) = [35]

FORTIFICATIONS: Aegis Defence Line (50) = [50]

This is the army I was prepared to fight with. The only unpleasant moment for me is 1 runepriest with JotWW. Nevertheless, as there are no droppods for this guy I’m fine with it.

пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 5 - Scotland - Pairings

At the end of day 2 we had only 3 points from 4 games. It's below average, so I was frustraited. What have I done wrong? Why we did so bad? I felt guilty and almost ruined in the evening...

I awakened with abolutely different mood. I decided to givemyopponents a good fight. Wonder that I found my team in the same mood - nobody was relaxed. Everyone were sober and ready to do the best! And the next team is again not the weakest team of the tourney - Scotland. They've lost to Russia and lost to Ukraine. So, we can do that!

Our pairings evaluation table was quite optimistic (as usual) but I looked at it carefully at each match up to match the evaluations with my own feelings about that or another match up.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 4 - Tyranids vs CSM+Orks

In a game with Finland I met a great guy – Jukka "Tukka-Jukka" Halme! 

He played a CSM army with 9 obliterators and Meganobz as allies. Here is his list:

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 4 - Finland - Pairings

After 1 great victory and 1 major loss  and a draw we had 3 points and met with team Finland – surprisingly not an easy opponent at this point level!

Our mech defenders look quite solid against Finland, so I decided to play this pairings game with no risk at all. I sent Tau into champion game to get some points, because all available champions have to give points to Tau. Here are our table of evaluations:

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 3 - Tyranids vs Tyranids

My Belgium opponent was… Tim “Lizardous” Verbeek.

It look like a magic, but before the tourney I met a guy from Belgium in vassal and we played an interesting game, then chat a bit in skype, etc. It’s wonder that that guy's name was Tim. So, that’s the same person, actually:) To be honest, I relaxed, and our game was full of jokes and fun.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 3 - Belgium - Pairings

After 1 great victory and 1 major loss we met team Belgium. Team Belgium has solid armylists, so we felt a bit nervous about the result of pairings.

Our table of expectations looked like this:

четверг, 15 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 2 - Tyranids vs GK+SB

My opponent for the second game was Jan "Veiovis" Heidrich. 

His army is a GK with Celestine. Actually my evaluation for the match was 13-10 (13 if I win the roll-off, 10 if I loose). Nevertheless I wanted to get some points from this game!

среда, 14 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 2 - Germany - Pairings

With 121 point victory we placed second after Germany, who kicked some Slovenians in the first game. In real life this guys looks funny...

... but at the tables we felt no fun at all!

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 1 - Tyranids vs IG

My army for the ETC looked like this:

Alexander "Erle" Ivanov (CAPTAIN)
HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0) [260 pts] {warlord}
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0); Old Adversary (25) [285 pts]
Elite1: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Elite2: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Troop 1: Tervigon (160), Stinger Salvo (0), Scything Talons (5), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) [190 pts]
Troop 2: Tervigon (160), Stinger Salvo (0), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) [185 pts]
Troop 3: 10 x Termagant Brood [50 pts]
Troop 4: 10 x Termagant Brood [50 pts]
FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]
FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]

Army Total: [1850 pts]

Army idea: It's an army designed to open up transport parkings of Imperial guard and Grey Knights. It's not a problem if opponent has Fortifications but the army is afraid of many manticores and GK dreadnaughts. Raveners and Tyrants get into close combat turn 2, so they synergies well. Two tervigons give 2 FnPs as well as let me stabilize the point outcome if the attack of the raveners fails.

My first game at ETC is against Vít "Hamster" Iľkanin with a mech IG army.

вторник, 13 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 1 - Norway - Pairings

This was my first ETC and my first tourney outside of Russia-Belarus and I was a captain, ha-ha! Why? The main reason for this was to get fresh blood to the ETC! To change veterans for guys with hunger for victory. So, our team consisted of:

Yarek - our "heavy veteran", who participated 3 times in ETC before (4 times for now on). He did almost all the captains work actually and was our first defender with a solid DA/IG list.
Fredya - belarusian newbie who plays like a devil. Smart, active and agressive! Our forward with a Tau/SM list.
F9SSS - another newbie with an analitical mind. Calm and coolheaded, he is the man who takes the most heavy matches on his back and draws a tie with a mech GK list.
Warpstone - russian guy who tend to be one of the best russian players. He plays Necrons.
Aeris - russian veteran who joined after team after a drop of another defender. He took a mech IG/GK army to fit into composition.
Skaz - one of the best russian players from St. Pietersburg. He played a popular CSM/Necrons army.
Arsanar - one of our players dropped 2 days before the tourney, so we found a great player from russia who played on ESC and not ETC. He joined our team for the DE army.
Erle - it's me, the captain of the team with Tyranids army!

On the photo from left to right: F9SSS, Aeris, Skaz, Yarek, Fredya, Erle
On the floor: Arsanar on the left and Warpstone on the right.

ETC 2013 - Intro

Hey, I’m back to life! ETC 2013 has ended so I have some spare time to write my blog.

 Yes, it meens that I’ve participated in the Warhammer 40000 European Team Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia this year! And that’s the reason why I haven’t write my blog for some time – I was focused on the tourney. So, now I have a lot of battlereports and articles to write for you.