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пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 3 - Belgium - Pairings

After 1 great victory and 1 major loss we met team Belgium. Team Belgium has solid armylists, so we felt a bit nervous about the result of pairings.

Our table of expectations looked like this:

I hided Aeris (IG) in a champion game not to let daemons find him.

Pair 1. We lost the rolloff and put Jarek as our first defender – here are no problem matches for him. It was strange to see that Belgium attacked with IG+CSM. It looked great for me.
Pair 2. Belgium defended with Necrons. Great! We’ve trained our Tau to deal with the lists like that! Tau attacks with the expectation of 13+ points.
Pair 3. Our mech GK are afraid of Daemons, so we defend with CSM (there are no great pairings for CSM left, actually). Opponent decides to shut up our CSM with a mirror – CSM.
Pair 4. I wonder why, but next defender is Daemons! Great, cause it was a problem for me to find a good match for DE… until I saw Daemons:)
Pair 5. We defend with Necrons – Warpstone can play comfortably with any of the lists remaining, cause CSM is out! Belgium attacks with SW and that is fine for me, actually, cause I was a bit afraid to get a tyranids-SW pairing.
Pair 6. Grey Knights. Our tyranids, actually, has not good chances against GK at all. But Our GK has no problem to get a draw, cause their lists are quite the same. So we send F9SSS with GK to play a mirror.
Pair 7. Our last stand is Tyranids as well as the Belgium last stand is tyranids too!
Champion. Aeris meets Tau. It’s not great for him, but he must get a minor loss from this game, that is fine.

So, the evaluation for the game is 92 points.. let’s see how it goes!

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