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пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 5 - Scotland - Pairings

At the end of day 2 we had only 3 points from 4 games. It's below average, so I was frustraited. What have I done wrong? Why we did so bad? I felt guilty and almost ruined in the evening...

I awakened with abolutely different mood. I decided to givemyopponents a good fight. Wonder that I found my team in the same mood - nobody was relaxed. Everyone were sober and ready to do the best! And the next team is again not the weakest team of the tourney - Scotland. They've lost to Russia and lost to Ukraine. So, we can do that!

Our pairings evaluation table was quite optimistic (as usual) but I looked at it carefully at each match up to match the evaluations with my own feelings about that or another match up.

Aeris (IG) was afraid that Scotland will put Daemons in champions, but I convinced him that they woun't and chose him as our champion again!

I, finally, won the rolloff!

Pair 1. Scotland defended with IG and I was ready to attack it with mine Tyranids! First good matchip.
Pair 2. I defended with CSM,cause they woun't find DA in defend here. And they were attacked by Necrons.
Pair 3. Scotland defends with Daemons! Easy mode? I attack with DE! Great matchup for Belarus!
Pair 4. I defend with Tau. And Scotland attacks our Tau with their Tau. A risky match for either team!
Pair 5. Scotland defends with CSM and we shut them up with DA+IG.
Pair 6. I defend finally with Necrons, cause GK is afraid of DA a lot. And Scotland attacks with DA! Great!
Pair 7. The last man standing is our GK against their Tyranids!! Good for GK, bad for nids!
Champion. Aeris (IG) is playing against 3 stormraven GK. Good pairing!

So, as far as I see, we have 1 bad and 4 good pairings! The pre-game evaluation is 93 points... A lot... again... So, go for it, Belarus! Take your points:)

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