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среда, 14 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 2 - Germany - Pairings

With 121 point victory we placed second after Germany, who kicked some Slovenians in the first game. In real life this guys looks funny...

... but at the tables we felt no fun at all!

Our pairing table for team Germany was a bit overconfident:) Nevertheless, it looked like this:

 Initially, I put Jarek as our champion to play a confident pairings game. But later I decided to risk and put Tau/SM as a champion to maximize possible output and force the opponent to hold his CSM and Necrons in reserve!

Pair 1. I won the roll-off and Germany put GK+SB as their first defender.
It's almost the best chance to play our nids, besides 3 dreadnaughts+exorcist make my raveners cry:) So, I attack Jan.

Pair 2. As Jarek is afraid of DA+IG list, I hold him in reserve and play Aeris (IG) in defend. He is attacked by chaos Daemons (we expected this and Aeris prompted to try to save 8 points...)

Pair 3. Next German defender is Tau and we attack it with DE to try to get a draw at least or minorvictory on lucky dice.

Pair 4. I put Warpstone (Necrons) as the only stable list remaining. Germany attacks with DA+IG list - that was a surprise for us. Later we achieved that Germany was afraid of Warpstone's list and tried to get a draw at best!

Pair 5. Germany defends with CSM. Actually it would be better for Germany to attack Warpstone with this army... As it's one of the best possible variants for our GK (F9SSS) he attacks!

Pair 6. There are no more armies for Jarek to be afraid, so he defends and opponent's tyranids attack!

Pair 7. Oh, yes! Our CSM is last stand against Orks!!! Great!

Champions. But the best news is that our Tau has found their favourite meal for dinner - Necrons!!!

So, the pre-game evaluation is... 102 points! Ha-ha... Looks like I've won the pairings by a lot... but take skill into account to get the real numbers anyway!

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