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понедельник, 19 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 5 - Tyranids vs IG+SW

My Scotland opponents was Brett "Chunk" Armitage wis a nice mech IG army.

His list:

Primary Detachment: Imperial Guard

HQ 1: Primaris Psyker (70) Force Axe (-) = [70] - WARLORD

TROOP 1: Infantry Platoon 1
TROOP 1a: Platoon Command = [30]
TROOP 1b: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 1
TROOP 1c: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 2
TROOP 1d: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) = [75] + Transport 3
TROOP 1e: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 4
TROOP 1f: Infantry Squad (50) = [50]

TROOP 2: Infantry Platoon 2
TROOP 2a: Platoon Command = [30]
TROOP 2b: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 5
TROOP 2c: Infantry Squad (50) Autocannon (10) = [60] + Transport 6

FAST 1: Vendetta = [130]
FAST 2: Vendetta = [130]

HEAVY 1: Manticore = [160]
HEAVY 2: 2 Griffons = [150]

TRANSPORT 1: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 2: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 3: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 4: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 5: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]
TRANSPORT 6: Chimera (55) Multi Laser (0) Heavy Bolter (0) = [55]

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves

HQ 1a: Rune Priest (100) Living Lightning (-) Storm Caller (-) Meltabomb (5) = [105]
HQ 1b: Rune Priest (100) Living Lightning (-) Jaws of the world wolf (-) = [100]

TROOP 1: 5 Grey Hunters (75) Flamer (-) = [75] + Transport 7

TRANSPORT 7: Rhino (35) = [35]

FORTIFICATIONS: Aegis Defence Line (50) = [50]

This is the army I was prepared to fight with. The only unpleasant moment for me is 1 runepriest with JotWW. Nevertheless, as there are no droppods for this guy I’m fine with it.

THE SCOURING - Each player places three markers 6 "from the edge, 12" from each other worth 1, 2 and 3 points (point values noted in secret by the player deploying them). Then before rolling to take the initiative you need to give your opponent the value of individual markers

I placed 1-point objective in the middle of the table and other two in my corner. Opponent deployed 3-point on the third floor of the ruin in his corner, 2-point in the middle near long board edge. 1-point on the far right, behind a hill.

Then he put the Aegis almost in the center of the board.

Primaris got Iron Arm:)
Runepriest got prescience and smthng useless. Second runepriest kept JotWW.

My warlord got Warp speed and Life leech.
My flyrant gor Iron Arm.
Tervies kept codex powers.

Opponent gets reroll reserves as far as I remember.

I’ve lost the roll-off and got the first turn:) Actually, not bad.

I deployed aggressively, right in front of Aegis with raveners and hiveguards. Tyrants and tervigons are in the backfield – I don’t want to get JotWW on the tervie in the beginning of the game as well as I want to keep my tyrants safe. Only 1 gant squad in reserve. Second gant squad gives cover to hiveguards.

Opponent place runepriest with prescience in the very corner, behind the manticore. 2 griffons near manticore. 6 chimeraes in a line, in front of artillery.
Primaris with 10 guards is in reserve, as well as 2 vendettas with small command squads inside. Runepriest with JotWW and 5 man squad is in reserve too.

Chunk failed to seize the initiative, so I start.

Turn 1. Tyranids
I FnP right ravener squad and my Warlord, Iron Arm on Flyrant.
Everything rush forward, only tervies keep within 10 inch from my board edge, to evade JotWW in future.

Shooting. Everything run forward. Warlord hide behind a rock, raveners reach the Aegis for 4+ cover behind!

Turn 1. IG+SW
Runepriest prescience the manticore.
2 chimeras disembark troops and get close to Aegis to roadblock my raveners.
All the other transports rush back.

Shooting. A lot of snap shots into 4+ cover with 5+ FnP deal me a wound or so for raveners…
Manticore do much better, blasting 7 raveners right away with 3 shots!

Turn 2. Tyranids
I FnP large ravener squad, Iron Arm my flyrant and Warp speed my Warlord.
2 raveners go for the rightmost chimera, 9 raveners – for the troops in the right building. Warlord go for the leftmost chimera, Flyrant  - for the central chimera.
Tervigons keep in the backfields.

Shooting. I explode empty chimera that roadblocked my troops with hiveguards. Then I wreck another chimera in the center with Flyrant. Warlord glances his chimera.

Assault. 2 raveners wreck the rightmost chimera. 9 raveners wipe the squad in the central ruin. Flyrant fail his 8 inch charge for the disembarked guards. 

Warlord smash and explode the leftmost chimera, killing half of the squad that break and run away.

Turn 2. IG+SW
Both Vendettas come in. Runepriest and primaris do not.
Vendettas aim at my tyrants. Priest prescience the manticore again.

Shooting. All the autocannons and 1 Vendetta bring down my warlord. Second Vendetta finish 2-ravenerr squad.
Manticore do only 2 shots, killing me 2 raveners from the large squad.

Turn 3. Tyranids
Raveners advance towards his 3-store ruin. Hiveguards advance too. Flyrants Iron Arm itself and get to the rear of one vendetta.

Shooting. Flyrant Stun and Velocity lock one vendetta. Hiveguards do not manage to finish it.

Assault. Raveners multiassault 2 infantry squads and a chimera. Chimera is wrecked, but one infantry squad manage to flee away (I rolled 1 on init check)! Raveners consolidate into the area terrain in the ruin so, that Vendetta cannot place in the straight line within 18” from it’s position and will crush and burn.

Turn 3. IG+SW
SW rhino comes in the center. Primaris stay in reserve.
Manticore get rerolls again.
Vendetta drop the squad on the board and the crush and burn:) Second vendetta fly away from the table.

Shooting. Everything shoot at raveners – I go to ground for 3++ cover, lost 2 guys but passed Ld 6 test! Yuppy!

Turn 4. Tyranids.
Flyrant Iron Arm for T9.
Leftmost tervigon use Dominion, move 6 inches towards raveners and get them back into synapse! Raveners stand up and smile to 3 guard squads in the ruin.
Warlord glides to the sw rhino.

Shooting. I wreck the SW rhino woth tyrant and the grey hunters boil out.
Hiveguards wreck one more chimera, so only 1 chimera left alive.

Assault. 5 raveners multiassault 30 guardsmen from 3 squads, get 1 wound and then kill enough. All squads fail Ld 2 tests and their remnants are scattered across the ruin:) Raveners consolidate deeper into the ruin.
Flyrant assaults grey hunters, kill 3, but the pass morale and keep fighting.

Turn 4. IG+SW
Primaris come in on the 1-point objective in the corner.
Vendetta come in and aims at my raveners.

Shooting. I loose 3 raveners from shooting, only 2 wounded guys left.

Turn 5. Tyranids
I was in a hurry and started to do mistakes… The 5-th turn will be the last due to time.
I get 3-point objective with one tervigon, 2-point objective with second tervigon and spawn gants for the central objective (1-point).

My warlord fly to finish the last troops near the 2 point objective in enemy deploy (I forgot that he has another troop squad inside the last vendetta).
I move 2 raveners on the 3-point objective in the ruin… not the best move, but anyway I did it.

Shooting. I wipe the squad with flyrant and do not manage to hit vendetta with hiveguards.

No assaults.

Turn 5. IG+SW
My opponent get the 1-point objective with the squad with primaries psyker.
The last troop squad disembark with a HIT onto the 2-poin objective.

Shooting. Vendetta and bolters from artillery finish my raveners in the ruin. The guards run onto the 2-points objective.

End of the game.

I got 6 (for objectives) + 1 (linebreaker) + 1 (firstblood) + 1(vendetta) = 9
Opponent got: 3 (for objectives) + 1 (warlord) + 2(raveners*2) = 6

We are tied on VP’s so the result is 12-8 in favor of tyranids!

And my 12 points is enough to get a team victory!!

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