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пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 3 - Tyranids vs Tyranids

My Belgium opponent was… Tim “Lizardous” Verbeek.

It look like a magic, but before the tourney I met a guy from Belgium in vassal and we played an interesting game, then chat a bit in skype, etc. It’s wonder that that guy's name was Tim. So, that’s the same person, actually:) To be honest, I relaxed, and our game was full of jokes and fun.

The mirror matches are usually very close to a draw. The same was here – I had some ravener killing machines, while Tim had some harpies. All the other stuff was quite the same, so my evaluation of the match was 8-12 points.

My opponent’s list is as follows:

HQ 1: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60), Old Adversary (25), 2x Twinlinked Brainleech Devourers (30), Paroxysm, Psychic Scream, WARLORD [285pts]
HQ 2: Hive Tyrant (170), Wings (60), Old Adversary (25), 2x Twinlinked Brainleech Devourers (30), Paroxysm, Psychic Scream [285pts]

Elite 1: Hive Guard Brood (50), 2 additional Hive Guards (2x50 = 100) [150pts]
Elite 2: Hive Guard Brood (50), 1 additional Hive Guards (1x50 = 50) [100pts]
Elite 3: Doom of Malantai, Cataclysm (0) [90] in Transport 1

Troop 1: Tervigon (160), Dominion (0), Catalyst (15), Toxin Sacs (10), Cluster spines (0) [185pts]
Troop 2: Tervigon (160), Dominion (0), Catalyst (15), Toxin Sacs (10), Cluster spines (0) [185pts]
Troop 3: Termagant Brood, 10 Gants (10x5 = 50) [50pts]
Troop 4: Termagant Brood, 10 Gants (10x5 = 50) [50pts]

FA1: Harpy (160), TL Venom Cannon (10), Stinger Salvo (0) [170]
FA2: Harpy (160), TL Venom Cannon (10), Stinger Salvo (0) [170]
FA3: Gargoyle Brood, 15 gargoyles (15x6 = 90) [90 pts]

Transport1: Mycetic Spore (40) carries Elite 3 [40]

We played a 3 objective game. 1 objective in the center and each player places 1 objective more.

My plan for the game is to kill his troop tervigons with raveners, while he will try to wait until the late game and discore my objectives with flying monsters. It was too easy to play a 10-10 draw game, so I decided to try to get some points here. Risky? Yep.

I lost the roll to choose side again, but the table is quite symmetric, so I feel no problem with this, except there are not much area terrain for my raveners.

I got only 1 endurance for my flyrants and no Iron Arm. Tervigons kept codex FnP.
Tim got Iron Arm for one flyrant and one tervigon, as well as one endurance for second tervigon.

We rolled a nightfight for the first turn and I lost the roll-off again. Huh, It becomes annoying!

Tim force me to deploy first.

I deploy in the middle of the board, symmetrically. Flyrant, tervigon, ravener brood, hiveguard brood on to the left of the center and the same to the right. One gant brood on the table the other in reserve.

Tim occupies the top right corner of the table behind the hill and pack both flyrants, both tervigons, a harpy and 5 hiveguards there.
Gargoules sit in the forest to the left. Gants and 1 harpy are in reserve as well as Doom.

No attempt to seize, so I start.

Turn 1. Belarusian bugs
I FnP the raveners and rush them forward at top speed.
Flyrants place 43 inches from his flyrants. Tervigons rush forward too as well as hiveguards.

Shooting. I run raveners, tervigons and hiveguards forward.

Turn 1. Belgium bugs
Tervigon and tyrant get Iron Arm, second tyrant get Endurance. Gargoules shuffle a bit. Harpy fly forward and aims at raveners.

Shooting. Hiveguards and harpy shoot at raveners, killing 7!!!

Turn 2. Belarusian bugs
I FnP both flyrants and fly to shoot at hiveguards. Tervigons spawn gants to shoot at harpy.
Full ravener brood rush forward. 2 raveners prepare to assault harpy if I can ground it.

Shooting. I kill only 3 hiveguards with tyrants. Then I ground harpy, stripping 2 wounds from it. And that’s all… Doh…

Assault. I fail to assault harpy with gants… fail with tervigon… and finally fail with raveners! Arrrgghhh!

Turn 2. Belgium bugs
Both harpy and Doom come in. Doom drop in the middle of my forces with good scatter roll. Harpy vectorstrikes my warlord. Gant squad comes in near gargoules.
Warlord get T8, as well as his tervigon.
Tyrants vectorstrike my flyrants 1 for each as well as the second harpy.
Gargoules roadblock my raveners.

The result of vectorstrikes is… 1 wound to my warlord.

Shooting. All the remaining shooting strip 2 wounds from my second flyrant. Yuppy! Doom deal 1 wound on a hiveguard, 2 gants and a full ravener, resulting in 10 wounds monster in the center of the table.

No assaults.

Turn 3. Belarusian bugs
I FnP my tyrants. Warlord glides to assault Iron Armed tervigon. Flyrant vectorstrikes not iron armed flyrant. 2 raveners are ready to assault second tervigon, while large ravener brood is going to kill some gargoules and gants.
I strip 2 wounds from his flyrant with vectorstrike.

Shooting. I try to bring down Doom with hiveguards, but he takes all saves.
I strip 2 wounds from Iron Armed tervigon with devourers and then strip 1 more wound from not Iron Armed flyrant. Then I force him to pass somewhere about 4 grounding tests with gants and tervigons – but he passes them all!

Assault. I multiassault gargoules and gants with raveners, killing 10 gargoules and 2 gants, loosing 2 wounds in return. My warlord assaults his Iron Armed tervigon, stripping him off one more wound. Then raveners assault second tervigon, dealing 1 wound to him as well, with no losses in return.

So, I’ve blocked his tervigons in the corner and weakened his flyers, but still to many of them are alive. It gonna be touch to pull a victory!

Turn 3. Belgium bugs.
All the psychic powers fail in the shadow of the warp!
Iron Armed tervigon spawn 9 gants to help with my warlord in combat. One harpy glides to help in combat too. Second harpy swoop to kill some gats on my objective. Doom repositions too kill some more hiveguards. Tyrants reposition to help killing my hiveguards.

Shooting. I loose all hiveguards except 1 and my wounded flyrant. Harpy kill me 7 gants from a 10-man squad.

Assault. Tim assaults my warlord-tervi combat with gants and Harpy and my ravener-gargoule combat with another bunch of gants.
Warlord strip one more wound from tervigon, getting 1 wound in return (2 left).
2 Raveners strip one more wound from second tervigon, while enemy tervigon kills my raveners, left with 4 wounds
Large ravener brood wiped gargoules (actually 2 gargoules cannot get into btb and consolidated), leaving only 8 gants to fight with.

Turn 4. Belarusian bugs
I Endurance my warlord and FnP both tervigons.
I move everything out of the Doom aura.

Shooting. I try to kill Doom with the last hiveguard, but fail again. 3 remaining gants manage to bring down and kill the wounded harpy.
Gants with Tervigons manage to shoot down the last wound from not Iron Armed hivetyrant!

Assault. My Warlord kill the Iron Arm tervigon right away, some gants drop as a result. Raveners kills all but 3 gants.

Turn 4. Belgium bugs
Doom advances to last hiveguard. Warlord stay close near his gants, aiming at my gants.

Shooting. I loose the last hiveguard and and all the gants near enemy objective.

Assault. My warlord kills the harpy, while enemy tervigon kills my raveners, left with 3 wounds. The last ravener brood wipes gants and consolidate toward Tim’s warlord!

Turn 5. Belarusian bugs.
My rightmost tervigon get onto it’s objective with 4 gants.

My central tervigon prepares to clean the central objective from spore.
My warlord fails to endurance itself.
Raveners prepare to wipe the gargoules and tie up his warlord.

Shooting. –

Assault. I remove the spore with tervigon, consolidating on the central objective. 

Raveners kill the gargoules and deal 1 more wound to his warlord, loosing 1 due to smash attacks of tyrant.

Turn 5. Belgium bugs
Tervigon and hiveguards go forward, but it’s too late to do that! Doom come closer to contest my central objective.

Shooting. I loose last 3 gants. Doom runs onto the central objective.

Assault. Warlord kills a bunch of gants, raveners do nothing to his warlord and loose 1 more guy, 2 raveners left.

So, If the game ends we are tied on VPs, but I control 1 objective (4 points)+FB+linebreaker. Looks like a 13-7 victory for me… 1d6=4 and the game continues!

Turn 6. Belarusian bugs
I want to regain the lost wound on Warlord and try Endurance himself, but roll 6,6! Last wound left, huh.
Tervigon prepares to assault Doom. Second tervigon get away from the assault range of his tervigon.

Shooting. I pass the test from Doom.

Assault. I loose raveners and his warlord consolidates with 1 wound left!
6 gants hit my warlord on 5+, wound on 6+, I save on 3+… Yep, I loose the last wound and gants consolidate towards enemy objective 6 inches!!!!!!!!
My tervigon smashes the Doom to death, consolidating onto the central objective.

Turn 6. Belgium bugs
His warlord easily swoops towards my objective and contest it.

His gants move 6 inches.

Shooting. He need 5 inches to score his objective and get 5 with gants run!

The game ends here!

What a hell! I’ve lost a warlord, my objective, while gants did something incredible, killing my warlord, consolidating 6, running 5… oh, man!

The result is draw on primary, I lost linebreaker and warlord (damn gants!). So the result is 5-6 on points with draw on VP’s => 9-11 in favor of Belgium bugs!

It was a very close game with some luck on my opponents side at the end. Nevertheless, Tim is a great guy. I had a lot of fun, playing with him! Hope, we will find possibilities to play in future again:)

 As a result our team played a lot of draws and the result is 80-80, absolute draw!

Overall all my friends had a great time playing with team Belgium. Thank you, guys. We are looking to play with you again;)

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