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вторник, 13 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 1 - Norway - Pairings

This was my first ETC and my first tourney outside of Russia-Belarus and I was a captain, ha-ha! Why? The main reason for this was to get fresh blood to the ETC! To change veterans for guys with hunger for victory. So, our team consisted of:

Yarek - our "heavy veteran", who participated 3 times in ETC before (4 times for now on). He did almost all the captains work actually and was our first defender with a solid DA/IG list.
Fredya - belarusian newbie who plays like a devil. Smart, active and agressive! Our forward with a Tau/SM list.
F9SSS - another newbie with an analitical mind. Calm and coolheaded, he is the man who takes the most heavy matches on his back and draws a tie with a mech GK list.
Warpstone - russian guy who tend to be one of the best russian players. He plays Necrons.
Aeris - russian veteran who joined after team after a drop of another defender. He took a mech IG/GK army to fit into composition.
Skaz - one of the best russian players from St. Pietersburg. He played a popular CSM/Necrons army.
Arsanar - one of our players dropped 2 days before the tourney, so we found a great player from russia who played on ESC and not ETC. He joined our team for the DE army.
Erle - it's me, the captain of the team with Tyranids army!

On the photo from left to right: F9SSS, Aeris, Skaz, Yarek, Fredya, Erle
On the floor: Arsanar on the left and Warpstone on the right.

So, we were not afraid of team Norway, actually. But we prepared to do our best - we wanted to play with the top teams and try to pull at least one victory at the top. So, we wanted to do best against Norway!

Our pairing table looked like this:

I marked possible Norway defenders with grey. Black is evaluations with normal dices. Red - with bad dices.

Champion... I was a bit unsure about Warpstones evaluations, so I put him as a champion to evade some bad match for him.

I failed to win the first captains roll-off in my life and put Yarek as a first defender! He was attacked by Necrons! Bad choice, cause Necrons could do better against other armies!

Norway put Eldar-Tau as a second defender and we attack with Tau! Why? Cause Tau make harley-star dead with ease!

Our second defender is F9SSS. He is a bit afraid of Daemons cause he is an experienced Daemon player himself, so his evaluation is low against CD. He is attacked by SW+IG. Good for us, actually! Strange move.

Next opponents defender is IG and I go for it myself!

Our third defender is... Aeris. We expected that he will be able to take at least 8 on Daemons, besides his little experience with them (that's why the evaluation against CD is ?). Our opponents were informed a bit better about Daemons, so they attacked our IG/GK.

After all Norway defends with Dark Eldar! Easy meal for our CSM-Necrons!!! GREAT!

And the last man standing is.... Our DE against TYRANIDS!!! 20-0... not necessary to play even:)

Our Necron champion meets CSM... not the best variant for him, but not the worst possible list of CSM actually!

So, the pre-game evaluation for this match is 96 points! A good start for the captains career, isn't it?

Tomorrow I'll cover my game with Hamster's IG and the team results for the first game!

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