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пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 4 - Tyranids vs CSM+Orks

In a game with Finland I met a great guy – Jukka "Tukka-Jukka" Halme! 

He played a CSM army with 9 obliterators and Meganobz as allies. Here is his list:

HQ1 WARLORD : Chaos lord (65), mark of Khorne(10), axe of blind fury(35), close combat weapon (0), juggernaut of Khorne(35), sigil of corruption(25), Veterans of the long war (5) [175]
Troop1: 10 Cultists (50), 1 autogun (1) [51]
Troop2: 10 Cultists [50]
Troop3: 10 Cultists [50]
FA1: Heldrake (170), baleflamer(0) [170]
FA2: Heldrake (170), baleflamer(0) [170]
FA3: Chaos spawn(30), 3 additional spawn (3*30) [120]
HS1: 3 Obliterator (3*70), mark of Nurgle (3*6) [228]
HS2: 3 Obliterator (3*70), mark of Nurgle (3*6) [228]
HS3: 3 Obliterator (3*70), mark of Nurgle (3*6) [228]

Secondary detachments: Orks
HQ1: Warboss (60), mega armour (40), Cyborg body (10), Bosspole(5) [115]
Troop1: 4 Mega Nobs (4*40) [160]
HS1: Battlewagon (90), Red paint job (5), Reinforced ram (5), Big shoota (5) [105]

The mission for game 4 is 2 objectives and the relic in the center.

Pre-game analysis.

So, I have something like an advantage in the air and hard troops to take care about the relic. Opponent has meganobz for relic holding – so my first target is, actually, meganobz to win the relic. After a chew the meganobz with raveners I have to deal with oblits to save my tervigons late game. I will try to outplay helldrakes, cause I always can get tyrants in after them – so, I have all the tools to win this game by much, but not to table opponent, actually – he has a lot of tough units. So, let’s try to win the mission!

I lost the roll to choose side again. Urrggghhh!

The deployment is Dawn of war and we placed objectives in the center of each deployment zone. Then Jukka desided to play at my board edge, nevertheless I feel no difference here.

I found Iron Arm for Flyrant and only a crappish Life Leech for Warlord.
Traits are of no interest.

I lost the roll off (again!!!!) and Jukka decided to go first…

Wagon with nobz in the center, close to the relic. Oblits on the board, as well as chaos lord in spawns and 1 cultists pack with autogun. 2 cultist units and 2 helldrakes are in reserve.

I deploy 1 ravener squad in the central area terrain. Second squad in the ruin on the right. One tyrant, tervigon and hiveguard brood in the very left ruin. The same in the very right ruin. So, no synapse for central raveners.
Gants are in reserve.

I tried to seize but failed.

Turn 1. CSM
Wagon move forward, dropping meganobz into the central ruin, but not enough to get the relic.
 Oblits try to get into firing positions.

Shooting. It’s so juicy to kill 3 raveners in the center and run them off the board… only Ld 6… 9 lascannons go there, raveners go to ground and loose only 1 guy. Battlewagon deal 1 more wound to that squad. Nice.

Turn 1. Tyranids

I Iron Arm and FnP Flyrant and fail FnP on the warlord, rolling 6,6 and taking a wound on the tervigon.!
Both flyrants fly into the middle of the board.
(I thought that helldrake has to fly over you unit to vectorstrike it, that is why I put warlord within 12 inch from meganobz and 34 inches from board edge – I thought that he woun’t be able to vectorstrike me. Big mistake!).
Both ravener broods rush 12 inches towards meganobz!
Hiveguards rush forward too, as well as tervies.

Shooting. I shoot hiveguards at oblits, making second mistake – oblits are T5 and I do not instakill them. Warlord uses life leech on nobz, but they deny the witch!
18 S6 TL shots at them plus 4 S8 shots from hiveguards deal only 1 wound to warboss… tough guys!

Assaults. I assault nobz with 8-man squad (6 inches) easily, but FAIL a 9-inch assault!!!!! Damn! My raveners stay in the open in front of 3 oblits squads!
In assault I loose 3 raveners and kill 2 nobz and 1 more wound on boss out of my 40 attacks!

Turn 2. CSM

1 helldrake come in and vectorstrikes my Warlord, by touching it’s base with the end of the wing… Doh!
Chaos lord and spawns rush to handle with raveners.
Helldrake do 4 wounds to warlord and kill him right away!!! Pffff….

Shooting. Oblits kill me 6 raveners from the full squad!!! Oh, that hurts!

Assault. Chaos lord and spawns assault raveners. 

Raveners are dead as well as all the orcs!!! He-he!

Turn 2. Tyranids
Both gant squads come in near my objective.
I spawn 13 gants with double on the left.
I Iron Arm and FnP my Flyrant (T8) and fly over helldrake to hit it in the back:)

Hiveguards advance. Tervigons go back, to my objective. Raveners rush for oblits!

Shooting. I kill 1 oblit in the left squad (they pass morale). Then I explode helldrake with flyrant.

Assault. Raveners assault oblits and kill 1, loosing 1 in return. As they are fearless – they continue fighting!

Turn 3. CSM
Helldrake sits in reserve. Cultists come in.
Chaos lord rushes towards my objective.

Shooting. Flyrant get a wound from shooting, being with FnP in a 5+ cover.

Assault. Chaos lord assaults 10 gants, killing all. Gants put a wound on spawn, being toxic:)
Raveners kill one more oblit, but then is smashed to death with powerfist.

Turn 3. Tyranids
I fail FnP with tervigon rolling 6,6 again!
I spawn 1 gant brood with the right terv with no doubles, so 2 gant broods are ready to get into combat with the chaos lord, 13 gants are coming closer, but will not reach the opponent this turn. Left terv get to my objective and right terv rushes for the relic. Hiveguards advance!
Flyrant goes T9 and fly to punish a 2-oblit squad with shooting and assault.

Shooting. I kill 1 oblit with shooting, it fails morale and run away! Damn!!! Not any good.
I make 1 wound on spawns with shooting.

Assault. I multiassault the Chaos lord and spawns with 2 gant squads and kill all but 1 spawn. 
  10 gants die in return.

Turn 4. CSM
Helldrake come in and vectorstrike hiveguards, killing 1. Single oblit regroups, bastard!
Cultists try to reach the relic.

Shooting. 3 meltas and a lascannon deal… 3 wounds to flyrant!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?! Helldrake do nothing with flamer.

Assault. I do 1 wound to lord. Lord kills some gants.

Turn 4. Tyranids
I spawn 16 gants onto the relic and FnP both tervigons. Wounded hiveguard come closer to cultists.
I pick up the relic with gants.

Shooting. I kill half of the cultists squad near relic with gant and hiveguard shooting. Full hiveguard squad deal glance to helldrake. I run the left tervigon in a position so that Lord cannot reach my objective with a consolidation move.

Assault. I send 13 more gants into assault with chaos lord and strip him off 1 more wound. Lord rolls only 5 and 6 on his Axe, so I loose more gants… Doh!

Hiveguard assaults cultists and wipe them!

We are running out of time, so the 5-th turn will be the last one.

Turn 5. CSM
Helldrake vectorstrikes hiveguard killing it right away. Single oblit try to reach my gants.

Shooting. Oblits and a helldrake kill all but 2 gants on the relic, inckluding the one with the relic.

Assault. Oblits are 0.1 inch short to assault last 2 gants, but gants continue to burn and 1 die (helldrake flamer special rule). Chaos lord kills all the gants with another 6 on his daemon weapon!

Turn 5. Tyranids
I want to finish the Lord with tervigon but roll 6,6 for the FnP AGAIN!!!!! So I decide to just score my objective:)

In the center I pick up the relic with second tervigon.

Shooting. I do not manage to bring down the helldrake with hiveguard and the game ends…

So, I have: 6(relic) + 3 (my objective) = 9
Opponent has: 3 (objective)+1 (linebreaker)+1(warlord) = 5
The difference by VP in in favor of CSM +-1.
So, it’s a minor victory of tyranids 11-9…
Huh. Dices were on fire in game 1 and this game is definitely the most unlucky for me.

Not only I caught a bad luck this game – our DE was tabled and our IG and GK was close to become tabled. So, we had a number of victories, even a great 20-0 victory of Necrons over Tau, but the resulting team score 62-98 and it is a loss.

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