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пятница, 23 августа 2013 г.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 5 - Orks+Tau and results

The last (5th) game from the Russian Team Cup – 2013 was against a team filled with ETC Team Russia players. We decided to try to outplay them on pairings and put tyranids, me, into first defend. Russia attacked me with Orks, so I played with Aaz13 and his Meganobz!

Player: Evgeniy "Aaz13" Rigo

Orks with Tau allies

HQ1: Ghazghkull Thraka [225] - Warlord
HQ2: Warboss, Mega Armour, Bosspole, Cybork Body [115]
HQ3: Commander Shadowsun [135]

Elite1: XV104 Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Override, Twin Linked Fusion Blaster [190 pts]

Troops1: 5x Meganobz [200] in Trasport1
Troops2: 5x Meganobz [200] in Trasport2
Troops3: 17 Boyz, Nob upgrade, Bosspole, Power Klaw [142]
Troops4: Kroot Carnivore Squad [60]

Heavy Suppor1: Battlewagon, Reinforced Ram, Big Shoota [100]
Heavy Support2: 3 Big Gunz, 3xLobba, Ammo Runt x1 [78]
Heavy Support3: 3x XV88 Broadside Team, Twin Hight-Yield Vissle pod, Twin Smart Missile System, Early Warning Override x2 [205]

Trasport1: Battlewagon, Reinforced Ram, Big Shoota [100]
Trasport2: Battlewagon, Reinforced Ram, Big Shoota [100]

Pts: 1850

Mission: The Scouring (2 objectives 3 pts each along the central line) & Purge the Alien (max +6 pts).
Deployment: Spearhead (5th ed).

I was a bit confused that Waaghh can be set in enemy turn too, so I cannot assault Gazgul with raveners on my turn and bring it down wasily. So, the seemed an uneasy one for me.

I’ve lost the roll off. But Aaz13 deployed cautiously. I deployed the same manner with hiveguards on the right and on the left.
Aaz was afraid of taking side shots into wagons, so slowed down near table center, trying to shoot down hiveguards with Tau. But my Aegis saved me.
I try to outmaneuver opponent with raveners going to the left and to the right.
Aaz13 rushes one wagon to the right raveners, assaulting them with warboss and nobz. I loose raveners and kill some nobz. The other orks went to the left and managed to kill all the second ravener squad with shooting and after that went for their objective. I multiassaulted Warboss with gants and buffed flyrant, killing them all and brought tervigon on my objective.
The game ended due to time, with us tied on objectives. Aaz managed to kill my warlord and took first blood and killed 2 fast attack units, while I got linebreaker, so the resulting score was 9-11 in favor of Orks!

It was a precise game with every move measured for millimeters, but as a result it was too slow and we ended the game on turn 3, actually. Nevertheless, Aaz13 is a great guy to play with I hope to meet him at the table again in future!

As a result we managed to pull a narrow victory in this game and, surprisingly, won the tourney! Wow!
So, Belarus won the Russian Team Cup for the first time:) And I’m a proud captain of team Minsk & Co;) And after that success I became a captain of Team Belarus at ETC 2013:)

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