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понедельник, 19 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 6 - Tyranids vs SM+IG

The last game for the ETC-2013 is against Team Latvia. I played with Andrew 'Weran' Isaev. Andrew is a great guy – we laughed a lot along the game, besides the game was highly competitive itself!

His army is an interesting SM+IG built with a Kor’Sarro Khan in a platoon and a lot of flyers!

HQ1. (warlord) Captain Kor'Sarro Khan [160pts]

Troops1. Tactical Squad (sergeant with ccw,pistol) [90pts] in Dedicated Transport 1
Troops2. Tactical Squad (sergeant with ccw,pistol) [90pts] in Dedicated Transport 2

FA1. Stormtalon (Skyhammer Missile Launcher (15) [125pts]
FA2. Stormtalon (Skyhammer Missile Launcher (15) [125pts]
FA3. Stormtalon (Skyhammer Missile Launcher (15) [125pts]

Dedicated Transport1: Razorback (for troops 1) [40pts]
Dedicated Transport2: Razorback (for troops 2) [40pts]

Fortification 1. Aegis Defence Lines. (comm relay (20)) [70pts]


HQ2. Company Command Squad (4x meltaguns (40)) [90pts]

Troops.3 Infantry Platoon [455pts]
a. Platoon Com Squad (4x flamers (4x5)) [50pts]
b. Infantry Squad (sergeant with meltabomb (5),poweraxe (10), heavyweapon team with autocannon (10), Commissar (35) with poweraxe (10)) [120pts]
b. Infantry Squad (sergeant with meltabomb (5),poweraxe (10), heavyweapon team with autocannon (10)) [75pts]
c. Infantry Squad (sergeant with meltabomb (5),poweraxe (10), heavyweapon team with autocannon (10)) [75pts]
d. Infantry Squad (sergeant with meltabomb (5),poweraxe (10), heavyweapon team with autocannon (10)) [75pts]
e. Infantry Squad (sergeant with meltabomb (5), flamer (5)) [60pts]

FA4. Vendetta Squadron (2x vendetas (130x2) with heavybolters (10x2)) [280pts]

HS1. Manticore (heavy flamer) [160pts]

CRUSADE 2 objectives (3 game points each) placed in the middle of the unoccupied quarters & PURGE THE ALIEN (+1 game point per unit destroyed more than the opponent, up to a maximum of +6 game points)
DEPLOYMENT – SPEARHEAD (quarters as in 5th ed)

So, there is a large building on the table. I’ve lost the roll to choose side, so it won’t help me in the start of the game.

Andrew put Aegis in his corner.

I got Iron Arm for warlord and Endurance+Enfeeble for Flyrant!
Tervigons kept codex powers.

Opponent get rerolls for reserves, I get redeploy… crap.

I’ve lost the rolloff and got the second turn.

Andrew set the platoon in the corner with both razorbacks. Flyers are in reserve.

I set raveners aggressively. Hiveguards are in reserve to counter flyers. Flyrants are on the far left, out of autocannons range, as well as 1 tervigon. Second tervigon is on the far right, covered by the huge building. Gants are in reserve too.

I didn’t manage to seize.

Turn 1. SM+IG
Not much movement.

Shooting. Everything opens up at my raveners, killing 1. Manticore instakills 2 more raveners.

Turn 1. Tyranids
I Endurance wounded raveners and fly tyrants off the table.
Left tervigon fails to FnP itself. Right tervigon FnP second ravener squad.
Raveners rush forward, lurking in ruins. Tervigons get into area terrain for cover.

Shooting. Run-run-run!

Turn 2. SM+IG
Vendettas do not come, but 3 stormtalons do… reroll… 2 stormtalons do:)
Andrew get them into the 6” zone from his table edge not to let my tyrants shoot them down.

Shooting. Stormtalons can shoot only assault cannons at my left tervigon, so I get only 2 wounds on it. Platoon kills 1 ravener from the large brood.  Andrew forgot to shoot with Manticore! Happy-happy!

Turn 2. Tyranids
Hiveguards stay in reserve, while tyrants fly in on the far right, hiding behind a huge building.
8 Raveners get FnP and advance. 6 raveners advance too. Wounded tervigon get FnP. Rightmost tervigon shifts to the right to hide behind the building from platoon.

Shooting. I wreck rhino with tyrant, earning first blood! Second tyrant kills 1 power axe and 3 guards from platoon. 6 raveners run.

Assault. 8 raveners assault platoon… I loose 1 wound from overwatch and 1 more wound from guards attacks (power axes are to far to strike me!!! As well as Kor’Sarro Khan is roadblocked by low Initiative guards and do not strike!!!). I kill about 15 guards in return with my 40 attacks. Platoon hit’n’run from my raveners and I consolidate behind Aegis.

Turn 3. SM+IG
Vendettas and the last stormtalon come in but they cannot fit in the narrow place between the building and board edge, so they simply aim at my leftmost wounded tervigon.

Shooting. Manticore risks to shoot at my closest raveners…. HIT and I loose all but 2 raveners, who pass their morale test!
Tervigon is killed with 5 flyers focusing on it!

Assault. Platoon assaults 2 raveners... 

and kill them right away, consolidating behind the Aegis.  

Turn 3. Tyranids
I Iron Arm my Warlord for T9 and give him FnP. Then fly into the central ruin (4+ cover) to shoot at some flyers.
I Enfeeble the platoon with Flyrant. Tervigon FnP the flyrant and he glides to assault platoon.
6 raveners rush to the platoon too.
Hiveguards come from reserve and aim at stormtalons.

Shooting. Hiveguards miss. Warlord only glanced the stormtalon once… doh. Flyrant kills a bunch of guardsman.

Assault. Flyrant and raveners get into assault with enfeebled platoon. Flyrant challenges and kills a sergeant, while raveners kill most of the remnants (Khan and 10 guards left), loosing one ravener in return. Platoon hit’n’run and we consolidate into cover.

We are short on time, actually, so it will be the last turn.

Turn 4. SM+IG
Flyers turn to shoot at my tyrant (T9, with FnP in 4+ cover… good luck!). Vendettas drop troops squad onto the left objective by the way.

Grey hunters and platoon prepare to assault my flyrant.

Shooting. 2 vendettas and 3 stormtalons kill my warlord… O_O
Others do 2 wounds to my flyrant.
Manticore misses the raveners and take 1 hull point off the razorback!

Assault. Hunter loose 2 guys from tyrant’s overwatch and lock into him. Platoon go the same way. I challenge and he refuses, so Khan do not attack. Tyrant kills 2 grey hunters, so only 1 left and receive 1 wound in return.

Turn 4. Tyranids
I get onto the right objective. 

Raveners prepare to multiassault the Khan and guys.

Shooting. Hiveguards wreck one stormtalon!

Assault. Raveners assault command squad and  Khan with the platoon. Khan and platoon are killed, while 1 survivor from command squad flee the combat, cause 1 grey hunter is still alive and lock my units in combat!

The game ends here.

I have: 3 (objective)+1(fb)+1(lb)+1(warlord)+4 (killpoints) = 10
Andrew have: 3 (objective) + 1(warlord)+3(killpoints) = 7

So, the total score is 12-8 in favor of tyranids, as we are tied on VP’s.

The whole team did very well this round, so we win by a lot and as a result got 7 tournament points.

And the result is place 8! Yuppy! Belarus is 8 out of 28 in the world! Sounds good to me, cause our best result was 11 place. So, we advance and grow. And I'm proud to be the captain of Team BELARUS-2013!

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  1. Again, thanks for posting these; finally made it all the way through. Very motivating!

    1. Don't relax. It's not the all ravener batreps I have for you:) 4 more games to come from the Russian Team Cup - 2013 championship:)