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четверг, 15 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 2 - Tyranids vs GK+SB

My opponent for the second game was Jan "Veiovis" Heidrich. 

His army is a GK with Celestine. Actually my evaluation for the match was 13-10 (13 if I win the roll-off, 10 if I loose). Nevertheless I wanted to get some points from this game!

His army list is as follows:

HQ 1 - Warlord : Coteaz (100) [100]

Elite 1 : 10 Purifiers (240) Knight of the Flame(0) 4 Psycannons (40) [280] in Transport 1

Troop 1 : Henchmen; 3 Warrior Akolytes (12) [12] in Transport 2
Troop 2 : Henchmen; 3 Warrior Akolytes (12) [12] in Transport 3
Troop 3 : Henchmen; 3 Warrior Akolytes (12) [12] in Transport 4
Troop 4 : Henchmen; 1 Warrior Akolyte (4), Meltabombs (5); 1 Deathcult Assasin (15), Powermaul (0), Powersword (0); Crusader (15), Powermaul (0); 1 Banisher (15) [54] in Transport 5
Troop 5 : Henchmen; 3 Warrior Akolytes (12) [12]

FA 1: Stormraven Gunship (205) TL Assaultcannon (0) TL Multimelta (0) Hurricane Bolters (30) Psybolt Ammunition (20) [255]

HS 1: Dreadnought (115) 2xTL Autocannons (10+5=15) Psybolt Ammunition (5) [135]
HS 2: Dreadnought (115) 2xTL Autocannons (10+5=15) Psybolt Ammunition (5) [135]
HS 3: Dreadnought (115) 2xTL Autocannons (10+5=15) Psybolt Ammunition (5) [135]

Transport 1 : Razorback (45) Psybolt Ammunition (5), transporting Eilte 1 [50]
Transport 2 : Razorback (45) Psybolt Ammunition (5), transporting Troop 1 [50]
Transport 3 : Razorback (45) Psybolt Ammunition (5) Searchlight(1), transporting Troop 2 [51]
Transport 4 : Razorback (45) Psybolt Ammunition (5) Searchlight(1), transporting Troop 3 [51]
Transport 5 : Chimera (55) Heavy Bolter (0) Multilaser (0) Searchlight(1), transporting Troop 4 [56]

HQ 1 : Saint Celestine (115) [115]
Troop 1 : 10 Sisters of Battle (120) Prioris (5) [125]
HS 1 : Exorzist (135) [135]
ALLIED TOTAL [375 pts]

FORTIFICATION: Skyshield Landing Pad (75) [75]

The mission is 4 objectives, 2 points each and killpoints. Opponent has a lot of transports on one hand and a lot of S8 shooting on the other, so the game is dangerous for me, but I have a good chance to shoot down a handful of KPs.
Deployment is Vanguard strike, so the distance between me and his parking lot will be long.

I’ve lost the roll to choose side and the opponent chose the table, so it was quite an open one. He placed the Landing pad so he can shoot through all the table, but also quite far from my deployment.

Coteaz found a misfortune and got prescience too. A very bad mixture for me!
I found Iron Arm for Flyrant and Endurance for Warlord.
I was lucky to get +1 Cover in ruins for my warlord trait!

I’ve lost the roll to go first. It means that I have to forget about rushing forward to rip him apart. With 3 dreads and exorcist under misfortune I will lose full ravener squad in 3++ cover easily. I need to play like a guerilla with a sharp attacks onto easy killpoints.

Deployment. He deployed carefully, 3 dreads and razorback on top of Landing pad. Chimera with purifiers under the landing pad. All the other transports as well as exorcist on the left, screened by sisters squad, with Celestine in front of that squad.

I deploy both ravener squads in the ruin, closest to my opponent, while tyrants and tervigons stay out of 48 inches from Landing pad.
Both hiveguards squads are in reserve as well as gant squads.

I don’t want to seize, cause raveners feel comfortable in the ruin and I need to go last in order to get more points on objectives!

Turn 1. GK
Coteaz prescience the purifiers.
Purifiers disembark and stay 23 inches away from raveners. Celestine detach and come as close as possible to the ravener ruin.

Shooting. I go to ground for a 2+ cover save and loose 1 ravener from each squad. Celestine run a bit towards raveners.

Turn 1. Tyranids.
I Iron Arm and Endurance the flyrant. Warlord go away from the table, while flyrant come closer to shoot at Celestine.
I move tervigon closer – raveners get up. I FnP the raveners.
Raveners reshuffle a bit, to get better cover.

Shooting. I drop Celestine with Tyrant and run tervigon out of 12 inch zone from raveners – now they can go to ground again…

Turn 2. GK
Jan points out that Flyrant is 11.9 inches away from both ravener squads and I cannot go to ground with them!!! Holy shit!
Celestine lays dead…
Stormraven come in from reserve and aims at raveners with little cover (5+ for area terrain only).
Coteaz misfortune my closest raveners and prescience his purifiers!

Shooting. I loose all but 5 raveners from one squad and all but 4 from another one (So I lost 7 in one phase). Also, Jan kills the ravener that was in synapse… 

I pass Ld 6! Huh.

Turn 2. Tyranids
Hiveguards do not come… Gants come in near tervigons in safety.
Warlord flies in near Stormraven. Iron Armed flyrant stays within shooting range from Stormraven too.

Tervigon FnP my raveners.
Shooting. Stormraven evade and I do only 2 glances from 24 shots… statistics.

Turn 3. GK
Raveners are misfortuned, while purifiers are prescience again. Purifiers come closer.
Celestine resurrects with 2 wounds! Doh… And jumps into the ravener ruin.
Stormraven come closer to my gants on the left flank.

Shooting. I go to ground, but nevertheless loose 2 raveners from a 6 man squad. They fail leadership and run away from the table!
Stormraven only manage to kill 3 gants.

Assault. Celestine assaults 4 raveners and kill one. I remove only 1 wound from her, fail morale check and raveners are swept! Celestine consolidates toward my tervigons!

Turn 3. Tyranids
Both hiveguards come in. I decide to save their lives and get em in on the left flank.
Flyrant fly off the table, cause he cannot stay both in the air and within 18 inches from stormraven, also it got only +1T.

Shooting. Warlord wrecks stormraven. 2 guys survive the crash. Hiveguards kill both Celestine and the survivors!

Turn 4. GK
Celestine resurrects again!
Everything start to jump from the Landing Pad and move closer to me.
Shooting. Dreads and purifiers run towards me.
Celestine barbeque some gants.

Assault. Celestine assaults gants, killing all but 3.

Turn 4. Tyranids
Yaroslav advices me not to risk and I get tyrants in on the very left in safety.
I spawn 14 gants to secure my objective and some more to kill Celestine, while 10 gants head for the objective in the ruin.

Shooting. –

Assault. I assault Celestine and kill her again! But she managed to take the last 3 gants from one squad with herself.

Turn 5. GK
Celestine Comes back to life!!!! Bad girl!

Shooting. Dreads and Celestine kill me 10 gants, that were rushing to the central objective… Damn Celestine!

Turn 5. Tyranids
I Iron Arm flyrant to T9, FnP him and Endurance warlord. Both flyrants go to the middle of the table, covered by the 3+ ruin to pop up some transports.

Shooting. Hiveguards KILL HER AGAIN!!!!! Warlord kills only 2 battle sisters – not enough for LD test! Flyrant do not manage to pop a razorback, getting only 1 glance!!! Damn!

1d6=3. The game continues!

We agreed to play the last turn, cause the time is running out.

Turn 6. GK

Shooting. Everything aims at tyrants and I loose my warlord with some poor saves. But Flyrant take all saves but 1.
Celestine cannot place within 3” of an objective, so she just flame some gants.

Assault. Celestine finish flamed gant squad in assault, earning one more KP!!!

Turn 6. Tyranids
Flyrant vectorstrikes 3 acolytes and DENY left opponents objective! Actually, Jan had 3 squads and 2 transports on that objectives – but positioning is key! I only manage to kill 2 acolytes with vectorstrike! Doh!

Flyrant finishes the single acolite.

The game ends.

I score:  2 (1 objective)+ 4( killed SR with squad inside, Celestine, 1 more acolyte squad) +1 (linebraker) = 7.
Jan score: 2 (1 objective)+ 6( killed 3 gant squads with Celestine!!! 2 raveners and flyrant)) +1 (linebraker) +1 (first blood, because Celestine resurrected and it is not firstblood!) = 10. We are also close in VP, so the final score is 8-12 in favor of GK!

I HATE CELESTINE!!! I killed her 5 TIMES!!!

Nevertheless, it was a great game. Opponent played good, he did 1 mistake as well as I did one. The roll-off, Celestine and misfortune made the game for me.

The team overall played below average. We have minor victory with Necrons 11-9 and solid victory with Tau 15-5. Two major losses, two moderate losses and two minor losses. Overall it's a loss 107-53 in favor of Team Germany!

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  2. I killed her 5 TIMES!!!

    I know that feel, bro xD

    Особенно пробесила подинфибленная Целестина, которая штук 20 инстовых сейвов откидала на 7 ход >_<