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понедельник, 19 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 6 - Latvia - Pairings

The last game we were paired with LATVIA, the russian-speaking team, ah, finally, It's so pleasant to speak russian instead of poor English:)

If we win this game, we'll place in top10. So, it was an important game for me, cause the best place Belarus ever took at ETC was 11! So, top10 was our goal for this tournament, actually.

Our estimation table looked quite positive (ah, as usual!).

Champion. As Yaroslav had only 1 bad pairing, so I chose him as a defender.

I've lost the roll-off... urghh!

Pair 1. CSM-Necrons looked as the best top-defender, so I placed Skaz in the first defend. Latvia attacked with Necrons, that is fine for me - one strong army has gone.

Pair 2. Latvia defends with Feanor, who is running a copy of Skark list (IG+SW). And we have prepared Tau to blow away the listst like that, so Fredya (Tau+SM) attacks!

Pair 3. Warpstone (Necrons) granted himself as a very stable player, so I easily put him into defend. Latvia attacks with tyranids... Not bad choice, but Necrons can get points on tyranids easily.

Pair 4. Latvia put a GK-Necrons list. And we have our variant of Skark list to kick some GK's:) So, Our IG+GK attacks with good chances to get points.

Pair 5. Our positions are weak here, a hard decision - to defend with GK or Tyranids, cause both have bad matches. We decide that Tyranids can bring the points lost by GK with good matchup and place GK in defend. Latvia attacks with CSM.

Pair 6. Finally Latvia has to play SM+IG and our tyranids get a good positive matchup!

Pair 7. Both Daemons and Orks were a good pairing for our DE, they get Orks wich is fine. So, our DE fight against Orks!

Champion. Yaroslav (DA+IG) meets Daemons, that is hard matchup for DA but if to take mission into account, Yaroslav should pull it off.

The sum of our evaluations is 84 points that is more than enough for victory. Let's go for it!

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