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пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

Belarus at ETC 2013. Game 4 - Finland - Pairings

After 1 great victory and 1 major loss  and a draw we had 3 points and met with team Finland – surprisingly not an easy opponent at this point level!

Our mech defenders look quite solid against Finland, so I decided to play this pairings game with no risk at all. I sent Tau into champion game to get some points, because all available champions have to give points to Tau. Here are our table of evaluations:

I lost the rolloff again! Doh!

Pair 1. We put Aeris as a first defender. Yaroslav is afraid of Necrons a bit more, so Aeris first. And Necrons go for Aeris. Predictable.
Pair 2. Finland defend with Tau. A hard decision for us, but… this Tau has only 1 Ion accelerator on riptides, so it’s not a big problem for our Necrons! We attack with Necrons!
Pair 3. As there are no more Necrons, we defend with Jarek (DA+IG). DE attacks. Good for us, especially because DE is the favourite Jarek’s army – he know it perfectly!
Pair 4. SM+Tau defends. It’s obvious for me to attack with our DE – they set evaluation of 17 points for this match! I hope they can get 13 – it will be enough.
Pair 5. As all matches for our CSM is almost equal on points, we defend with em. Finland attacks with IG+GK. Actually, after all, I think that it’s a very bad matchup for our CSM, nevertheless as player set 12 points evaluation I was not afraid of it.
Pair 6. CSM+Orks defend and it’s a good match for tyranids and very bad for others, so I send tyranids into attack with happyface!
Pair 7. So, the last stand is GK-GK. A mirror, that is fine for me.
Champion. Tau is paired with tyranids, that is a very good matchup for Tau!

So, we have 2 bad pairings (Pair 1 and Pair 5) and 4 good pairings (pairs 2,4,6,champ). 2 matches looks like a pure draw. I expected to win by many points and the evaluation for the game is 96 points! But it looks like our team members are overconfident. We’ll see.

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