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вторник, 2 июля 2013 г.

Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013. Game 1 – CSM (ROH)

I don’t actually understand how, but I became a captain of a 5-man team Minsk & Co for the team championship “Russian Federation Team CUP – 2013”. Our country, Belarus, was represented by 3 teams at the tourney:
Expendables – team composed entirely of our heavy veterans
Vitebsk united – team from Vitebsk, guided by Bubon. A young but ambitious team.
Minsk & Co – my team is a composition of talented newbies, guided by Jarek – one of the most experienced 40k players in our country. I played the role of pairing master and Jarek is our leader and adviser. Our composition is as follows:
Erle – Tyranids (wide attacker)
Jarek – DA+IG (tough platoon-defender)
F9SSS – GK (semi-defender)
Fredya – Tau+SM (mech attacker)
Paul – Necrons+GK (semi-defender)

So, I’m gonna tell you about my own games first of all. Let’s look at my army list.

My list is inspired by Poland player Vladdi, to be honest:

TEAM : Minsk & Co

PLAYER 1: Alexander "Erle” Ivanov

HQ1: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0); Old Adversary (25) [285 pts] {warlord}
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (170), 2 x TL Devourers (2x15); Wings (60); Leech Essence (0); Paroxism (0); Old Adversary (25) [285 pts]

Elite1: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Elite2: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]
Elite3: 2 x Hive Guard [100 Pts]

Troop 1: Tervigon (160), Stinger Salvo (0), Scything Talons (5), Toxin Sacs (5), Catalyst (15) [190 pts]
Troop 2: 10 x Termagant Brood [50 pts]
Troop 3: 10 x Hormagaunt Brood [60 pts]

FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]
FA1: 9 x Ravener Brood (270), Rending Claws x 9 (5x9) [315 pts]

Fortification: Aegis defense lines [50 pts]

TOTAL [1850 pts]

My list is quit straightforward but have a descent defensive capabilities. Raveners and tyrants are fast threats, wile Aegis, hiveguards and tervigon allow me to hold position against aggressive opponents.

I had not many good pairings in the first game, so I was paired agains close combat Chaos Space Marines, leaded by ROH.

Levchishin Stanislav (ROH) (CSM)

Abbadon the Despoiler @ 265 - Warlord
Typhus @ 230

9 Plague Marine (216) 2 Meltagun (20); Combi-Melta (10) =246 In Transport 1
8 Plague Marine (192) 2 Meltagun (20); Combi-Melta (10)=222 In transport 2
5 Plague Marine (120) 2 Meltagun (20) = 140 in transport 3

Fast Attack:
5 Chaos Spawn (150) Mark of Nurgle (30) @ 180
5 Chaos Spawn (150) Mark of Nurgle (30) @ 180

Heavy Support:
Maulerfiend @ 125
Maulerfiend @ 125

Transport 1Chaos Rhino (35) Combi-Bolter (5); Dirge Caster (5) =45
Transport 2 Chaos Rhino (35) Combi-Bolter (5); Dirge Caster (5) =45
Transport 3 Chaos Rhino (35) Combi-Bolter (5); Dirge Caster (5)=45

Total: 1848

Sorry, but I forgot my camera, so only plain text here.

Mission is Big Guns Never Tire (4 obj, 3 pts each).
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.

My task this game is to bring as many points as I can. Easy to say, not easy to do as both Abaddon and Typhus are tough combatants for my raveners. So I have to be cautious.

Game plan
I want to stop his rhinos and desynchronize his attack. With the lack of mobility, I can smash one flank, ignoring the other just to wipe the other flank later. Let’s try to!

I place 2 markers close to my board edge, while ROH places his markers in the middle of the board.

I place Aegis in the center of the table to roadblock his rhinos!
Psy powers are useless as well as traits.

I won the roll-off and chose to go second.

ROH place his units all on the table as close to my side as possible. Left to right: Mauler-rhino with plagues – Abaddon with spawns - rhino with plagues – Typhus with Spawns - rhino with plagues – Mauler. Symmetry!

I place my tyrants on the left, raveners on the right. Hiveguards in the middle. Tervi on the left. Gants and hormies in reserve.

Turn 1. CSM
Everything rushes forward, but stops right behind my Aegis!

Turn 1. Tyranids
I take a risk to fly my non-warlord tyrant to the back of the left Mauler. Raveners run back, towards my table edge. Everything flows to the left flank.

I wreck Mauler with tyrant, earning First Blood and one more point for killing a HS unit.
Hiveguards explode one and wreck another rhino on the left flank! Warlord shoot down one plague from the exploded rhino.

Turn 2. CSM
Abaddon with spawns come closer to my flyrant on the left. Right flank rushes forward, except for a rhino.
Shooting. Flyrant is grounded from the second hit, but saves the wound with Feel no Pain!

Assaul. Spawns and Abaddon assault. Abaddon and tyrant challegea and Chaos lord strip exactly 4 wounds from a warlord! Urrgh.

Turn 2. Tyranids
My reserves come in. Hormies on the right. Termies on the left. Closest to Typhus ravener brood RAGES!
Raveners rush to the right flank with FnP from tervie.

Shooting. Hiveguards wreck Mauler and strip 2 hullpoints and bolter from the last rhino. Wow!

Assault. 2 ravener broods assault 5 spawns with Typhus…. But one brood run away from synapse and fails FEAR test and is reduced to WS 1!!! Two full ravener broods deal only 3 wounds to spawns, killing one! In return Typhus activates his force scythe and kills 6 raveners right away!!! The last 3 from the brood without synapse fail their morale test and flee 16 inches towards my board edge and back in synapse!

Turn 3. CSM
Plagues on the right disembark.
Typhus dooms raveners for -1A. In the center plagues get on the objective.
On the left spawns come closer to my lines.
Rhino looses the last hullpoint, immobilizing on the Aegis!

Shooting. Everything runs forward.

Ассолт. Raveners do nothing!!! Typhus kills 5 of my beasts and they run away 15 inches and into th synapse!

Turn 3. Tyranids
Raveners regroup 3” and roadblock the Typshus.
Tervigon spawns 15 gants with double. Gants bubblewrap my tervie and hiveguards.
Warlord go for Typhus.

Shooting. Hiveguards and tyrant kill 3 spawns, leaving Typhus with only 1 spawn in 1 wound left.

No assaults!

Turn 4. CSM
Abaddon and spawns ready to assault gants.
On the left plagues prepare to shott and assault my warlord.
Spawn with the last wound go to my rightmost objective, close to hormies. Typhus prepare to assault raveners.

Shooting. 8 plagues shoot at warlord, melta hit, I fail ground test and sit on the ground with 2 wounds left! Wow!

Assault. 8 plagues assault tyrant, loose 3 and kill Tyrant right away! Urrgh!
Abaddon and spawns lock with gants, loosing wounds from spawns (poisoned gants!).
Typhus assaults 4 raveners and do nothing, getting nothing in return!
Plagues on the right consolidate close to my rightmost objective!

Turn 4. Tyranids.
10 gants from reserve ready to assault Abaddon. Hormies and 2 raveners ready to assault plagues on the right. Tervigon FnP raveners and prepare to assault plagues in the center.

Shooting. Hiveguards bring down the wounded spawn on the right.

Assault. 10 hormies and 2 raveners kill 1 plaguemarine, taking 1 wound in return.
Tervigon kills plaguemarine champion in challenge and pull them off from the central objective.
Gants kill one more spawn in combat with Abaddon!
4 raveners kill Typhus with 3 rendigs!!!  Raveners consolidate to the center, ready to assault where necessary.

Turn 5. CSM
Assault. ROH assault his last unengaged plaguemarine squad into gant-Abaddon combat, they kill a lot of gants but 1 fearless gant survive!!!
Tervigon kills 2 more plaguemarines in assault.
On the right flank, plaguemarines pass all saves!

Turn 5. Tyranids
I walk hiveguards into contest range of the left objective.
4 raveners run to the right, ready to assault 4 plaguemarines on my right objective.

Assault. Tervigon do nothing to marines. 4 raveners assault successfully… but 6 raveners and 10 hormies do nothing to 4 plaguemarines!!!!
Abaddon, last spawn and plagues on the left kill the last gant, but the left objective is denied by hiveguards!

1d6=2. Game ends!

Wow! What a bloody mess! I made several mistakes and had some bad die rolling. But at the end result is 11-9 in favor of Tyranids!! (I got First blood and killed 2 HS units. ROH has only warlord and linebreaker).

ROH is a nice guy to play with and it was fun to see 2 close combat armies in 6th edition!

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