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суббота, 16 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 6 - USA - Pairings

With 1 loss, 1 draw and 3 wins we had to play the last game with team USA. If we win this game - we take 3-rd place for sure! So, there is something to fight for in this round! It's the first time team Belarus got the possibility to get a prize at ETC:)

At the other hand, team USA consist entirely of a top players, winners of the most famous American tourneys. Let's check our pairings estimation table for team USA:

 Looks like it's not as red as one for team England:) Nevertheless, there are not many high estimations - all the lists in team USA are tough ones.

Champion. I decided to set myself (Tyranids) as a champion to make the game of pairings easier:)

I lost the roll-off again.

Pair 1. We defend with Yaroslav (GK+AM) as the most stable and experienced player. Team USA attacks with Tony Kopach (GK+AM as well). A mirror match for 10 points...

Pair 2. Team USA decided that we have nothing to counter Daemons and defended with Nick Nanavati (Daemons). It was actually not true - we have one more platoon army for Daemons and attack with AM+DA+Inq (Torf).

Pair 3. We easily defend with Ewgen (Necrons) after that. Alan Bajramovic (Orks) attacks. It's a near draw pairing for my mind, but it makes our later pairings game more difficult, cause both Eldar and Tau armies are not yet played.

Pair 4. USA defends with Andrew Gonyo (AM+SM+Inq) and we attack with Daemons (Ghost).

Pair 5. Now we need a sacrificial cow for the enemy Eldar. I choose Santan with CSM+Daemons. And we get Eldar now - just as predicted.

Pair 6. As usual in the situation when I loose the roll-off I can make last 2 pairings positive for my team. Opponent defends with Tau+Necrons and I easily make a decision to attack with Iyanden+DE (Warpstone). Warpstone is expert at kicking Tau at first and his favorite army is Necrons, so itmust be a positive match for the team.

Pair 7. The last standing is our Necron-ass-kicking-Tau player Fredya and Necrons from team USA. Positive pairing.

Champions. I play with Greg Sparks (SW). Not the best matchup for my Tyranids+Necrons, but I must survive it!

The pre-game expectation is 90 points! If we manage to do it we take 3-rd place! Let's try!

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