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воскресенье, 17 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 6 - Tyranids+Necrons vs SW

My last game at ETC 2014 against Greg “Inquisitor Malice” Sparks. We saw each one on the captains forum but it was the first time we get the possibility to shake hands:)

Greg played a popular SW drop pod army with 8 droppods that had an objective secured rule:)

HQ 1 - Warlord: Wolf Priest (100) – [100 pts]
HQ 2: Wolf Priest (100), Melta Bombs (5) – [105 pts]

Elite 1: Wolf Guard Pack (9x18=162), 9 x Combi-Plasmagun (9x5=45), Transport 1 - [207 pts]
Elite 2: Wolf Guard Pack (9x18=162), 9 x Combi-Plasmagun (9x5=45), Transport 2 - [207 pts]
*Wolf Guard (18), Terminator Armor (15), Power Axe (0), Heavy Flamer (5), Melta Bombs (5) - [43 pts]
Elite 3: Wolf Guard Pack (7x18=126), 7 x Combi-Meltagun (7x5=35), Transport 3 - [161 pts]
*Wolf Guard (18), Terminator Armor (15), Power Axe (0), Heavy Flamer (5), Melta Bombs (5) - [43 pts]

Troop 1: Grey Hunter Pack (10x15=150), Meltagun (0), Meltagun (5), Transport 4 - [155 pts]
Troop 2: Grey Hunter Pack (10x15=150), Meltagun (0), Meltagun (5), Transport 5 - [155 pts]
Troop 3: Grey Hunter Pack (10x15=150), Meltagun (0), Meltagun (5), Transport 6 - [155 pts]
Troop 4: Grey Hunter Pack (10x15=150), Meltagun (0), Meltagun (5), Transport 7 - [155 pts]
Troop 5: Grey Hunter Pack (5x15=75), Meltagun (5), Transport 8 - [80 pts] 

Transport 1: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 2: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 3: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 4: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 5: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 6: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 7: Drop Pod [35 pts]
Transport 8: Drop Pod [35 pts]

My plan for the game: I gonna try to set up immortals the way they survive the alfa strike and then with two warscythes I can kill 2 droppods/units a round easily.

Objective #1: Eternal War: Crusade 4 objectives (3 Victory Points each)
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Contact Lost
Objective #3: Killpoints
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

I failed the roll for placing objectives and won it. It was important, cause as I placed objectives first, Greg managed to put 2 his objectives near my first one.

I lost the roll for choosing table edges. So Greg gave me the edge with 3 crusade objectives. Very bad for me, cause he can now drop everything into my deployment zone and control most of the objectives.

Traits. I got -1 for the opponent's reserves.
Powers. I got FnP and Warp Blast for Warlord. And FnP and Onslaught for Tyrant.

I lost the roll-off for deployment. So Greg deployed everything in reserve, forcing me to put tyrants in reserve. One droppod empty, 5 man squadwith a termie in normal reserve. Plasma squads with wolf priests. Melta squad with a terminator too.

 I deployed immortals in a ruin, covered with bastion from one side and with rippers, blocking droppods on another side. Mawlocs in deepstrike reserve.

For sure, Greg gave me the first turn.

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons

The immortals squad with Obiron got stealth.
I got 3 objective cards. I managed to stretch immortals onto one objective, while rippers got another two.

So I achieved 2 objectives: one for controlling 3 objectives and 1 more for controlling twice as many objectives as my opponent, earning 4 points on turn 1.

Turn 1. SW

Greg dropped in an empty droppod on a far objective, scattered just enough to control it. Droppod with meltas dropped near my bastion onto the objective too. Droppod with troops landed onto objective near rippers. One more droppod with troops scattered off the objective and landed near the second rippers squad.

Shooting. I lost 2 rippers squads and melta fire removed bastion from the board.

Turn 2. Tyranids+Necrons

Only 1 mawloc and warlord come in. I don't want to risk with dropping mawlocs near immortals and do not reroll reserves for 2 mawlocs. After a reroll flyrant did't come.

Mawloc scatters off the hunters, hitting adroppod with no results and managed to emerge.

Zahndrekh remove counter attack from the melta squad and head towards them. Obiron's unit head's towards troops unit. I plan to lock necrons in combat to survive drop of a plasma squads and then smash plasma hunters with mawlocs and tyrants.

Psychic. Tyrant perils and get Catalyst on itself and Mawloc.

Shooting. Greg is hot on saves and tyrant only manages to kill one marine. Mawloc fails to get into terrain with run move.

Assault. Both squads get into assault. Zahndrekh get 1 wound on itself from melta squad and his squad kills 3 hunters in return. They pass morale.
Troops hunters make 27 attacks after MSS and manage to do 9 wounds to the Obiron's squad. I save with Obiron.
1d6 = "1"
Look out, sir. 1d6="3". Save for immortal 1d6="2"
Look out, sir. 1d6="5". Save for immortal 1d6="1"
Look out, sir. 1d6="2". Save for immortal 1d6="2"
Look out, sir. 1d6="1". Save for Obiron 1d6="1". Obiron goes down.
Save for immortal 1d6=4.
Save for immortal 1d6=1.
Save for immortal 1d6=3.

I manage to kill 3 hunters, fail leadership, win the init test and run away 10" that is quite enough to flee from table. Obiron and lord manages to reanimate, though.

At this point my plan to kill droppods with warscythes turned to dust. 

 Turn 2. SW

Only 1 droppod with plasmas do not come in this turn.

Plasmas drop in near mawloc.
Two troops pods get in between objectives in my deployment zone.

Shooting. Plasmas kill mawloc, but 1 guy overheated:)
Meltas kill Obiron and he did not return.

Assault. Zahndrekh's squad kill one marine and get 1 immortal die from power axe in return.
Hunters assault Lord, kill him and spread the way he cannot get back. Last warscythe lost...

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons.

Both mawlocs come in. One kill wolf priest warlord and all but 3 marines from plasma squad.
Second mawloc scatters onto a droppod, kills some troops marines and mishap, returning back into reserves.

Psychic. I warp blast 3 troops marines.

Shooting. Two tyrants kill 5 troops marines from the closest squad to the Zahndrekh, so it will be not easy to get more marines into assault with my immortals.

Assault. We exchange blows with no results if I remember right.

Turn 3. SW

Last plasmas do not come. The 5remaining guys from troops squad head forimmortals, while 9 + 3 guys head for mawloc.

Shooting. Nothing interesting.

Assault. 5 marines get into combat with Zahndrekh. marines loose 1 and kill me 2 immortals. I fail Ld 9 and is wiped! Marines spread the way I cannot reanimate with everliving characters.

9+3 marines get into combat with mawloc. Mawloc kills 2 from the 3-man squad, get 4 wounds and hit&run from combat towards troops marines.

Turn 4. Tyranids+Necrons

Mawloc come in, killing about 6 marines, some from melta squad and some from troops squad.

Psychic. Flyrant failsto give fnp to mawloc.

Shooting. Tyrants finish the terminator and the remnants of melta squad and down the troops squad to 3 models.

Assault. Wounded mawloc assaults stretched troops squad, so only 5 marines can throw grenades and kill 2 marines, who pass morale and lock.

Turn 4. SW

The last plasma guys get in and line up to shoot at unwounded mawloc.

Shooting. And they kill the mawloc..

Assault. Last mawloc kills 2 more hunters, get 1 wound and continue fighting with 3 hunters from troops squad.

Turn 5. Tyranids + Necrons

Flyrants get into glide mode. Warlord heads for the full troops squad, while flyrant heads for the 9-man troops squad.

Psychic. Both flyrants get FnP.

Shooting. Warlord kills 5 marines, leaving only 3 in troops squad.
Flyrant kills 4 marines, leaving 5 in another troops squad.
They all pass morale.

Assault. Mawloc kills one more marine.

Turn 5. SW

Plasma squad prepare to assault mawloc.

Shooting. Some sparse shooting at flyrants do nothing.

Assault. Plasma squad assaults mawloc and do nothing, while mawloc kills 1 more troops marine, leaving only 1 in that squad and hit&runs towards an objective. The bad news is that the last troops marine consolidates far eniugh to securethat objective.

So, I desperately need one more turn (better two turns) to clean up objectives from marines and get more kill points.

But the game ends. 

Yep, I killed about 44 marines this game but the loss of warscythes made it unpossible for me to deal with all that objective-secured-droppods. I also had no chance to get more objective cards until I clean up objectives. On the other hand, Greg had a full hand of maelstrom objectives each turn. For sure, Greag is a great player and used all the mechanics of his list properly, leaving me with 0 points this game.

Let's see how team Belarus did this round:

Yaroslav (GK+AM) made a draw with Tony Kopach (GK+AM) as it was predicted.

Nick Nanavati (Daemons) managed to secure objectives from platoons and our AM+DA+Inq (Torf) lost 2-18.

Ewgen (Necrons) did a mistake and placed two many objectives in one table half and lost the roll for sides that resulted in a loss 2-18 to Alan Bajramovic (Orks).

Daemons (Ghost) lost 2-18 to Andrew Gonyo (AM+SM+Inq).

USA Eldar managed to take only 9 on our player Santan with CSM+Daemons. Good result for Santan.

Iyanden+DE (Warpstone) almost wiped Tau+Necrons for 19 points.

Necron-ass-kicking-Tau player Fredya managed to get only 7 points from Necrons.

So, the result is a crushing victory of team USA.

After all we placed 8th, same as year 2013. The positive moment that if in 2013 we barely reached this level, in 2014 we falled back to this level in the last game:) I think that the overall team level grow and that makes me happy:)

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  1. Hey Erle, great playing your team in the final round! You guys were all good sports and a great finish to another ETC.

    One minor correction would be, in my game versus Ghost-KZ, I won it 18-2, so Ghost didn't pull a 9 off of me :)

    1. Yep, true. He failed to chew up your platoon with plague drones:)

  2. Эрль, ты жив? Очень грустно без тебя.

  3. Эрль, что с тобой, куда ты пропал? Ты жив вообще?