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вторник, 12 августа 2014 г.

Belarus at ETC 2014 - Intro

This year is my second showoff as a captain of team BELARUS at European Team Championship. The event took place in Novi Sad, Serbia in the same place as in year 2013. We started to prepare to the tourney right after the previous one, but all our plans were ruined with new edition of rules (7th edition came out 2 month before the ETC). We reorganized the team rapidly, generating new army lists but anyways there were still a lot of blind dots in the preparation process. Anyway, let me introduce the TEAM:

Yaroslav "Jarek" Dmitriev - our "heavy" veteran with a solid GK/AM anti-psyker list, ready to deal with any opponent.

Nikolai "Torf" Danilov - one of the most intellectual players of Russia with a solid AM/Inquisition army. The guy with the iron will and poker face:)

Yuri "Warpstone" Anufriev - The bombardier and topscorer of our team, the one who played on the top table in the final of ESC 2013, the winner of the russian 40k league. This year he gave up Necrons for Eldar/DE army with a beaststar.

Eugene "Ewgen" Ranchenko - a new belarusian guy in our team, the follower of Yuri, new Necron player of our team.

Fedor "Fredya" Fomin - our topscorer and the psychologist of our team with a Tau/Farsight bomb.

Gennady "Ghost" Babenko - a Kazakhstan player, who played in our team for years, one of the most universal players I know - he played for almost all the armies in 40k in a tourney environment. Experienced but young and agressive! This time he played Daemons army.

Alexander "Santan" Philippov - one more diamond from the russian 40k community. The one who generates weird lists and stomp opponents into static grass with ease. He generated an agressive CSM/Daemons fast and deadly close combat army.

And the Captain of the term - Alexander "Erle" Ivanov. Yep, It's me. I played Tyranids for years and experimented with different allies after the 7th ed came out. I tried daemons with little success and stopped at Necrons as the secondary detachment, inspired by Yuri's list from ETC 2013.

All lists of all teams can be found here:


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