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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 2 - Ukraine - Pairings

After game 1 we placed first and got paired with team Ukraine. Due to internal problems in the country they added 2 french and 2 german players into the team, but kept the overall high level.

Our estimations for team Ukraine were rather high and we expected to win...

The game of Pairings:

We had several possible champions here. I decided to go for a "stable" variant and put Tau as our defender, cause Fredya can survive any matchup well.

I've lost the roll-off again.

Pair 1. First defender is obviously AM+DA+Inq (Torf). There is nobody in the opponent's team who can get points on Torf. Ukraine attacks with Tyranids. Not a great choice, positive expectations for our team.

Pair 2. Ukraine defend with Iyandedn+Tau, leaded by Dajnard. He is a great skilled player and I decide to take him myself with Tyranids. It gonna be not an easy mode game.

Pair 3. As Iyanden+Tau isout we defend with CSM/Daemons. Ukraine attacks with Orks. Strange move - very good match up for CSM.

Pair 4. Necrons stand up to defend Ukraine. We decide to block him with Daemons, expecting a minor victory result.

Pair 5. As Orks are out, we easily defend with GK+AM (Yaroslav). Opponent attacks with SM+DA+Inq army with centurions and grav bikes - an easy match for our GK, actually.

Pair 6. Why I like to loose the roll for the pairings is because I decide two last pairings actually. Now we have 1 bad pairing possible for Necrons and1 badpossible for Iyanden. Ukraine defends with Tau (a bad pairing for Necrons) and we attacks with Iyanden (positive expectation for the team).

Pair 7. And Necrons meet with Ukrainian SW- a near draw match.

Pair 8. In a Champions game Fredya (Tau) meet with Daemons (near draw match).

The pre-game expectation is 99 points - a major victory. Let's see if we managed to get it!

To becontinued...

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