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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 2 - Tyranids+Necrons vs Iyanden+Tau

Game 2 at ETC 2014 I fought with famous Ukrainian player Fedor "Dajnard" Simonenko.

He tailored smart and effective list (it's Dajnard's ability to create unusual lists that f..ck everything around).

HQ1: Warlord Autarch Shuriken Pistol; Celectial Lance [35]; Eldar Jetbike[15], [120 pts]
HQ2: Autarch Shuriken Pistol; Laser Lance [10]; Fusion Gun[10]; Mantle of the Laughing God[40];
Eldar Jetbike[15], [145 pts]

HS1 Night Spinner Holo-fields (115) , Holo-fields (15) [130] Pts
HS2 Night Spinner Holo-fields (115) , Holo-fields (15) [130] Pts

FA1: 5 Warp Spiders (19) [95] Pts
FA2: 5 Warp Spiders (19) [95] Pts
FA3: 6 Warp Spiders (19) [114] Pts

Troop 1 Windrider Jetbike Squad, 3 Jetbikes (17) , Shuriken Cannon (10) [61] Pts
Troop 2 Windrider Jetbike Squad, 3 Jetbikes (17) , Shuriken Cannon (10) [61] Pts
Troop 3 Windrider Jetbike Squad, 3 Jetbikes (17) , Shuriken Cannon (10) [61] Pts
Troop 4 Windrider Jetbike Squad, 3 Jetbikes (17) , Shuriken Cannon (10) [61] Pts

TOTAL PRIMARY: [1073 pts]


HQ1 : Tau Commander (85) , Command and Control Node (15); Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite (20) ; Neuroweb System
Jammer (2) ; Puretide Engram Neurochip (15) ; XV8-02 Crisis Iridium Battlesuit (25);
Vectored Retro-thrusters (5) ; Drone Controller(8) ; Stimulant Injector (15) ; Shield
Generator (25) , 2 Marker Drones (24) , [239] Pts

Elite1 : XV104 RIPTIDE (180), ion accelerator (5), Early warning override (5), Twin-linked fusion blaster (free) [190 pts]

HS1: XV88 Broadside Team: 3 Broadsides, 4 Marker Drones, 2 Shield Drones [282] Pts
1 Broadside Shas'ui (65), Twin High-yield Missile Pod; Twin Smart, Missile System,Target Lock (5),2x Shield Drones (24) [94] Pts
2 Broadside Shas'ui (65), Twin High-yield Missile Pod; Twin Smart, Missile System,Target Lock (5),2x Marker Drones (24) [94] Pts
3 Broadside Shas'ui (65), Twin High-yield Missile Pod; Twin Smart, Missile System,Target Lock (5),2x Marker Drones (24) [94] Pts

Troop 1: KROOT CARNIVORE SQUAD, 10 Kroots (60), Kroot Hound (5), [65 pts]

My plan for the game is simple - I gonna ignore the riptide and kill all the easy KP's around.

Objective #1: Eternal War: Crusade 4 objectives (3 Victory Points each)
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Cleanse and Control
Objective #3: Killpoints

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

We placed 1 objective in each table corner and 2 maelstrom additional objectives near the center (black chips).

I won the roll for deployment and deployed Bastion, covered by a ruin in a corner. 2 immortal squads behind it, all in cover. Mawlocs deepstrike, tyrants in reserve, rippers 1squad deepstrike, 1 squad in reserve.

Dajnard deployed agressively, spreading broadsides on the levels of a ruin. Autarhs joined together in a singleunit. 3 warp spiders squads in deepstrike, 2 bikes squads in normal reserve, kroots outflank.

I gave him first turn to get advantage on mission play.

Turn 1. Iyanden+Tau
Autarhs jum closer to my bastion.

Shooting. Various shooting drop me 2 immortals. They reanimate back to life succesfully.

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons
 Dajnard has 6 units in reserve, so I for sure can use phased reinforcements at the start of his turn, so I decide to start agressive gameplay.
Obiron get tankhunting. Zandrekh jump behind a wall. Obiron jumps within 6" of Zandrekh in cover and within 12" of the closest tank.

Shooting. Obiron's unit manage to do nothing to the tank (but it jinked anyway).
Zandrekh's unit runs to spread out a bit.

Turn 2. Iyanden+Tau
2 bikes squads come in, as well as 2 warp spiders and kroots. Warp spidersdeepstrike between impass and Obiron's unit... Hit+Hit means that they are safe!

Okay, now Mawlocs! All I need is 2 hits to wipe those spiders! But Dajnard implied that the rule "phased reinforcements" cannot be used for CtA allies and asks a judge, the judge asks another judge, that judge asks another one judge... So three judges read the rules for Phased reinforcements, read the Clarifications and the rulebook...

Let's look at it by ourselfs.

Phased reinforcements (Necron codex, Zandrekh's special rule):
If Zahndrekh is on the battlefield, any number of units in reserve that are able to Deep Strike can choose to enter play in the enemy turn, via Deep Strike, immediately after any enemy unit has arrived from reserve, normally during the enemy's Movement phase.

Judges decided that according to clarifications Zahndrekh cannot bring in Mawlocs.

ETC 2014 Clarifications:
When a book speaks about an “army” it is actually referring to the specific detachment that part of your list belongs to. Any special rules, abilities, and requirements are not transferred between detachments and will only apply to that detachment, unless noted otherwise. For instance, you can ally in shadowsun when taking a farsight enclaves army.

I allow everyone to think on it's own, whether it is possible or not with such a clarification. For example, if Coteaz is joined to an AM platoon then how his rule "I've been expecting you" works? All the platoon shoots? Or Coteaz special rule is not transferred between detachments? So, in one moment my list failed to function as intended and the odds turned against me.

Autarchs jumped to assault my bastion.

Kroots get in on the far objective behind a hill.

Bikes lined out to shoot at my immortals.

Shooting. Broadsides shot at Zahndrekh's unit, while marker drones - at Obiron's one. Then Riptide used the markerlights to kill all but 3 immortals in Obiron's unit with a HIT. Warp spiders finished Obiron's unit. Bikes and broadsides dropped 2 immortals and Cryptec in the Zahndrekh's unit. Zahndrekh failed morale and falled back 10" to his board edge (it was 9" to the edge). After reanimation only Necron Lord and Cryptec remained on the table! What a mess! Instead of killing all of his Warp spiders and starting to clean the table from bikes I've lost almost all of my necrons!

Assault. Autarchs assaulted the bastion, stripping 3 HP's from it.
Warp spiders jump into anti-blastfashion...

Turn 2. Tyranids+Necrons

Only 1 Mawloc came in. I rolled a HIT at the broadsides, killing 4 drones and 1 broadside.

Warlord came in behind a hill to wipe out kroots.
Flyrant swoop into the middle of the board to gather all the shooting.
Rippers get in behind the bastion.

Movement. I moved the Cryptec to the central obj (to achieve the 2 points Maelstrom for controlling 3 objectives). Necron Lord came close to Spiders so that only 2 spider models got LOS to Lord.

Psychic. Flyrant got Catalyst on itself.

Shooting. Flyrant killed only 1 spider.
Warlord killed a bunch of kroot and they failed morale and ran away from the objective.

Necron Lord failed a 5" charge for spiders in the ruin.

Assault. In assault Autarchs destroyed the bastion.

Turn 3. Iyanden+Tau

Not a lot of movement. Spiders jumpedcloserto Mawloc.

Shooting. I lost a mawloc, rippers, cryptec and 2 wounds on flyrant. Necron Lord decided to reanimate:)

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons

Both Mawlocs came in but managed only to kill 3 warp spiders. Rippers deep struck onto the point that was earlier occupiedby kroots.

I rushed Warlord forward to kill some broadsides, while Flyrant swooped another direction to kill some bikes.

Psychic. Flyrant got Catalyst again.

Shooting. Mawlocs moved into terrain.
Flyrant wiped one bikes squad.
Warlord killed one broadside and one more drone, leaving only some drones and 1 broadside.

Assault. Necron Lord managed to blow up one tank.

Turn 4. Iyanden+Tau

Some minor movement here and there to get better aim at mawlocs.
Riptide moved to the rippers.

Shooting. I lost 1 mawloc and 5 wounds on the second mawloc. Necron Lord was also dropped and failed it's protocols this time.

Assault. Riptide got onto the hill near my rippers.

Turn 4. Tyranids+Necrons

My warlord jumped to the back of the second tank on the far left objective to clean up that objective.
My flyrant swooped to the objective in the third corner.
Mawloc burrowed.

Psychic. Flyrant got Catalyst again.

Shooting. Warlord did about 5 pens and 2 glances to the tank but only managed to strip 2 hp after jink saves! Flyrant wiped one more bikes squad.

Turn 5. Iyanden+Tau

Kroots managed to pass morale and moved within 3" of the objective hold by the wounded tank.

Riptide and bikes jumped to the objectives held by rippers.

Autarchs squad jumped to control the objective near broken bastion.

Last bikes squad and 2 survived warp spiders jumped onto the fourth objective.

Shooting. Bikes boosted to get better positions. Riptide killed 1 rippers base.

Assault. Riptide assaulted rippersbut only managed to kill 1 base and became blocked by bikes and not able to pile in to the last base! So rippers got within 3" of the objective, contesting it!

Turn 5. Tyranids+Necrons

With a HIT Mawloc killed enough kroots to make them run away and contest the objective in the second corner.

Flyrant glided onto the third objective to try to kill bikes and contest it too.
Warlord glided to the broadsides to try to kill the broadsides unit and achieve one more maelstrom objective for controlling the objective in the ruin with the broadsides.

Shooting. Flyrant did 11 wounds to bikes... none died...
Warlord killed enough drones to force a morale check and clean the objective. Commander passed morale.

The game ends.

As a result I lost on Primary 6 to 0 and after all counting lost 4-16.

Let's see how our team finished:
Torf (first defender with AM) took 17 points on opponent's tyranids.
CSM (Santan) wiped Orks 20-0
Daemons (Ghost) failed to save points from Necrons and got 3.
GK (Yaroslav) punished some SM centurions for 15 points.
Warpstone (Iyanden) wiped out Tau for 20 points.
Our Necrons got only 6 on droppoded SW.
And it hurts but our Tau got only nothing on Daemons due to failed LD test on the Farsight unit...

The result is 85 to 75 in favor of Belarus... only 1 point away from victory.

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  1. Erle, You are one poor mandalorian. Zandrekh can bring anyone on the table

    1. Yep, looks like I have to hire and advocate for the next ETC:)

  2. "When a book speaks about an “army” it is actually referring to the specific detachment that part of your list belongs to. Any special rules, abilities, and requirements are not transferred between detachments and will only apply to that detachment, unless noted otherwise."

    Yaay, a Dark Angel army with allied Cypher!