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пятница, 15 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 5 - Sweden - Pairings

Day 3 we started in a good mood. Our opponent for the 5th game was team Sweden. It is a strong team, but this year their composition consist almost form a defensive lists.

Let's look at our pairings estimations table against Sweden:

Actually, ony 1 army here is a problem for our team - it's Eldar army with a council of warlocks. All other armies suffer the main problem of defensive lists - they cannot take a lot of points. On the other hand our team include severale ultra agressive builds - that's why I felt comfortable doing pairings.

Champion. As sweden necrons are not a limit of flyers I send our Tau (Fredya) as a champion this round.

I lost the roll-off again:)

Pair 1. We defend with our most prepared players GK+AM. Sweden attacks with a toolbox SM list. Positive expectations for our team here.

Pair 2. Sweden defend with AM+SM+Inq. Good defending list with 3 blobs and fast bikes. We hope that our CSM can earn points on it.

Pair 3. We defend with AM and, suddenly, Sweden attacks with AS+AM. Looks like, nobody actually wanted to deal with our platoon defender. The bad thing is that warlock council is not played yet.

Pair 4. Sweden defend with daemons and I'm forced to put Necrons to play for a draw, cause both platoon armies are off.

Pair 5. Not much left, one team member must become a sacrificial cow. So, let it be me again:) We defend with tyranids and, for sure, sweden attacks with warlock council Eldar! Bad-bad-bad pairing for tyranids.

Pair 6. Sweden has nothing to surprise me now. The last two pairing are for sure good for our team, as always when I loose the roll-off. Sweden defend with Tau and we have a Tau-ass-kicking Iyanden beaststar.

Pair 7. Sweden GK got our Daemons as a last stand. Near a draw expectation.

Champions. Our Necron-ass-kicking-Tau player found his Necron opponent in the champions game:)

So, actually, by sacrificing some tyranids, our team got some really good matchups and some near a draw ones with only 1 really bad. The pre-game expectation is 91 point.

Let's see how it goes.

To be continued...

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