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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 3 - Tyranids+Necrons vs Farsight+Tau

I got not an easy but interesting pairing for game 3. My opponent is Andy 'Imarco' Horvath from team Denmark.

Andy runs a Farsight+Tau army with two riptides, broadsides in a bastion and a boeing of crisis-drones with a commander. Here is his list:

HQ1: Ethereal [50pts] (Warlord)

TROOP1: Crisis Suit Team (22), 2 additional Crisis Shas'ui (44), 3x 2 missile pod (90), 3x target locks (15), 6x marker drones (72), Bonding knife ritual (3) [246pts]
TROOP2: Crisis Suit Team (22), 2x Burst Cannon (20), Bonding knife ritual (1) [43pts]
TROOP3: Crisis Suit Team (22), Bonding knife ritual (1) [23pts]
TROOP4: Crisis Suit Team (22), Bonding knife ritual (1) [23pts]
TROOP5: Crisis Suit Team (22), Bonding knife ritual (1) [23pts]

ELITE1: XV104 Riptide (180), Earth caste pilot array (30), Twin-linked smart missile system (0) [210pts]
ELITE2: XV104 Riptide (180), Ion Accelerator (5), Twin-linked smart missile system (0) [185pts]

HS1: Skyray Missile Defence Gunship (115), Twin-linked Smart Missile System (0) Blacksun filter (1) [116pts]
HS2: Skyray Missile Defence Gunship (115), Twin-linked Smart Missile System (0) Blacksun filter (1) [116pts]
HS3: Hammerhead Gunship: (125), Submunition Rounds (5), Twin-linked Smart Missile System (0), Longstrike (45) [175pts]

PRIMARY TOTAL: [1210pts]

HQ1: Commander (85), XV8-02 Crisis "Iridium" Battlesuit (25), Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite (20), Command and Controle Node (15), Vectored Retro-thrusters (5), Puretide Engram Neurochip (15), Drone Controller (8), Stimulant Injector (15), neuroweb system jammer (2) [190pts]

TROOP1: Kroot [60pts]
TROOP2: Kroot [60pts]

FA1: Pathfinder Team (44) 1 Additional Pathfinders (11) [55pts]

HS1: XV88 Broadside Team: (65), 2 Additional Broadside Shas'ui (130), 3x Highyield Missile Pods (0), target lock (5) [200pts]

ALLIED TOTAL: [565pts]

FORTIFICATION: Bastion [75pts]

We play an interesting Maelstrom mission with 2 objectives for eternal war and killpoints as usual.

Objective #1: Eternal War: The Emperor’s Will (4 Victory Points for each EMPEROR'S WILL objective)
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Contact Lost
Objective #3: Killpoints
Deployment: Dawn of War

It looks like I won the deployment.


My objective is behind a rock on the right flank. His objective is under his bastion in the center of his deployment.

I placed my bastion in the center of my deployment with Zahndrekh's squad near it in the ruin, Obiron's squad inside a bastion. Both tyrants are behind a rock on the right. Mawlocks deepstrike, rippers in normal reserve.

Andy placed bastion in the center as well with broadsides inside abastion. Skyrays are to the right of it with ion cannon riptide. HBC riptide and Hammerhead to the left of bastion. Large crisis squad with drones are joined by commander and hide behind a bastion.  Pathfinders on the battlements. Kroots outflank. 3 solo crisis deepstrike, 1 solo crisis in normal reserve.

I need to bring down his markerlight users as soon as possible, so I decide to go first.

Andy fails to seize and I start.

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons

I remove tankhunting from hammerhead with Zahndrekh and jump to the far left corner from him. Obiron jumps near Zahndrekh.
Both tyrants fly away from the table.

Shooting. Both units run to spread in anti-blast fashion.

Turn 1. Farsight+Tau

Ethereal gave FnP 6+ to the commander unit.

Shooting. Hammerhead destroyed a bastion. Riptide dropped down 3 immortals, but two of them reanimated back.

Turn 2. Tyranids + Necrons

2 Mawlocs, both tyrants and all ripper squad came in. First Mawloc killed a crisis and a drone and died on a "1" for mishap. Second Mawloc killed two drones and found itself in the middle of the board after mishap.
Rippers came in on my objective and near the comms relay.

Tyrants swoop to the middle of the board.

Zahndrekh gave tankhunting to Obiron's unit and jumped onto the right flank to kill some skyrays. Obiron jumped into the rapid fire range of the rightmost skyray and within 6" of Zahndrekh.

Psychic. I managed to onslaught My flyrant and Catalyst both flyrants! Finally I passed a test for the Warp Lance at a bastion but didn't hit it:(

Shooting. I wiped pathfinders with my tyrants and stripped 2 HPs from skyray, forcing it to jink.

Turn 2. Farsight+Tau

3 solo crisis came in. 2 in the center of the board and 1 from normal reserve behind a bastion.

Shooting. As I left my opponent without markerlights and markerdrones without LOS to Obiron's unit it shot at them with a riptide without any markers.... but rolled a HIT! Skyrays shot 8 missiles at my warlord but only stripped 3 wounds. Broadsides tried to finish offimmortals, but Obiron saved like a BOSS and dropped dead only when 1 wound left to save to a normal immortal.

Hammerhead did not manage to finish my warlord tyrant. Only 1 immortal returned to life back. Obiron succedeed on this task too:)
At the end a failed my grounded test with warlord and removed him from the table...

Assault. Everything jumped as far as possible frommy necrons with scythes.

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons

Mawloc mishaped after scattering to the table edge and jumped back into reserve.

Flyrant swooped to the back of the bastion.

Mawloc in the center rushed towards the commander unit as well as Obiron and his unit. Zandrekh's unit got tankhunting and spread a bit.

Rippers near bastion came closer to the solo crisis:)

 Psychic. I used Warp Blast (lance) at a bastion again and failed to hit again:(

Shooting. Zahndrekh's unit finished the skyray, flyrant killed one more crisis in the commander's unit.

Assault. I declared an assault of Mawloc at Commander's unit, he declined to overwatch and I failed a 9" charge.
I declared a charge of immortals at the riptide, lost 2 guys from overwatch and failed a 9" charge again...

Turn 3. Farsight+Tau

1 unit of kroots outflankedto the right (onto my objective), one to the left.

Not much of a movement. 

Shooting. I lost 3 wounds on a flyrant from broadsides shooting,but passed grounding test
From all the other's shooting I lost the Obiron's unit and nobody reanimated.

Turn 4. Tyranids + Necrons

Mawloc get a HIT, striking 2 solo crisis suits in the middle. I rolled 1,3 for the first and 5,1 for the second, so every crisis only lost 1 wound and Mawloc mishaped, getting "1" on mishap table. "This Mawloc rolled to many ones in his life" should be carved on his base.

I decided to hide my Necrons to hold my objective, so I moved them back to the kroot. Rippers on my obj get into 1" range for assault.

Rippers in the middle get into assault range for the wounded crisis.
Flyrant fly away from table.

Psychic. -

Shooting. -

Assault. Rippers assault crisis in the middle and lock, not able to pass his save.
And now to the fun stuff. I assault 60 pts kroot squad with rippers (1 wound from overwatch) and with immortals (succeeded with charge range of 5"). Rippers do 15 attacks but only manage to kill 1 kroot. 8 kroots strike at rippers and strip.... 8 wounds, killing all! Immortals only manage to kill 3 kroots. Sure I fail Morale with immortals. And even Kroot fail to sweep me! Wow! But then I roll 6,6 for the range and all the immortals with cryptec and Zahndrekh successfully run away from this ANGRY KROOTS!

 Turn 4. Farsight+Tau

I have only ripper swarms on the table... Riptide come closer to it and assaults it, but only manage to kill 2 bases, while rippers finish the crisis suit.

Turn 5. Tyranids + Necrons

Flyrant with last wound get in onto my objective and kill all kroot with shooting.

Turn 5. Farsight+Tau

Only riptide can reach my tyrant, so it fires sms at flyrant but fails to strip last wound from my last model.

The game ends here.

What a mess! I barely survived this match with two "1" on mishap table for Mawlocs and awesome combat of immortals with kroots. So, finally after all the counting I got 2 points in this game.

The final score is 2-18 in favor of Farsight+Tau.

Let's look at the team's results:

Our CSM player (Santan) got 20-0... again!
Daemons got 20 points too!
Tau+Farsight got 18 (ha-ha, same as Denmark Farsight Tau did with me)
GK took 14 points from Daemons (as was predicted)
Iyanden beaststar succeeded to get 14 points from the platoons that is above expectations!

On the other hand...
Our Necrons got only 5 in the game against enemy GK.
And Denmark SW army with a limit of thunderwolf cavalry got 20 points and removed our AM player from the table. 0 points.

As a result we got 93 points that is a solid victory for the team!

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