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среда, 13 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 1 - Czech Republic - Pairings

Day 1 starts with a game against team Czech Republic.

It was not easy for me to do pairing with Czech, cause my teammates tried to bribe me to get a pairing with Eva:)

Let's look at the pairings estimation table:

Champion. The first choice of a champion is done in favor of Ewgen (Necrons), cause he has only one bad pairings and no really high estimations.

Pair 1. I loose the roll-off and place Yaroslav as the first defender. Team Czech attacks him with Necrons/CSM army. As they have nothing to do with Yaroslav's tanks I count it as a positive pairing.

Pair 2. Czech team defends with DE/Eldar shooty-shooty army and we decide that AM/Inq is the best way to deal with that AV10 mech spam.

Pair 3. As DE army get out I place CSM/Daemons as a defender. He is attacked by Ravenwing army that is an easy match for CSM.

Pair 4. Czech defends with AM/SW/Inq army with three blobs and I attack them myself with Tyranids/Necrons.

Pair 5. Now we defend with Tau/Farsight and all other pairings are by default will be good to us:) Our Tau is attacked by Eva's SW droppod army.

That's it. It's really cool at being the first to place defender, cause the last 2 pairings will be determined by our team and they both will be good in any case. Let's see how it goes.

Pair 6. Czech placed Tau wich and we have one specialist for beating up Tau - Yuri with Eldar/DE beaststar:) You see, Tau is a risky match for our Daemons so we put Eldar. So we determine 2 last pairings actually, getting a good one for Daemons and a good one for Eldar.

Pair 7. Last standing is our Daemons against Czech Orks. Great pairing for Daemons.

And Champions game is our Necrons against Czech Eldar. A near draw pairing.

In total we have: 4 very good pairings and 4 near a draw pairings. Pre-game estimation is 102 points! Let's see if we manage to get these points:)

To be continued...

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