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суббота, 16 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 5 - Tyranids+Necrons vs Eldar+DE

My fifth game at ETC 2014 was with Olof Svensson extremely positive sweden Eldar player.

His list is so good that none from our team actully wanted to play with it. A boeing of warlocks with Eldrad has higher probability to get fortune than a normal 2 farseer list. Jetbikes and scoring serpents are a must for any eldar list today:)

HQ1 : Eldrad [205pts]
HQ2 : Warlord : Farseer (100), Jetbikes(15), Shard of Anaris(40), Spiritstone of an'athlan (15) [170pts]
HQ4 : 10 Warlocks (350), 10 Jetbikes (150) [500pts]
Troop1 : 5 Dire Avengers (65) [65pts] in transport 1.
Troop2 : 5 Dire Avengers (65) [65pts] in transport 2.
Troop3 : 5 Dire Avengers (65) [65pts] in transport 3.
Troop4 : 3 Windrider jetbikes (51) [51pts]
Troop5 : 3 Windrider jetbikes (51) [51pts]
Troop6 : 3 Windrider jetbikes (51), Shuriken Cannon (10) [61pts]
Transport1 : Wave Serpent (115), Holofields (15), Shuriken Cannon (10), Twin-linked Scatter Laser (5) [145pts]
Transport2 : Wave Serpent (115), Holofields (15), Shuriken Cannon (10), Twin-linked Scatter Laser (5) [145pts]
Transport3 : Wave Serpent (115), Holofields (15), Shuriken Cannon (10), Twin-linked Scatter Laser (5) [145pts]


HQ1 : Baron Sathonyx (105) [105pts]
Elite1 : 3 Wracks (30) [30pts]
Troop1 : 5 Kabalite Warriors (45) [45pts]

We played a mission with 6 markers of different point costs and a deadlock maelstrom, when you draw 6 objective cards turn 1...

Objective #1: Eternal War: The Scouring - Each player places three markers at least 6 "from the edge, 12" from each other worth 1, 2 and 3 points (point values noted in secret by the player deploying them). Before rolling to seize the initiative, you reveal the value of each marker.
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Deadlock
Objective #3: Killpoints
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Traits. I got the tactical trait to discard all the hand at the start of the game and draw a new hand. Very cool for deadlock.
Powers. Opponent got fortune from the first throw and also a number off spells from Malefic and all the variants possible from runes of battle for Warlocks.
I got Catalyst for both flyrants.

O lost the roll-off and Olof deployed first with jetbikes in reserve, wracks in reserve too. Kabalite warriors in a ruin near an objective. Three serpents as close as possible to my lines and council behind serpents.

I deployed necrons in the corner behind a high hill and tyrants in the center behind a bastion. one unit of rippers - inside a bastion. Secon rippers in deepstrike with mawlocs.

Eldrad redeployed serpents onto the right.

I failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1. Eldar+DE
Serpents moved closer and to the left to get LOS on my tyrant.

Warlocks stretched a bit behind serpents.

Shooting. Serpents killed me a flyrant but did not manage to get LOS on Warlord.

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons

Zahndrekh gave tankhunting to Obiron's unit and jumped to the 12" range from serpents with a HIT. Obiron's unit jumped 2" away from Zahndrekh's unit and joined to that unit and both units got tankhunting now.
Warlord got into the rear armor of one serpent.

Shooting. Rapidfire with tankhunting made two serpents loose 2 HP each and jink. Warlord wrecked third serpent.

Turn 2. Eldar+DE
All Jetbikes arrived and aimed at necrons.

Warlocks jumped closer to necrons, but not close enough for assault.
All avengers disembarked and aimed at necrons.

Psychic phase. Council get fortune, immortals with Obiron and Zahndrekh get Jinx (I tried and failed to deny this one). At last he creates a Lord of Change from a kabalite warrior. LoC strip 2 wounds from Warlord with flickering fire.

Shooting. Everything shot at necrons.... after the dust settled, Zahndrekh's unit was dead and only 3 immortals and a lord were alive from the second immortal squad.

Protocols reanimated Obiron, Cryptec and 4 immortals... In assault jetbikes panicked and jumped away from necrons, but 1 squad rolled 1,2 and stood where it was.

Turn 2. Tyranids+Necrons

2 Mawlocs emerge, finishing 1 serpent, 1 squad of avengers, 2 and 3 avengers from other squads. 3-man avenger squad break and run to it's board edge.

Necrons try to get in multiassault range for 2 bikes squads. Obiron heads for the last serpent alone. Cryptec jumps to the far objective to get a maelstrom objective.

Warlord vector strikes LoC and fly away from table.

Psychic. Warlord get catalyst foritself.

Shooting. Mawlocs run into terrain.

Assault. 1 loose 1 immortal from overwatch and fail multi-assault. In assault 2 bikes die, pass morale and lock.

Obiron finishes the last serpent.

Turn 3. Eldar+DE

Wracks getinfrom reserve near warlocks.
Avengers run away from the table.
Warlocks get into assault range for mawlocs. LoC swoops to the ruin near warlocks.
Bikes that are not locked in combat jump away from necrons.

Psychic. I deny the fortune for the warlocks, but they manage to jinx one mawloc and prescience themselves.

Shooting. Bikes and council strips 4 wounds from jinxed mawloc. 3 bikes boost towards my bastion. Last 2 avengers kill the Obiron with rending... but Obiron reanimates!

Assault. Immortals failt to kill the last bike!
Warlocks assault both mawlocs, I loose the wounded one, kill one warlock and hit&run from them with mawloc. Council consolidates a bitback to their table edge to be out of the TL devourers range.

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons

Last Mawloc try to kill 5 warlocks without fortune but scatters onto the LoC and emerges in the ruin between LoC and Warlocks.
3 rippers deepstrike in my closest right corner (where necrons were deployed).
Warlord swoop to the center of the table.

Rippers from a bastion disembark to repel some enemy bikes:)

Mawloc that ran from combat move towards the wracks.

Obiron get closer to the avengers who killed him in previous turn.

Psychic. Warlord get FnP.
Shooting. Warlord wipes kabalite warriors.

Assault. Immortals finish the last bike and consolidate away from the council.
Mawloc stomp all the wracks to death.
Obiron butchers two last avengers.
Only rippers loose 1 base from overwatch and fail their charge.

Turn 4. Eldar+DE

Warlocks get into 1" range from both mawlocs.

Psychic. LoC fails to do anything to my Warlord. I deny the jinx to mawloc and, suddenly Olof fails his fortune.

Shooting. bikes kill 2 ripper bases. Council strip 2 wounds from 1 mawloc.

Assault. Council multi-assault both mawlocs. Eldrad get a wound and they strip all but 1 wound from one Mawloc.

I then fail h&r for wounded mawloc and they lock. Unwounded mawloc hit&runs toward the 3-points objective.
Bikes assault the last ripper base

and kills it, consolidating behind my bastion.

Turn 4. Tyranids+Necrons

An unengaged mawloc burrow.
Tyrand fly away from the table not to be killed by LoC.
Obiron heads towards my bastion. Rippers go the same way but still too far.
Immortals try to get in LOS for bikes behind my bastion too to clean up my deployment a bit:)
Cryptec sits on the far away objective.

Shooting. Bikes take all the saves from immortal's shooting.

Assault. Warlocks finish the second mawloc and consolidate 6" towards immortals.

Turn 5. Eldar+DE

Warlocks head for immortals.
Bikes aim at Obiron.
LoC glides to the central 3-point objective.

Psychic. Warlocks got fortune, I failed to deny Jinx for immortals. LoC spawns a squad of daemonettes onto the central objective.

Shooting. Bikes kill Obiron... but he reanimates again! Warlocks kill some immortals.

Assault. Warlocks finish immortals in assault... but necron Lord reanimates!

Turn 5. Tyranids+Necrons

Mawloc get in with a HIT and kills all but 3 Daemonettes and contest a3-point central objective.
Tyrant get into the center of the board and aim at bikes at the opponent's 2-point objective.
Rippers get closer to objective near my bastion.
Reanimated necron lord move toward the 3-points objective controlled by council.
Cryptec jumps onto a 3-point objective near warlocks but mishaps and Olof put it far away near my board edge.

Shooting. Necron Lord run onto the 3-point objective and secure it from warlocks:)
Rippers run onto a 2-point objective near my bastion and contest it.
Warlord wipers bikes from the 2-point opponent's objective.

Assault. Obiron dies from an overwatch from bikes again... and reanimates again!

If the game ends, Eldar control no objectives, while tyranids control 3 points objective...

1d6=3 and thegame continues!

Turn 6. Eldar+DE

Baron heads for rippers, farseer heads to the center of the table.

Psychic. LoC kills cryptec with flickering fire, but cryptec reanimates!
Warlocks spawn one more LoC on their 2-point objective.

Shooting. Farseer turboboost onto the 1-point objective on the far left.
Bikes kill Obiron again... and it reanimates again!

Assault. Warlocks kill the Lord and consolidates so that it cannot reanimate. Baron assaults rippers and kills one base, closest to the objective. Damn!
LoC and daemonettes kill a mawloc.

Turn 6. Tyranids+Necrons

Cryptec jums again to the 3-point objective, controlled by warlocks, scatter 9 inch to the other sideof the objective and as such needs a 3" run to get into range to secure the objective.

Tyrant glides onto 2-point objective in opponent's deployment zone.

Psychic. -

Shooting. Warlord fails to kill last 3 daemonettes.
Cryptec succeed at a 3" run, rolling a "6".

Assault. Obiron finally get no rends from overwatch, only 1 normal wound... and fails it's save... and reanimates back again!
Baron strip 1 more wound from rippers.

The game ends!

I control 3+2 points, while Olof controls 3+2+1 points, but after all the killpoints and maelstroms are counted we end up 9-11 in favor of Olof!

It was a great and interesting game with a lot of weird dice rolls. Let's see, how team Belarus finished this round.

Six players got a DRAW this game! Only our Iyanden wiped Sweden Tau and our Daemons managed to get 14 on sweden GK. So the result is 95 points! A solid victory for team Belarus!

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