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среда, 13 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - My army - Tyranids+Necrons

One day hive mind made an agreement with Necrons. Give us the biomass and take the rest - the sun and the dust. This was the day when the greatest threat for the Imperium was born - a tyranid-necron allied army!

My army list for the ETC 2014:

Alexander "Erle" Ivanov


HQ1 ‐ Warlord: Hive Tyrant (165), TL Devourers (x2) (2*15); Wings (35) [230 Pts]
HQ2: Hive Tyrant (165), TL Devourers (x2) (2*15); Wings (35) [230 Pts]

Troop 1: 3 Ripper swarms (3*13), deep strike (3*2) [45 Pts]
Troop 2: 3 Ripper swarms (3*13), deep strike (3*2) [45 Pts]

HS1: Mawloc [140 Pts]
HS2: Mawloc [140 Pts]
HS3: Mawloc [140 Pts]



HQ1.1: Nemesor Zahndrekh [185 Pts]
HQ1.2: Vangard Obyron [160 Pts]
HQ1.3: Royal Court:
1 Harbinger of Despair (25), Abyssal Staff (5); Veil of Darkness(30) [60 Pts]
1 Necron Lord (35), Warscythe (10); Mindshacle scarabs (15), Resurrection Orb (30) [90 Pts]

Troop 1: 9 Necron Immortals [153 Pts]
Troop 2: 8 Necron Immortals [136 Pts]


Fortification : Imperial Bastion (75), Comms relay(20) [95 Pts]

ARMY TOTAL: 1849 pts

The idea of the army is simple but surprisingly effective. One necron immortal unit is joined by Cryptec with veil and can jump anywhere on the board. Second necron immortla unit is joined by Obiron and Lord with orb. It can also jump and deepstrike without scatter within 6" of Zandrekh! So, this two units can start the game behind the bastion and suddenly appear anywhere on the board at any time!

Tyrants are extremely mobile and versatile, they can easily start in reserve.

Mawlocs always start in deepstrike reserve as well as rippers with deepstrike. Mawlocs are both our artillery and low AP shooting, while rippers just a scoring that can be dropped at any point.

According to the Stronghold Assault rules Bastion is a scoring unit too. Comms relay is amust for the heavy reserves army, while there is one more "surprise" in the list. It's Zandrekh's rule "phased reinforcements". It is phrased so that Mawlocs/tyrants/rippers can deepstrike onto the board after at least one opponent's unit come in from reserve. For example, opponent deepstrike with Farsight unit full of crisis and drones and... three Mawlocs drop down onto them.... S6, AP 2, ignores cover!!! Splat!

Some rulings from judges made some of the list mechanics to malfunction during the tourney, but, anyway, now you now the ideas that were incorporated into my army:)

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