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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 4 - Tyranids+Necrons vs DE+Eldar

The game with team England and Paul Burke was the last game of Day 2 and fourth game at ETC. This pairing was hard for me, so I prepared to save points:)

Sorry to Paul, I forgot to take a photo of him. So, let's look at his list:

HQ 1: Baron (105) - Warlord [105]

Troops 1: 5 Wyches (50) Haywires (10) – Transport 1 [60]
Troops 2: 5 Wyches (50) Haywires (10) – Transport 2 [60]

FA1: 5 Beastmasters (60), 24 Kymera (288) 348pts

Transport 1: venom (55), additional splinter cannon (10) 65pts
Transport 2: venom (55), additional splinter cannon (10) 65pts


HQ 1-1: Spiritseer(70), Shard of Anaris - exchanging shuriken pistol (40) [110]
HQ 1-2: Spiritseer (70) [70]
HQ 1-3: Spiritseer (70) [70]
HQ 1-4: Spiritseer (70) [70]
HQ 1-5: Spiritseer (70) [70]

Elites1: 5 Fire Dragons (110) – Transport 1 [110]

Troops 1: 5 dire avengers (65) – Transport 2 [65]
Troops 2: 5 dire avengers (65) – Transport 3 [65]

FA1: 8 Warp Spiders (152) [152]

Transport 1: Wave serpent (115), scatter laser (5) [120]
Transport 2: Wave serpent (115), scatter laser (5) [120]
Transport 3: Wave serpent (115), scatter laser (5) [120]

Here we have 3 serpents to kill flyrants and invisible beaststar to kill immortals and also 5 psychic shreeks to kill Mawlocs. Nasty list for me but anyway I have some tricks to show too.

Eternal War: The Relic (6 Victory Points; the relic is a separate objective from all others)
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Spoils of War
Deployment: Dawn of War

In this game traits are important. Opponent rolled a tactical trait that give him +1 VP when warlord or his unit achieve a "secure objective X". It is really cool with beaststar and Baron as a Warlord.
I got useless trait.

Powers are important too. Why? Because he did not manage to find invisibility!!! That's it.

And at last I won the roll-off and deployed first!


I deployed tyrants behind a bastion (rippers inside a bastion) in the right corner.

Immortals in the left corner. 

Mawlocs and one ripper squad deepstrike.

Opponent deployed in the center of his deployment zone with beaststar stretched from far left to the far right.

Close-up of the opponent's deployment. Blue chips are Maelstrom objectives, black chip is a relic.

 Paul failed to seize and I started my hunt for the biomass!

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons

I rushed tyrants along the right flank, while immortals moved 6" forward along the left flank.

Shooting. Warlord tyrant destroyed one venom for first blood and Maelstrom objective and killpoint at the same time. Flyrant killed some dogs.
Immortals killed some more dogs, 7 in total in the first turn.

Turn 1. DE+Eldar

Paul moved beaststar a little forward and aimed serpents at my Flyrants.

My batteries in camera cancelled, so no more photos, sorry.

Shooting. I lost only 3 wounds on 1 tyrant from all the serpent's shooting. Venom tried to kill me the cryptec, using the 90 degree firing arc limitation (focusing a cryptec) but after some arguments from my side it managed only to do 6 shots in that manner and did nothing to cryptec.

Turn 2. Tyranids+Necrons

2 mawlocs came in and killed one spiritseer and about 7 beasts from a pack. One Mawloc mishaped rolling 6 and the other emerged in the center of enemy deployment zone.

Immortals jumped closer to the center of the board.

Shooting. Warlord killed about 8 beasts from a pack along with one more spiritseer, while necrons killed 3 more beasts and stripped 1 hullpoint from venom, forcing it to jink. Wounded flyrant ran away from table into reserve.

Turn 2. DE+Eldar

Everything disembarked, aiming at Mawloc and tyrants. Wyches headed for my bastion.

Psychic. I lost 3 wound on Mawloc from Psychic shreek.

Shooting. different shooting killed me a mawloc and my warlord flyrant.

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons

2 mawlocs emerged, killing one more spiritseer 1 firedragon and a couple of dogs. One mawloc mishaped and died, while the other stood in the center of the beastpack.

My flyrant came in to the center of the board.

Necrons moved a bit forward.

Shooting. Flyrant blew up last venom, necrons forced to jink two serpents with shooting, stripping 1 HP from each of them.

Turn 3. DE+Eldar

The remnants of beastpack came to the assault range to the Zahndrekh's unit.

Shooting. All the shooting killed my last mawloc and my last tyrant. Wyches throwed grenades at bastion but failed to do any damage.

Assault. Remnants of beastpack assaulted Zahndrekh's unit. Obiron jumped into combad and piled in to the Baron, trying to challenge him, but Baron declined. Zahndrekh and Obiron passed all but 1 save and necrons killed about 4 beasts in return.
Wyches assaulted my bastion but only stripped 3 HPs.

Turn 4. Tyranids + Necrons

My rippers disembarked and headed for wyches.
Immortals not in combat headed for the relic.

Shooting. Immortals forced serpent to jink but did not manage to do any damage.

Assault. rippers assaulted wyches and killed some, loosing 1 base in return. Second wyches squad finished my bastion. Baron accepted the challenge from Obiron and failed his invuln save once. About 5 models and 1 spiritseer left in that combat.

Turn 4. DE+Eldar

Everything moved to the relic, but nobody get in touch with it. Second wyches squad moved to kill my rippers.

Shooting. In shooting I lost some immortals, but passed morale and all but 1 reanimated back again.

Assault. Wyches finished my rippers. Necrons killed some more models from the beaststar.

Turn 5. Tyranids+Necrons

I jumped the Obiron out of assault and onto the relic. Immortals failed a difficult terrain test to get into 2" range from Obiron to join him.

Shooting. -

Assault. Immortals assaulted firedragons near the relic and killed none, dragons did nothing to immortals too. Zahndrekh's unit killed all but 1 spiritseer.

Turn 5. DE+Eldar

Avengers got into 2" range from the relic to contest it.

Shooting. Everything shot at Obiron and killed him. I failed reanimation protocols and he dropped the relic.

Assault. I failed to kill the last spiritseer, but killed some firedragons, thay failed morale and ran away. Immortals consolidated onto the relic.

(Warp spiders all the game tried to kill something, but did nothing important actually).

The game ends here.

Nobody controls the relic. And we are tied on killpoints and Maelstrom missions, so the resulting score is 10-10. Draw.

This is a great result for my army against a beaststar list with three serpents. Let's see how my teammates finished.

Actually in the middle of the game Yuri said me that 4 is the best he can do. After the game he said "I took 18". Wow! I decided that we won, cause Yuri got 18 as first defender and I got 10 on this tough matchup. But...

Our GK, Daemons and Necrons got a draw whis round. That's fine, actually. The worst was that our CSM and AM got 0 and 0. And Our Tau-thained-to-kill-necrons got only 7 on Necrons.

As a result we got only 66 points instead of 88 from pre-game expectations and lost this round to team England. Anyway, team England is good sport and we all liked our games. They were interesting and smart. Congratulations to team England and thanks for the games!

Anyway, 2 more games in day 3. We lost our chance for the first place, but we still had a chance for 3rd place! To be continued...

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  1. I think that table was a big disappointment. Even a green cloth would have helped with the terrain but a plain wooden table for the European Tournament, that's a shame.

    1. I was too lucky to get the only "wooden" table at the event:) Overall level of the table and the terrain was rather high, actually:)

    2. Which makes the one that wasn't that much more of a disappointment. To have gone to all that trouble to get them right and then have one that falls well below what should be expected...

      I know if I'd travelled to a European tournament and had to play on this I'd be very disappointed.