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среда, 13 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 1 - Tyranids+Necrons vs AM+SW+Inq

My first game at ETC 2014 was a good pairing for me against Czech player Jindřich 'UZMN' Čadík. 

He played a good AM army powered by SW and Inquisition detachments:



HQ0.1 Commissar [25pts]
HQ0.2 Ministorum Priest [25pts]
HQ1 Company Command Squad (60), Astropath (25pts), Mortar (5pts), Regimental Standard (15pts) [105pts]

Troops1 Infantry Platoon [515]
Troops1.1 40 Conscripts (40x3) [120]
Troops1.2 Infantry Squad (50),Lascannon (20pts) Melta Bombs (5pts) [75]
Troops1.3 Infantry Squad (50),Lascannon (20pts) Melta Bombs (5pts) [75]
Troops1.4 Infantry Squad (50],Lascannon (20), [70]
Troops1.5 Infantry Squad (50],Lascannon (20), [70]
Troops1.6 Infantry Squad (50],Lascannon (20), [70]
Troops1.7 Platoon Command Squad (30), Mortar (5) [35]

Troops2 Infantry Platoon [300]
Troops2.1 Infantry Squad (50pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Axe (15pts) [70]
Troops2.2 Infantry Squad (50pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Axe (15pts) [70]
Troops2.3 Infantry Squad (50pts), Flamer (5pts), Power Axe (15pts), [70]
Troops2.4 Infantry Squad (50pts), Flamer (5pts), [55]
Troops2.5 Platoon Command Squad (30pts), Mortar (5) [35]

HS1 Leman Russ Squadron [290]
* Leman Russ Vanquisher (135pts), Lascannon (10pts) [145]
* Leman Russ Vanquisher (135pts), Lascannon (10pts) [145]
HS2 Wyvern (65pts), Heavy Flamer (free), [65]
HS3 Wyvern (65pts), Heavy Flamer (free), [65]



HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader (70), Power Fist (25pts), Saga of the Hunter (10pts) [105]

Troops1: 5xGrey Hunter (5x15pts), flamer (free) in TRANSPORT1 [75]

TRANSPORT1 Rhino [35]



HQ1 Inquisitor Coteaz [100]
HQ2 WARLORD ‐ Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (25), Force Sword (free), Psychotroke Grenades (15pts), Rad Grenades
(15pts), 3x Servo Skulls (9pts), Psyker (Mastery Level 1) (30pts) [94]


FORTIFICATIONS: Aegis Defense Line [50pts]


So, here we have three blobs, one lead by a wolf guard battle leader to outflank me. And the mission is:

Objective #1: Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire - 5 Objectives (3 Victory Points each)
Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Tactical Escalation
Objective #3: Killpoints
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

So, we play a mix of eternal, maelstrom and killpoints game. Really nice and balanced missions. You can check the missionpack here:

We have 3 maelstrom objectives on one side and three of them on the other side. Two Big guns objectives on one side, two on other side and one in the center, closer to my board edge (as I won the roll for choosing sides!).

Traits: I got IWND formy warlord, opponent got something useless.
Powers: Warlord and Flyrant both rolled 3 and 4 (Onslaught and Paroxysm).

I lost the roll for the deployment.
Opponent deployed lascannon blob with command squads and tanks. Inquisitor went with conscripts, while Coteaz joined to the main blob. Grey hunter in rhino placed on the right flank.

I deployed on the far right, so that bastion got cover from tanks for the ruin and can control an objective under the ruin. I hid tyrants behind a bastion with necrons stretched on the left flank in anti-blast fashion and in cover from ruins. Mawlocs in deepstirke, rippers in normal reserve.

Opponent decided to go first... let it be so:)

Turn 1. AM+SW+Inq
Rhino boosted into the ruin on the right flank onto the objective, achieving some maelstrom objective.

Shooting. Tanks, lascannons and wywerns managed to drop down 3 immortals and strip a wound from Obiron. 1 immortal then returned back to life.

Turn 1. Tyranids+Necrons
I decided to do it agressively (possibly, his reserves will come turn 2 and I can make my strike with mawlocs too).
Zandrekh gave tankhanting to Obiron's unit and removed tankhunting from tanks.
Cryptec deepstruck Zandrekh within 23" from left wywern. Then Obiron jumped within 2" of Zandrekh's unit and joined to it. So, two immortal units got tankhunting!

Tyrants swooped forward and managedto get los on rhino.

Psychic pshase. I paroxysmed conscripts.

Shooting. I wrecked a rhino with 24 linked S6 shots from tyrants. Immortals did 15 gauss shots at wywern with tankhunting but only managed to strip 2 hullpoints from it.
Turn 2. AM+SW+Inq

Reserves did not come :(

No movement except grey hunters get out of the ruin to shoot at immortals.

Shooting. Everything shot at Zandrekh's squad (joined by Obiron)... Zandrekh lost 2 wounds and all but 1 immortal layed down! Reanimation protocols.... only 1 immortal out of 8 got up! Cryptec failed too! Ooops, only 2 immortals left in the big squad. But the worst news is that the squad got pinned by wywerns! Damn!

Turn 2. Tyranids+Necrons

Reserves... only 1 Mawloc and both rippers squads come in... I place Mawloc blast over the Coteaz's head and... scatter 9 inch, killing only 2 guardsmen. The I've been expecting you fire removes 4 wounds from Mawloc.

Rippers decid to get into 2" range from comms relay to stabilize Mawlocs for the next turn (my mistake - I had to place rippers into the bastion at deployment!) Second rippers on the left.

Zandrekh give tankhunting to the big immortals squad and remove it from tanks again.
Immortals line up to finish the wywern.

Warlord get away from the table with vector strike at the gray hunters (rolled "1" to wound). The idea is to get Warlord back to shoot down reserved platoon next turn.
Flyrant swooped 12" to shoot at hunters.

Psychic phase... I did nothing.
Shooting. Immortals did not manage to kill the wywern! Tyrant killed only 1 Gray hunter! Wow! Great turn... for the opponent!

Turn 3. AM+SW+Inq

The blob came in from outflank near my bastiona and... suddenly... Mawlocks emerged!!! The first rolled a HIT and hit the Coteaz! He was not expecting that and rolled "1" for Look out... Poop! 

Second Mawloc scattered onto my own bastion but managed to clean up the space near it a bit:)

Then it mishapped and opponent placed it into my left corner:

So, opponent's turn continues and he tankshocks my mawloc to get him closer to the conscripts.

Shooting. He manages to bring down wounded mawloc with lascannons, then wywerns kill the last immortal from the Zandrekh's squad and Zandrekh itself. In addition he manages to pin down my last immortal squad again! Tanks strip 3 wounds from second Mawloc.

Zandrekh failed to reanimate:(

Assault. Conscripts manage to strip 1 more woundfrom Mawloc, loosing 1 conscript in return. I desided not to hit and run this time to get conscripts out of the right objectives for one more turn.

Turn 3. Tyranids+Necrons

So, I divided opponent's powers - almost all his army sit on 1 objective, while the blob with 3 characters is at my mercy:) That is my plan - to kill the blob with 3 characters (and warlord) while keeping all his other army at bay. I need to kill that damned wywern with immortals and tyrants will do their work on platoon!

Flyrant turns back gliding, Warlords land near the platoon. Obiron joins the pinned immortals.

Mawloc in my left corner burrow.

Psychic. I paroxysm the platoon to WS 1:)

Shooting. Immortals snapshot at wywern but do not manage to finish it:(
Flyrants kill half of the platoon with shooting.

Assault. Mawloc get 1 more wound in assault with conscripts.

Turn 4. AM+SW+Inq

The platoon near bastion get closer to roast some rippers.

Shooting. Platoon manage to kill me all the immortals with Obiron and Lord! Wywern finish me one rippers squad, while platoon near bastion finish second ripper squad. Obiron and Lord manage to return to life:)
Tanks strip 2 wounds from my flyrant.

Assault. Mawloc kills some conscripts and hit and run from them.

Turn 4. Tyranids+Necrons

My burrowed mawloc come back and try to kill the priest from the platoon near my bastion. It scatters a bit onto the bastion and kills about 5 guardsmen in the process, then rolls "1" on mishap and die...
Obiron and Lord hide behind a losblocking ruin, ready to jump onto 2 Big guns objectives next turn.
Warlord glides down to shoot platoon.

The Mawloc wich ran away from combat burrow.

Psychic. Nothing interesting.

Shooting. Warlord shoot down some more guardsmen. Flyrant do not shoot not to spoil the assault.

Assault. Flyrant charges the remnants of the platoon, but psychotroke and psyke-out grenades make him -1 A and Init 1, so it only kills 2 guardsmen and suddenly get 1wound from the normal attacks (I made the assaultmove the way that all power axes were out of range).

Turn 5. AM+SW+Inq

No movement actually.

Shooting. Wywerns manage to kill me the Necron Lord and, in addition, pin the unit (Obiron+Lord)!!! Again!!! My immortals are pinned for the third time!!!

Assault. My flyrant kill 3 guardsmen and die from a power axe... The blob consolidates onto the objective near thebastion.

Turn 5. Tyranids+Necrons

Mawloc emerges onto the central Big guns objective.
Warlord get into 1" range from the priest.

Shooting. Warlord kills the inquisitor and all the power axes.

Assault. Warlord tyrant kills the priest, Wolf guard and some guardsmen, but they pass morale. After pile-in moves the blob is not controlling the objective.

The game ends here.

Rusulting score:
We control 2 objectives each on Big Guns (1 with platoon and 1 with gray hunters for enemy and 1 with Mawloc and 1 with bastion for me).
We managed to do equal number of maelstroms.
We are also tied on KP's.

So the result is 10-10 for the game.

But... after we submitted the result... Czech consulted with the judges and they ruled that as bastion is a model but not a unit it cannot control objectives ans, thus, the game is a loss for me:(

Anyway, our team did awesome this round:
Our GK/AM (Yaroslav) wiped out Necrons for 20 points.
Our AM/Inq (Torf) won 15-5 the game with DE
Daemons (Ghost) got 20 points
CSM/Daemons (Santan) got 19
Eldar (Warpstone) got 20.
Necrons (Ewgen) got 13.
Tau got 20 points.

As we were in a hurry we did a lot ofmistakes in the pairings sheet. Actually if to count correctly I got only 7 points, so Czech got 5+1+7+13 = 26 points and Belarus got 134 points.

So, only I did poorly as a result:) Anyway we achieved a crushing victory. Last year this led us to the match with Germany, so we manned up to face up with some really strong opponent next round!

It is written in the Updated Building Rules of the Stronghold Assault book:

In many respects, these buildings function like any other unit in a player’s army; the major difference is that they can be captured by the enemy, even swapping hands several times over the course of the battle.

I currently searched through the clarifications and found nothing about that the bastion is a model and not a unit (it was the general reason why it cannot claim objectives). So, actually, I had all the rights to claim the objective with the bastion by RAW:)

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  1. English version , Alex, you made a great work for our friends ))))

  2. In case bastion is not a unit it does not give first blood and can not get a cover save

    1. Warp, the first is written in the SA - bastion do not award VP. Second iswritten in the ETC 2014 clarifications - bastion can get cover save.

  3. Rulebook. p134.
    Scouring Unit
    can be a scouring unit unless:
    *is is a building or fortification that is unclaimed (claimed buildings count as a scouring unit from the claiming player's army)

    1. Thanks, F9SSS, looks like I was right but didn't find the right page in the rules in time!