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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 4 - England - Pairings

After two victories and one draw we got 5 points and rised again to the very top of the hill and met team England!

One of the top team, team England. The leftmost guy on the photo is their coach! That is how a real coach must look like - big and bald:)

Let's look at our mostly red pairings estimation table:

So, nobody want to play with their Eldar and nobody want to play with DE/Eldar on warlock council. So it's a headache for me to make the pairings well in such a situation.

Champion. I placed Torf as a champion. He has only 1 really bad pairing here and cannot attack possible defenders, so an easy choice for me.

I дщые the roll-off. That is very bad in this situation - I hoped England will defend with some nasty lists, allowing me to make my pairings better than average.

Pair 1. I'm forced to defend with my strongest allcomers this round - Iyanden (Warpstone). And he is attacked by DA. Not the pair I wanted. Sure this pairing is positive for us, but bad for other team member pairings.

Pair 2. England defend with that nasty DE/Eldar list with invisible beaststar. As our team need a sacrificial cow I choose to make it myself and Tyranids attack DE/Eldar.

Pair 3. I have only 1 defender left - Necrons. England attacks with Daemons. Arrrggh... I want them to spend their Eldar!

Pair 4. At least England defend with AM and I can get my Daemons in play with good odds for victory (minus one problem pairing).

Pair 5. I need to choose, whom to sacrifice for enemy Eldar. I choose Yaroslav (GK+AM). Yaroslav is our most experienced player and can survive it with minimal losses. I'm not surprised that opponent attacks with Eldar. Finally. Last pairs gonna be easier!

Pair 6. England defends with Necrons and we have a Tau player trained to beat Necrons:)

Pair 7. Our CSM get a good pairing against a GK with 3 SR 10 terminators and centurions. He cannot wipe an opponent but at least can clean all the ground for 14+ points.

Champions. In a champions game SM gravbikes gonna try to kill our AM+DA+Inq army. Looks like a 10-10 pairing if everything go well.

So, pre-game estimation is 88 points, that is a narrow victory. Let's see if we manage to take it!

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