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четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

ETC 2014 - Round 3 - Denmark - Pairings

After 1 win and 1 near win we got 3 points at the start of day 2. We met with team Denmark that had 4 points and, thus, 2 victories already. 

Denmark never was an easy opponent so we prepared for an uneasy battle. Let's look at pairings estimation table against Denmark:

The table contain a lot of "red" squares, so it gonna be not an easy game of pairings!

Champion. As Warpstone has good pairings only amongst "attackers" I decided to make him our champion this time. He is an experienced player and can meet any type of army.

I won the roll-off this time!

Pair 1. Denmark defend with CSM. An easy choice for me, and we attack with our CSM. It gonna be an easy match for our CSM player Santan.

Pair 2. We defend with Torf (AM+DA+Inq). Denmark attacks with SW list full of Thunderwolf cavalry. It's uncommon list for us,but we hope, Torf can stop them.

Pair 3. Denmark defend with Daemons and we actually trained our GK+AM army to beat up Daemons! Good match for us!

Pair 4. We defend with Necrons. Ewgen has a tough list. Denmark attacks him with GK razorback spam with centurion devastators - not a great threat for 3++ wrath:)

Pair 5. Denmark defend with Eldar mechspam. I have some inner debates wether to attack with Tau or with Daemons and choose Daemons as Tau can help me in later pairings.

Pair 6. This is the moment when Tau can help - we defend with them:) Opponent attacks with Necrons... bad choice for Denmark and a great pairing for us. Our Tau is trained to bring down Necrons, actually.

Pair 7. AM and Tau are equally a draw matchups for my tyranids. I got Tau as a last man standing.

Champions. Our Iyanden player (Warpstone) got AM+GK. Not a great pairing for him, near a draw actually.

Anyway, we got a great number of really good pairings here and only a couple of unsure ones. The pre-game estimation is 101 point that is much more than enough!

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