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пятница, 2 ноября 2012 г.

[1000+1000] Minsk Autumn - 2012 Game 2 - Tyranids+IG vs GK+CSM

 After grand loss in the very first game I found myself at the bottom of tourney table, so I expected an easy match. No way! At the opposite table edge stood our country ETC team captain with his new, awesome painted Nurgle marines!
In addition, my ally for this round is Lord_BERS (IG) who came with a pair of Hydras. He mistakenly thought that Hydras have an interceptor rule and was disillusioned in the first round game, huh.


Codex: Imperial Guard

HQ 1: company command squad (50), 3*plasma gun (3*15), krak grenades (5) in Transport 1 [100]

HQ 2: primaris psyker (70), force staff [70]

Elites 1: psyker battle squad (60), 4*additional sanctioned psyker (4*10) in Transport 2 [100]

Troops 1: veteran squad (70), 3*meltagun (3*10) in Transport 3 [100]

Troops 2: veteran squad (70), 3*meltagun (3*10) in Transport 4 [100]

Heavy support 1: manticore rocket launcher (160) [160]

Heavy support 2: 2*hydra (2*75) [150]

Transport 1: chimera (55), multi-laser, heavy flamer (0) carries HQ 1 [55]

Transport 2: chimera (55), multi-laser, heavy flamer (0) carries Elites 1 [55]

Transport 3: chimera (55), multi-laser, heavy bolter (0) carries Troops 1 [55]

Transport 4: chimera (55), multi-laser, heavy bolter (0) carries Troops 2 [55]

Total: 1000 pts

My first round partner, Domovoy, is my opponent now:

Codex: Grey Knights

HQ 1: ordo xenos inquisitor (25) [25]

Troops 1: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) in Transport 1 [115]

Troops 2: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) in Transport 3 [115]

Troops 3: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) [115]

Heavy support 1: nemesis dreadknight (130), heavy incinerator (30), nemesis greatsword (25), personal teleporter (75) [260]

Heavy support 2: dreadnought (115), 2*twin-linked autocannon (10+5), psybolt ammunition (5) [135]

Heavy support 3: dreadnought (115), 2*twin-linked autocannon (10+5), psybolt ammunition (5) [135]

Transport 1: razorback (45), psybolt ammunition (5) carries Troops 1 [50]

Transport 2: razorback (45), psybolt ammunition (5) carries Troops 2 [50]

Total: 1000 pts

And my second opponent is Johnny:

Johnny B. Goode

 Codex: Chaos Space Marines

HQ 1: chaos lord (65), power fist (25), chaos bike (20), sigil of corruption (25), veterans of the long war (5), mark of nurgle (15) [155]

Troops 1: plague marines (120), additional plague marine (24), 2*plasma gun (2*15), 6*veterans of the long war (6*1) in Transport 1[180]

Troops 2: plague marines (120), additional plague marine (24), 2*plasma gun (2*15), 6*veterans of the long war (6*1) in Transport 2 [180]

Fast attack 1: chaos bikers (70), 2*meltagun (2*10), 3*mark of nurgle (3*6), 3*veterans of the long war (3*1) [111]

Heavy support 1: 2*obliterator (2*70), 2*mark of nurgle (2*6) [152]

Heavy support 2: 2*obliterator (2*70), 2*mark of nurgle (2*6) [152]

Transport 1: chaos rhino (35) carries Troops 1 [35]

Transport 2: chaos rhino (35) carries Troops 2 [35]

Total: 1000 pts

Yep, my only hope is that, Johnny’s list is not optimal and he hasn’t a lot of practice in 6th yet, so I took a deep breath and we started the fight!

Primary Mission – Crusade (5 markers)
Secondary Mission – Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood
Deployment – Dawn of War

We won the roll off to choose side again, so there are 2 large ruins in our deployment zone – one on the left flang and one on the right. We decided not to split forces and set 3 markers in the right corner, while opponents set 1 marker in their right ruin and one marker near right border edge, between out deployment zones. So, all markers are concentrated in the right table half.

My partner’s warlord receives a reroll 1’s near markers if I remember right. My flyrant gets -1 to the opponents reserves. Our opponent’s traits are of no interest.

My tyrants changes powers for biomancy and rolls 4 and 5 (Life leech and Warp Speed).

We lost a roll-off for the first turn, but we rolled a nightfight wich is cool against quite a shooty opponents.

Johnny deploys one unit of Oblits in the ruins top floor. 2 more oblits and a rhino are near the ruin, ready to push forward. Bikers with lord and second rhino are in the middle of their table edge.
Domovoy deploys dreads on the very right with one razorback. Second razorback and a Dreadknight are in the middle. 5 strikes are in deep strike.

We try to minimize first turn shooting casualties and deploy manticore in the left corner in safety. Hydras are on the left too. Tyrant is near the Hydras out of dreads/oblits shooting ranges! Tervigon – in the right ruin, out of LOS!!! Ymgarls lay dormant and gauts are deepstriking as usual.
Melta veterans are on the right side of the ruin, Command squad are on the left, plasma veterans and second melta veterans are near our table edge center.

And…. I seize the initiative!!!

Turn 1. Tyranids + IG

I spawn 9 gaunts with no doubles, who hide in the ruin out of LOS.
In the center chimeras move a bit forvard to light up some transports.
Tyrant jumps forward 24”, in range of the closest razorback.

A lot of multilaser shots do a single glans for a plaguemarines rhino and light up GK razorback in the center.
Tyrant makes only 2 glances to the closest razorback, but Domovoy takes all the cover saves.

So, we failed to take first blood! Again!!!

No assaults.

Turn 1. GK+CSM

Nurgle marines jump out of the central rhino, ready to toast my tyrant with plasma fire. Bikers follow the same way, rolling to the left.

All the other army move forward, towards our right flank.

Shooting. 2 razorbacks, 2 dreads, oblits, bikers and plasmamarines open up at my tyrant! I pray to the hivemind… as a result, I take three tests in a raw and my Flyrant is grounded  on the fourth test and lost just a single wound (as a result of grounding, ha-ha).
That’s all for shooting!
Plagumarines rhino turboboosts forward.
No assaults!

Turn 2. Tyranids+IG

All my reserves are in!
I drop spores in safety on the left, close to disembarked plague marines and bikers. Ymgarl emerge from the central area terrain, near plagues and bikers.
My tyrant swoops to give Preferred enemy to my little shooty gribbies:)
Tervigon spawns 11 gaunts with a double, gaunts get FnP and run forward to the incoming plagumarines rhino.

Shooting. Combined IG shooting explode a plagumarines rhino with a 1 inch explosion, so all gaunts are alive! That’s all for my Ally.
10 gaunts open up at plaguemarines, do 6 wounds and Johnny fails 5 saves and 5 FnP! All the squad is killed!
Tyrant uses Life leech at bikers but misses to-hit. 6 devourer shots are saved by biker’s power armor.
2 spores and 12 gaunts shoot at bikers but wiff…

Assault. Ymgarls charge bikers, killing one, two ymgarl die to Lord’s attacks. We lock.
Gaunts assault plagues on the right flank, loosing 2 to overwatch and 5 more die in assault out of 6” tervigon range. They lock too.


Turn 2. GK+CSM

Reserves. 5 man strike squad deepstikes close to manticore to shoot at side armor with psycannon.

Dreadknight jumps to toast some gaunts, while GK razorbacks head forward, disembarking a strike squad onto the central marker in cover. Oblits move forward too.
An idea of killing my tyrant overwhelms Johnnies mind, so I receive another portion of shots from a dread and razorbacks but pass two tests with no wounds.
Dreadknight toast all but four of the 13-man gaunt squad. Oblits fire at second 10-man gaunt squad with plasma cannons, but miss and scattered blast kill a biker and wound ymgarls 3 times -> I take all 3 cover saves!
I believe that in this round second Oblit squat and second dread exploded a commander chimera, killing a bunch of guardsmen.
5-man strike squad shoot at manticore, doing nothing.

In assault plaguemarines whipe out my gaunts, consolidating a little backwards, while Ymgarls whipe out Chaos Lord and last biker, consolidating towards a dreadknight!

(The judje hurries us up, recommending to finish the game after this turn, so we try to take and hold our markers!)

Turn 3. IG+Tyranids

On the left flank gaunts line up to shoot at 5-man strike squad. Tyrant swoops to make some shots at oblits. Ymgarls prepare to assault a dreadknight.
Lord_BERS castle up on the left objective, while tervigon casts FnP on himself and prepare for some punishment:)

Gaunts kill 3 strikes, they fail morale and fall back, closer to gaunts.

Tyrant strips only 1 wound from an oblit.
My ally is much more effective, exploding the closest GK rhino and killing 1 marine from one squad on the marker and 2 marines from the disembarked squad.

Ymgarls loose 2 to overwatch with incinerator, receive +1A, 3 models make 12 attacks and roll 3 rends as a result, causing 3 failed invuln saves. Dreadknight in return wipe all the Emgarls. Dreadknight has only 1 wound left.

Turn 3. GK+CSM

4 strikes hold the objective, 3 strikes head for our left objective, 2 strikes want to try to shoot down manticore once again. Dreadknight uses teleporter, hanning over guardsmen on the marker.

Dreadknight kills a bunch of guardsmen with flamer. All the other shooting goes to my Tervigon, as strikes want to assault the guardsmen to consolidate onto our objective and win the game.
Dreads make 2 wounds to tervigon. 4 strikes make 1 more wound with psycannon. Plagmarines do 1 wound with plasma. Oblits do nothing with autocannons!! Huh, it was close, but 4+ cover with FnP is cool.
Guardsmen pass morale!

3 strikes declare an assault, 4 lasgun shots as an overwatch make 1 wound and strikes fail 1 save! Closest model is out and charge fails!!!

The game ends by timeout at this point.
Primary: We hold 2 markers, opponents – 1. Win!
Secondary: We killed Chaos Lord, won linebreaker and firstblood altogether! Win!

So the result is 16-4 in favor of Tyranids+IG!

To be continued... 

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