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воскресенье, 11 ноября 2012 г.

[1850] – Friendly team tourney. Tyranids vs SW+IG

Our friends, warhammer 40k sportsmen from Russia decided to come to Belarus to play some competitive battles in 6th edition. We decided to make a somewhat like a team tourney with 2 teams participating, 7 players each.

I brought my drop-tyranids as an attacking list for different foot-list like Tony Kopach SW+IG and the like. My list is as follows:

HQ1: HiveTyrant (170), Wings (60), 2xTL Devourers (30), Hive commander (25), Old Adversary (25) [310]
HQ2: HiveTyrant (170), Wings (60), 2xTL Devourers (30), Old Adversary (25) [285]

Elite1: The Doom of Malan'thai [90] in Transport 1

Troops1: 13xTermagants (65), Devourers (65) [130] in Transport 2
Troops2: 13xTermagants (65), Devourers (65) [130] in Transport 3
Troops3: 12xTermagants (60), Devourers (60) [120] in Transport 4
Troops4: Tervigon (160), Crushing claws (25), Toxin sacks (10), Catalyst (15), Onslaught (15) [225]
Troops5: Tervigon (160), Toxin sacks (10), Catalyst (15), Onslaught (15) [200]
Troops6: Tervigon (160), Toxin sacks (10), Catalyst (15), Onslaught (15) [200]

Transport 1: Mycetic spore [40]
Transport 2: Mycetic spore [40]
Transport 3: Mycetic spore [40]
Transport 4: Mycetic spore [40]

Total: 1850

So, as we came, Azatoth, the pairing master of team Russia and Belarus team captain Johnny started to do pairings. After one round of pairings, Azatoth put Karachun with a space wolfes+ig army with priest (JoTWW) in droppod as a defender.
Johnny looks at me and says: “I think, yes”. “Think again”, - is my suggestion. “Yes, It’s a good variant”, - supports Yaroslav, smiling wide. As a result I’m a happy attaker on the Space Wolfs!

Here’s the list:

Primary detach – Space Wolfs

1 Logan Grimnar (HQ) @ 275 Pts
1 Rune Priest (HQ) @ 100 Pts - Bolt Pistol; Jaws of the World Wolf; Storm Caller
1 Wolf Priest (HQ) @ 110 Pts - Bolt Pistol; Saga of the Hunter

8 Wolf Guard Pack (Troops) @ 300 Pts - Bolt Pistols; CC Weapons
 +2 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour @ [156] Pts -Chainfist (x2); Cyclone missile launcher (x2)
5 Wolf Guard Pack (Troops) @ 228 Pts - CC Weapons; Combi-melta (x5)
+1 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour @ [78] Pts - Chainfist (x1); Cyclone missile launcher
+1 Drop Pod @ [35] Pts
7 Grey Hunters Pack (Troops) @ 155 Pts -Meltagun; Wolf Standard
+1 Drop Pod @ [35] Pts

5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 140 Pts - Missile Launcher (x5)
+1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts - Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon
5 Long Fangs (Heavy Support) @ 180 Pts - Missile Launcher (x5)
+1 Squad Leader @ [15] Pts - Bolt Pistol; CC Weapon
+1 Razorback @ [40] Pts

Allied detach – Imperial Guard

1 Primaris Psyker (HQ) @ 70 Pts

1 Infantry Platoon (Troops) @ 130 Pts:
> 4 Platoon Command Squad @ [30] Pts +1 Platoon Commander @ [14] Pts
> 9 Infantry Squad @ [50] Pts+ 1 Sergeant @ [14] Pts
> 9 Infantry Squad @ [50] Pts + 1 Sergeant @ [14] Pts

1 Manticore (Heavy Support) @ 160 Pts

So, the idea is simple: Runepriest with Jaws in droppod, 10 missiles ans manticore for my dropping gaunts – perfect… a great day to die!

Primary mission (8 pts) – Emperor's will
Secondary mission (4 pts) – Slay The Warlord, linebreaker, First Blood
Deployment – Hammer & Anvil

I loose the roll off for table side, ending up with a single forest in my deploy.
Karachun places his marker at the center of his board edge. I place mine in the forest on the left flank.

I get -1 to the opponents reserves, while Logan gets reroll reserves…

Psychic powers:
Primaris psyker rolls Endurance and Enfeeble! Great!.. for wolfs.
Runepriest keeps his Jaws…

Clawed tervigon – Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Life Leech
Warlord get Life leech and Haemorrhage. Urggghh.
Flyrant gets Endurance and Iron Arm.
2 Tervie and Doom keep their codex powers.

No nightfight for the first turn.

As a rule, I fail the second roll-off too.

Karachun places longfangs in a ruin on the right flank with a razorback near them. In the center he places Manticore, Logan with longfangs and platoon without command squad. Command squad in reserve. Runepriest in Droppod with grey hunters and one guard with cyclone launcher. Wolf priest joins the large wolf guard squad and outflanks them. 5 wolfguards with combimeltas are in the second droppod.

My thoughts before the game:
I’m a deadman… Sorry, guys, I’ll loose this game hard, cause I have no chances against a droppod runeprist and a lot of rockets/dropmelta fire. Nevertheless I’ll try to do my best with the minis available!

My deployment:
I put 2 tervies on board, reserving all my other units! One tervie on the left flank in the forest, second terv on the right behind the impassible rock.

Warlord in reserve, Flyrant deepstrikes, Clawed tervie outflanks. Spores deepstrike.

My last hope is to seize the initiative, but I fail and prepare to receive a lot of pain. Nevertheless I smile like a fool to distract my opponent %)

Turn 1. SW+IG
Karachun drops a runepriest’s droppod 12 inches away from my right terv, disembarking melta within 12 inch, while runepriest is 13 inches away from terv.

Logan makes longfangs relentless and they move forward 3 inches through ruin.
Second longfang squad embark onto razorback and move forward.

JoTWW is successfully casted, I fail to DtW but terv shrugs off with a lucky initiative test! Nevertheless Tervie fails 2 saves from bolter fire and 1 melta cover, taking 3 wounds.
Longfangs try to put some pain into left terv, but only 2 are in range, they make 1 wound and I pass my cover save for forest. No wounds.
Manticore do nothing to my tervs, spending 1 missile.

No assaults. So, I take a deep breath, ready to strike back!

Turn 1. Tyranids
Karachun dropped to close to my tervies, so I spawn 15 and 10 gaunts with no doubles. Gaunts rush towards runepriest’s unit from both sides. I FnP the largest gaut unit and a wounded terv successfully!
Tervies get closer to give poison to gaunts.

I do no shooting not to spoil my charges!
Hunters use their standard to get rerolls and set for the charge)

Small gaunt squad charges first, taking no casualties from overwatch, so all 25 gaunts are in!
50 poisoned attacks results in 11 wounds. Karachun shows me a focus – he allocate all wounds to the terminator armoured guard. So 2+ with reroll 1’s. This mean that he fails only on double ones! What a hell! He makes all 11 saves with no casualties as a result!!!
I loose about 18 gaunts in a return… nevertheless, runepriest is locked in combat!

Karachun gets a First Blood as he killed all the gaunts from a 10-man squad!


Turn 2. SW+IG
Primaris casts Endurans on Logan.
Second droppod with meltagans come from reserve near the left tervie. Command squad comes too, but wolf priest fails to come.
Longfangs disembark, while Logan give preferred to his longfang squad.

5 meltashots at my left terv result in 2 wounds.
5 missiles add only 1 more wound. Disembarked longfangs miss, leaving me with two 3-wound tervies after 2 turns!
Manticore do not shoot to save some ammunition:)

Assault. 7 gaunts do nothing to grey hunters but only 6 gaunts die!!! Last gaunt keeps gray hunters locked. Not good for me, lucky runepriest!

Turn 2. Tyranids
All reserves are in!
I drop tyrant in the ruin near platoon, but he scatters to the board edge, staying out of range from logan and platoon. I see no other variants as to drop both gaunt spores near tyrant. They scatter too, so 1 squad is out of range, doh! Doom and last gaunt spore fall on the left flank between command squad, platoon and Logan! Much better!
Tervie comes from the right, near flyrant and gaunts.
Warlord fly to the forest near my marker to support tervies.
I FnP the Warlord, second FnP is failed. Tervigons spawn 7 and 14 gaunts with doubles both. Gaunts ready to assault runepriest’s unit.

Malanthai’s aura kills two from command squad. Then Cataclysm kills two from platoon (platoon goes to ground). Doom is 6-wound now.
Spore kills one more guardsmen from command squad – only 2 left.
Spore on the right flank explodes razorback, killing 4 gaunts. Tyrant and tervigon shoot down all the fangs on the right flank, so there are no target for one squad of scattered gaunts and they simply run to spread in anti-blast manner. Two devourer gaunts squads open up on platoon, killing all but five guardsmen in the ruin, including primaris.

Warlord guns down 3 meltaguards with devourer fire.
At the end of the phase Karachun pass all 3 Ld tests…

21 spawned gaunt assault the runepriest’s unit, while left tervie assault the last 2 meltaguards.
Gaunts kill 4 and lost half in return. Tervie uses SMASH and kill only one with no wounds in return, locking in combat with the last meltaguard.

Turn 3. SW+IG
Primaris Enfeebles my clawed tervigon, making it T5.
Wolf priest come from the left flank, near my marker.

Logan with longfangs go back to his marker and my dropped gaunts.

Doom kills two longfangs with his aura!
Droppods shoot at my warlord, but miss.
Wolfpriest and his guys do the same with preferred, do one wound, but tyrant pass the test.
Manticore try to instakill my clawef tervigon, rolls 3 shots, make 2 hits and 2 wounds… but I pass both saves!

Logan and 3 remaining longfangs assault gaunts and Doom, loose 1 fang to overwatch but roll high for charge range, so Logan is in BtB with Malan’thai, while fangs are in BtB with gaunts. Logan insta-kills Doom, while gaunts kill 1 longfang, loosing 2 gaunts in return. Gaunts fail to pass Ld 2 test and run 9 inches home:)
Runepriest’s unit lose 1 more marine, I lose a bunch of gaunts, the fight rages on!
Tervigon finishes the last meltaguard, taking one wound in return (2 wounds left).

Turn 3. Tyranids
Clawed Tervigon and Flyrant go T9. Both FnP’s and Enfeeble are dismissed by runepriest.
Gaunts regroup!! Ready to shoot down some guardsmen.
Rightmost terv find the gap to join the assault on runepriest.
Warlord swoops 20 inches into the ruin on the left. Flyrant glides a bit to see the Logan well.
Clawed terv makes it way to the opponent’s marker. Gaunts move the same way.

In shooting I finish all the guardsmen and the last longfang falls dead. No scoring units in my opponents deployment at this point!

Warlord kills a pair of wolfguards near my marker.

Tervigon with 3 wounds assaults the runepriest, shouting challenge. Runepriest accepts! Tervigon smashes but fails to hit. Runepriest fails to wound! Gaunts kill all nut 2 marines, a bunch of gaunts die.

Turn 4. SW+IG
Logan get closer to gaunts and spore.
Wolfpriest moves a little closer to my marker, but it’s not a 3-inch range yet (he needs this 3-inch cause my marker is a skyfire nexus!!!)

Wolfpriest finishes Tervigon near my marker, the death of a mommy kills one gaunt in a combat.
Manticore kills 9 gaunts from the closest squad.

Terminator with chainfist try to change runepriest in challenge, but fail. Runepriest fails to wound and is instakilled by tervigon. One more marine dies, as well as all but one gaunt. So, in combat are only 1 gaunt, 1 terminator and a tervigon now.
Logan assaults a spore and as he is a lucky dude, he strips only 2 wounds from spore, remaining in combat for one more phase!

Turn 4. Tyranids
Flyrant and clawed terv goes Iron arm again. Flyrant swoops to Manticore, while terv crawls forward to the enemy marker. Gaunts go the same way.
Warlord glides, just turning 180 degrees in the ruin.

Warlor kills a cyclone launcher-man with a precise shot and one more guard! Flyrant wrecks a manticore.

Tervigon takes one wound from a terminator and kill him at last! Gaunt and terv consolidate towards my marker.
Logan kills the spore, consolidating to my

Turn 5. SW+IG

Not much left – Logan, 2 Droppods, wolf priest 7-man unit.
Wolf priest scores my marker, a skyfier nexus!
Logan go for gaunts.

Wolfpriest unit strips one wound from tyrant (2 wounds left).
Droppods massacre the solo gaunt.

Logan wishes to assault gaunts, but roll 1,1 for range and assault fails.

We call the game at this point. We rolled a die for the continuation and the result is 2, so the game will end on turn 5, with the victory of tyranids!

We agree on a 14-6 points tyranids victory as a result for the game.

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