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вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

[1000+1000] Minsk Autumn - 2012 Game 3 - Tyranids+CSM vs BT+BA

 After two games I’m in the middle of the tourney table, so I have no chances to win the tourney, but a lot of chances to get a better standing after the last, third game.
My partner for the last game is Stalker, a good painter who rarely see the gaming table, so his list is not overpowered:

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

HQ 1: chaos lord (65), plasma pistol (15), aura of dark glory (15), axe of blind fury (35), mark of khorne (10) [140]

Troops 1: khorne berzerkers (105), 3*additional berzerker (3*19), 3*plasma pistol (3*15), lightning claw (15), melta bombs (5), icon of wrath (15), 8*veterans of the long war (8*1) in Transport 1 [250]

Troops 2: khorne berzerkers (105), 3*additional berzerker (3*19), 3*plasma pistol (3*15), lightning claw (15), melta bombs (5), icon of wrath (15), 8*veterans of the long war (8*1) in Transport 2 [250]

Troops 3: chaos cultists (50), 10*autogun (10*1) [60]

Heavy support 1: defiler (195), havoc launcher (5), twin-linked lascannon (20) [220]

Transport 1: chaos rhino (35), dozer blade (5) carries Troops 1 [40]

Transport 2: chaos rhino (35), dozer blade (5) carries Troops 2 [40]

Total: 1000 pts

Nevertheless, all his berserkers are nicely painted, so it’s pleasant to play with him:)

Our opponents are Ewgen and Paul. Paul is a candidate to become a ETC team member, so he is somewhat a competitive player.

Codex: Black Templars

HQ 1: emperor's champion (90), abhor the witch, destroy the witch (20) [110]

HQ 2: master of sanctity (110), power axe (15), artificer armour (20), frag grenades (1), melta bombs (5), sm bike (30), terminator honours (15) [196]

Elites 1: 5*terminator (5*40), 2*cyclone missile launcher (2*25), 5*tank hunter (5*3) [265]

Troops 1: 5*initiate (5*16), 5*bolt pistol, 5*ccw, missile launcher (10) [90]

Troops 2: 8*initiate (8*16), 8*bolter, flamer (6) in Transport 1 [134]

Fast attack 1: land speeder (50), typhoon missile launcher (20) [70]

Fasr attack 2: 3*initiate biker (3*32), 3*flamer (3*3) [105]

Transport 1: drop pod (30) carries Troops 2 [30]

Total: 1000 pts

Ewgen brought  adescent list of Blood angels wich fits well to the Pauls list:

Codex: Blood Angels

HQ 1: librarian (100), bolt pistol, force sword, blood lance (0), the sanguine sword (0), sm bike (35) [135]

Elites 1: furioso dreadnought (125), blood talons (0), heavy flamer (10) [135]

Troops 1: assault squad (100), meltagun (10), power fist (25) no jump packs (0) in Transport 1 [135]

Troops 2: assault squad (100), meltagun (10), power fist (25) no jump packs (0) in Transport 2 [135]

Fast attack 1: baal predator (115), sponsons with heavy bolters (30), searchlight (1) [146]

Fast attack 2: 2*attack bike (2*40), 2*multi-melta (2*10) [100]

Heavy support 1: predator (70), sponsons with lascannons (65), searchlight (1) [136]

Transport 1: razorback (55), twin-linked lascannon (35), searchlight (1), no jump pack discount (-35) carries Troops 1 [56]

Transport 2: razorback (55), searchlight (1), no jump pack discount (-35) carries Troops 2 [21]

Total: 999 pts

So, our opponents have the domination in firepower as well as speed. It must be an interesting game to play.

Primary Mission – Big Guns Never Tire (5 markers)
Secondary Mission – Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood
Deployment – Hammer and anvil

We won the roll off to choose side again, so there are 2 large ruins in our deployment zone – one on the left flang and one on the right. We put one marker in the right ruin, second – in the left ruin and third – behind the LOSblocking hill near left ruin. Our opponents set markers on the right in area terrain and in the center of their deployment zone behind the hill.

My partner’s warlord receives a “soul blaze” ability.
My tyrant receives a reroll reserves! I cannot remember our opponents traits.

My tyrants changes powers for biomancy and rolls 2 and 4 (Enfeeble and Life Leech).

We lost a roll-off for the first turn, but we rolled a nightfight wich is cool against a shooty opponents.

Bikers go to the left, while Terminators+predator+baal are on the right as close to our lines as possible.
Initiates with rocket launcher hide behind tanks in a ruin, lascannon razor is near them. Second razor is on the marker hiding behind the hill. Only a single drop pod is deepstriking.
We put a defiler in the rightmost ruin, on the marker (defiler is a scoring unit!). Tervigon is behind the hill on the left. Both rhinos are on the left out of 36 inch from their tanks. Cltists are in reserve, tyrant and spores are in deep strik and Ymgarls lay dormnant.

I fail to seize the initiative, so our opponents begin.

Turn 1. BA+BT

Baal Predator rushes forward to light up the defiler. Bikers come closer too, terminators take the middle of the table.

Baal lights up the defiler and all the enemy shooting goes there. 3 lascannons, 5 rockets and 2 autocannon shots…after 4+ cover saves only 1 lascannon penetrates, destroying a missile launcher. That’s all for shooting, he-he.

No assaults.

Turn 1. Tyranids+CSM

Tervigon FnPs himself, hiding behind the ruin.
Rhinos rush forward, throwing forth two squads of roaring berserkers…  who hide behind a hill.

Lascannon fails to pen a Baal. Berserkers run to get a better cover behind a hill.

No assaults.
Defiler regenerates lost hull point!

Turn 2. BT+BA

Drop pod fall into the ruin in the opponents deployment zone (they are afraid of Ymgarls!) and initiates spread across the ruin.
BA bikers line up to shhot at berserkers.
Baal shifts a little back to give cover for termies.

Lascannons go to defiler, doing completely nothing!
Bikers kill a pair of berserkers, as well as rockets kill a few.

That’s all for shooting!

No assaults.

Turn 2. Tyranids + CSM

Hivemind decides, that time to strike back has come! All the reserves come in (2+ with reroll, hehe).
Ymgarls awake near predator (it is really annoying at first, and it can give us a VP, second).
Tyrant Drops in the ruins corner in cover but out of range to shoot with his devourers.
2 spores drop in front of the tyrant, in Old Adversary range and within 18 inch of terminators! Those missiles are quite annoying too!
CSM shuffle a little here and there, moving rhinos forward.

Tervigon spawn a bunch of gants for scoring and give FnP to the tyrant.
Cultists come from reserve too, to help defiler with holding the right objective.

Defiler places a large plate over initiates with rocket launcher. The fun thing that defiler has LOS only on the 1 initiate with rocket, so after hit is rolled, that guy receives all 4 wounds and fails to save all of them. Razorback suddenly explodes too, being covered with blast and one more initiate dies in explosion. 5 assault marines disembarks.
23 dakkagaunts with preferred enemy bring down all 5 termies.

Ymgarls go +1A, exploding the Predator and loose 1 in explosion.

So, in 1 turn we destroyed all lascannons and rockets. It means, that our defiler is in safety now:)

Turn 3. BA+BT

Templar bikers rush forward, ready to burn my gaunts with flamers, while their commander drives back and joins the deep stroke squad.
On the right flank 3 initiates and 5 assault marines line up to shoot at Ymgarls. Dread comes closer to genestealers :)

I loose only 2 Ymgarls to bolter fire.
3 flamers burn all but 1 gaunt from the 13-man squad.
Baal kills a bunch of gaunts from the 10-man squad.


No assault.

Turn 3. Tyranids+CSM

Tyrant uses Enfeeble on biker, but they Deny  (5+ deny for Abhor the witch).
Defiler shifts to the right to have a better shot at marines near Ymgarls.
Berserkers draw their plasma pistols, rushing toward bikers, while gaunts go back, to the marker and cover.
Tervigon sends a bunch of gaunts to the back marker and crawls into the ruin with the second marker. It gives a FnP to Tyrant, who fly forward along the left flank to shoot down some nasty BA bikers.
Ymgarls are ready to punish some differently coloured space marines

Tyrant makes only a single wound to the attack bike.
Berserkers are much better at shooting and kill all 3 BT bikers.
Defiler rolled a “HIT” making both marines squad near Ymgarls to go to ground, but marines passed cover saves.

Ymgarl assault both marines squads with no overwatch or initiative penalty, hehe.
They go +1T and whipe 2 BT initiates and 1 assault marine from existence. Marines kill 1 Ymgarl in return. BA’s break free and run away, while two BT’s initiates hold.

We agreed that 4-th turn will be the last, as Ewgen had to go to the train station soon.

Turn 4. BA+BT

Speeder arrives at last!

Opponents decided to shoot down my tyrant with shooting and cut down Ymgarls with dread as they see no possibilities to win the objectives.
Dread come closer, everything lines up to shoot at tyrant.

Droppod at tyrant – no hits.
Initiates at tyrant – some hits, no wounds – passed test.
Baal at tyrant – 1 hit, 1 wound. Failed to save the wound, failed test, falled hard but took FnP from falling. 3 wounds remained.
Speeder at tyrant. 2 hits, 2 wounds, 1 saved thanks to FnP. 2 wounds left.
Bikers at tyrand. 1 hit, 1 wound, failed FnP. 1 wound left. He-he, he is alive!

Dread assaults Ymgarls. Genestealers die, takink all the initiates with them into the grave:)

Last turn 4. Tyranids+CSM
Defiler crawls a bit to the right from the ruin to try to snipe the speeder, Tyrant vector strikes the bikers, ending in the opponents deployment zone, resulting in 1 wound to libby.

Defiler fails to do anything to speeder. Tyrant do nothing to bikers with devourers.

The game ends. And we find out that… DEFILER MOVED OUT FROM THE OBJECTIVE 5 inch, while cultists are 6 inch from that objective. So, we hold only 2 objectives with tervi-gaunts, while our opponents hold 2 objectives with assault marines! Draw? Nope! We killed a predator and win Primary by 1 VP!
We also get the First blood and linebreaker, winning secondary.
Result is 17-3 in favor of Tyranids+CSM!

So, with 36 points I take 7th place. It may be funny, but I played 6 tourneys beforehand, taking 3,5,4,2,1,6 places. And this was my 7th tourney at which I took 7th place, he-he.

The Best Army prize goes to Johnny, my second round opponent.

Golio with an Eldar army takes First place and win the tourney with 2 major wins and a wipeout if I remember right:)

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