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вторник, 30 октября 2012 г.

[1000+1000] Minsk Autumn - 2012 Game 1 - Tyranids+GK vs Daemons+Orks

On 28 of October I participated in a 1000 pts tourney "Liberty Enlightening the World" (Minsk Autumn - 2012). It’s a series of all-comers tourneys with increasing point limit. It’s not a newbie party with unpainted models so all our sportsmen participated trying out different interesting concepts in 6th edition.

As it was planned to be a single 1000 pts tourney with a standard playing table, I decided to try a drop list with my favorite dakka-gaunts. Here is my list:

HQ 1: hive tyrant (170), 2*twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms (2*15), hive commander (25), old adversary (25), wings (60) [310]

Elites 1: 8*ymgarl genestealer (8*23) [184]

Troops 1: 13*termagant (13*5), 13*devourer (13*5) in Transport 1 [130]
Troops 2: 10*termagant (10*5), 10*devourer (10*5) in Transport 2 [100]
Troops 3: tervigon (160), adrenal glands (10), toxin sacs (10), catalyst (15) [195]

Transport 1: mycetic spore (40) carries Troops 1 [40]
Transport 2: mycetic spore (40) carries Troops 2 [40]

Total: 999 pts

Tyrant for speed, distraction, reserve bonuses and Old Adversary for gaunts, Tervigon for scoring, gaunts as anti-infantry and Ymgarls as anti-transport in general. The idea is that I can deploy only Tervigon, holding all my other army in reserve, or deploy only Ymgarls (who can go to ground in terrain) and outflank tervigon for example… All the others deliver the killing blow to the enemy, removing the key unit from opponents army. I playtested the list and got 8 wins from 8 games, so I was a bit overconfident about the list:)

But as we arrived the bad thing happened – our terrain 12”x12” pieces were lost, leaving us with only 7 tables available for 20 players. The Judge decided to run a double tourney as a result, 2 players each side with random ally and random opponents! What a hell!

In a minute I realized that I play in pair with Domovoy, a great guy from Vitebsk. He brought great looking Grey Knights army:

Codex: Grey Knights

HQ 1: ordo xenos inquisitor (25) [25]

Troops 1: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) in Transport 1 [115]
Troops 2: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) in Transport 3 [115]
Troops 3: gk strike squad (100), psycannon (10), justicar nemesis force halberd (5) [115]

Heavy support 1: nemesis dreadknight (130), heavy incinerator (30), nemesis greatsword (25), personal teleporter (75) [260]
Heavy support 2: dreadnought (115), 2*twin-linked autocannon (10+5), psybolt ammunition (5) [135]
Heavy support 3: dreadnought (115), 2*twin-linked autocannon (10+5), psybolt ammunition (5) [135]

Transport 1: razorback (45), psybolt ammunition (5) carries Troops 1 [50]
Transport 2: razorback (45), psybolt ammunition (5) carries Troops 2 [50]

Total: 1000 pts

Our opponents armies:

F9SSS is my good friend decided to try out a dual Bloodthirster list:

Chaos Daemons

HQ 1: bloodthirster (250), unholy might (20), instrument of chaos (5) [275]
HQ 2: bloodthirster (250), unholy might (20) [270]

Elites 1: 3*flamers of tzeentch (3*23), pyrocaster (5) [74]

Troops 1: 5*pink horror of tzeentch (5*17), bolt of tzeentch (10) [95]
Troops 2: 5*pink horror of tzeentch (5*17), bolt of tzeentch (10) [95]
Troops 3: 5*pink horror of tzeentch (5*17), bolt of tzeentch (10) [95]
Troops 4: 5*pink horror of tzeentch (5*17), bolt of tzeentch (10) [95]

Total: 999 pts

His partner is Talisman, with wagon Orks:

Codex: Orks

HQ 1: big mek (35), power klaw (25), kustom force field (50), cybork body (10), 'eavy armour (5) [125]

Elites 1: 10*lootas (10*15) [150]
Elites 2: 10*lootas (10*15) [150]

Troops 1: 16*boy (16*6), nob (10), power klaw (25), bosspole (5) [136]
Troops 2: 16*boy (16*6), nob (10), power klaw (25), bosspole (5) [136]
Troops 3: 10*gretchin (10*3), runtherd (10) [40]

Heavy support 1: battlewagon (90), deff rolla (20), armour plates (10), boarding plank (5), big shoota (5) [130]
Heavy support 2: battlewagon (90), deff rolla (20), armour plates (10), boarding plank (5), big shoota (5) [130]

Total: 997 pts

Primary Mission – Scouring
Secondary Mission – Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood
Deployment – Vanguard strike

We win the roll off to choose side, so there are 2 large ruins in our deployment zone. We set 3 markers in our corner, while opponents set 1 marker in the middle and 2 markers on our right flank, where they will try to make a push:)

My partner’s warlord receives a Stealth in a ruins trait, which is cool as we have a plenty of ruins on the table. All other traits is of no interest.
My tyrants changes powers for biomancy and rolls 4 and 6 – crap.
No nightfight for the first turn.

We win the roll to go first, so I deploy only tervigon behind the ruin on the right and reserve all others (Ymgarls lay dormant).
Domovoy reserves the dreads and put his Dreadknight on the left flank, while 2 razorbacks and strikes are in the center ruin near our corner of the table.

One squad of enemy lootas is spread between three levels of a ruin on the left, second squad is on the right behind the fence. Two wagons with boyz and Mek are in front of second lootas, on the right, close to my Tervigon.

We turn the markers. We have 8 points of markers in our corner to 7 points in opponents. So, It’s enough just to hold the line:)

Opponents failed to seize and we begin!

Turn 1. GK+Tyranids
Three warp quakes and FnP for Tervigon is all our casting.
Razorbacks hide behind a ruin, out of lootas LOS, as well as strikes.
Tervigon is out of LOS from 1 lootas squad, I spawn 16 gaunts with double and move gants forward to tarpit Bloodthirsters if they manage to get close.
Dreadknight uses teleporter and jumps close to the left lootas ruin.

Shooting. We try to take the First Blood with Heavy incinerator. 3 lootas die in flames but they pass Ld 7 morale check.

No assaults:)

Turn 1. Daemons+Orks

Both bloodthirsters and 2 units of horrors come into play. Thirsters drop in the center of the table with dual HIT rolled. Horrors drop on the left to give Dreadknight some bolts in the back.
Wagons drive toward my tervigon 12 inches.

Shooting. Lootas, wagons and horrors opens up on Dreadknight. I see my partner rolls a snake eyes on firs two saves and go to take a deep breath. After dust settles, the mighty Dreadknight still alive with a single wound left!
Boyz from the closest wagon opens up on gaunts, killing three.
Thirsters run 2d6 each toward our corner.

No assaults.

Turn 2. GK+Tyranids
Tyrant, 13 gaunts and Ymgarls come from reserve with both dreadnaughts!
Ymgarls pop from the center ruins, near both horrors squads! Surprise!
Gaunts drops between two lootas squads, having a clear shot at 10-man lootas blob. Tyrant stays near my tervigon to help with closest bloodthirster.
Dreadnaughts come on the left to take a shot at the wagons side armor.

Gaunts stretch out in a line to try to shoot and, possibly assault a closest thirster and have a poison from tervigon in the same time. I made a mistake here, cause I roadblocked my terv and not remove him further away from wagons.
I FnP the Flyrant, cause without lootas he must rock!
Dreadknight goes for closest wagon (or it’s embarked green meat).

Shooting. Tyrant do 1 wound to Thirster, but he passes test. Gaunts make him pass one more test. Tervigon shoots with no hits. Razorbacks force him to make two more tests, one of which he fails finally and falls, taking one more wound.
Dreadnaughts shoot at closest wagon, making 3 pens after force field cover saves. Domovoy rolls 3 dice and we see 1,1,2 for pens… Nothing. 1 HP left.
Gaunts kill 8 lootas right away, while Dreadknight fails to take off last HP from the closest wagon with incinerator.
Lootas pass LD 7-1=6 test!!!

Assault. Gaunts roll a lot for charge. Thirster strikes first, killing three. Gaunts pile in and are 7 inch from Tervigon, meaning no poison, so they do nothing, but lock.

Dreadknight fails his assault on wagon, rolling 2+1.
Ymgarls assault both horrors squads, loosing two to overwatch in spite of +1T mutation. I roll badly, loosing 1 and killing 1, striking last. We pile in.


Turn 2. Daemons+Orks
One more horrors arrives, scattering towards the central marker and dreadknights back.
Unengaged thirster vector strikes our strike squad on the marker, killing 3.
Both ork blobs disembark 6 inch towards my tervigon on the objective.

Orks declare WAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Ready for a charge.
One wagon heads for my gaunts. One of them tankshocks my gaunts and their spore. Gaunts pass morale and I loose a spore and a bunch of gaunts. (Judge denied to use SMASH on death or glory, so spore just ripped to pieces with ease). 

Second wagon heads somewhere towards the center for unknown reason.

Lootas and wagons opens on Dreadknight but fails to pass 2+ armor. It is Horrors, who bolts the mighty knight down.  That’s all for their shooting.

(A bad thing happens at this moment. Judge denies us to play third round, cause we have problems with time due to some confusion with table in the beginning. I see 5 strikes on our 3-point marker, Tervigon on second 1-point marker. Opponents have only horrors, who luckily scattered within 3 inch of a 3-point central marker).

Closest boyz need 5 inch to charge in and they roll 8 in spite of difficult terrain. After they wrap the tervigon, the second squad need 10 inch to charge in through difficult terrain… and they make it!!!

First, Ymgarls slay 4 horrors with no losses. Then Thirster breaks free, killing all the gaunts (he is on the ground, which is cool if we had next turn).

So, return to the terv. I shout out a challenge and one Nob with Power claw refuses. So, 29 boyz do 116 attacks, meaning 12 wounds. I fail a half… loosing a 1-point marker.

The game ends with a result 3-17 in favor of Orcs and Daemons. We lost primary (markers) and secondary (both have linebreaker, none Slay The warlord, but we lost First blood). So, I go to the very bottom of the tourney table to meet with the Belarus ETC team captain there:)

To be continued!

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