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суббота, 29 декабря 2012 г.

Brothers in Arms - 2012. Game 4 - vs Dirg (IG+SW)

We awaited to be paired with Kavabunga team, but judges paired us with team “Anklav” from Saint Pietersburg. Pietersburg teams are very positive overall – players are comfortable, interesting lists and at the same time they are highly competitive!
Let’s look at my pairings estimations for team Anklav:

Orcs - 6
Necrons - 8
DE - 8
IG/SW - 12
CSM/Necrons - 14
Eldar/DE – 12

I cannot remember exactly the pairing process, but I attacket the IG/SW army – the pairing that is a bit better then a draw for me. Captain awaited a solid victory from me, so I prepaired to fight hard. My opponent is Dirg – he is actually is very kind and comfortable player with wide smile – when you play with someone like Dirg you relax, cause the game is absolutely transparent and honest. Nevertheless, his list is not comfortable for my army.

Vladislav "Dirg" Trofimovsky
Primary Detachment: Imperial Guards

HQ1: Company Command Squad (50) with 4 Plasma Gun (4*15) in Transport1 [110]

Troops1: Veteran Squad (70) with 6 Shotguns (free), 3 Meltagun (3*10) in Transport2 [100]
Troops2: Veteran Squad (70) with 6 Shotguns (free), 3 Meltagun (3*10) in Transport3 [100]
Troops3: Veteran Squad (70) with 3 Plasma Gun (x3) (3*15) in Transport4 [115]

Fast attack1: 1 Vendetta Squadron (1*130) [130]
Fast attack2: 1 Vendetta Squadron (1*130) [130]

Heavy Support1: 1 Leman Russ Executioner (190) with Sponson Plasma Cannons (40) [230]
Heavy Support2: Manticore Rocket Launcher(160) with Heavy Flamer (free) [160]
Heavy Support3: Hydra Battery with 2 Hydra Flak Tanks (2*75) [150]

Transport1: Chimera (55) with Heavy Flamer (free) transport HQ1 [55]
Transport2: Chimera (55) with Heavy Flamer (free) transport Troops1 [55]
Transport3: Chimera (55) with Heavy Flamer (free) transport Troops2 [55]
Transport4: Chimera (55) with Heavy Flamer (free) transport Troops3 [55]

Fortification: Aegis Defence Lines (50) with Comms relay (20) [70]

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves

HQ1: Rune Priest (100) with Melta Bombs(5), Chooser of the Slain(10), Runic Armour(20), PsyPowers: Living Lightning; Murderous Hurricane [135]

Troops1: 8 Grey Hunters Pack (8*15) with Power Weapon(15), Meltagun(5), Wolf Standard(10), Mark of the Wulfen(15) in Transport1 [165]
 Transport1: Rhino (35) transport Troops1 [35]

His roster is not optimal for someone’s taste – he has runepriest without Jaws and 2 hydras which is not pleasant for me personally. He also has a plasma tank that is somewhat I have no good answer to.

We play Scouring (3 obj) mission at Dawn of War deployment.

My dice are on fire and I start to win every roll off:

I win the roll to choose side and take one with 2 forests on the left flank. I put my 2 markers there.
Dirg put his Aegis in the center of his deployment zone and his objective behind the Aegis.

Traits. I get reserve rerolls as well as Dirg – it’s useless for him with a comms relay:)

Flyrant get Iron Arm, Warlord find endurance. Tervigons and Doom keep their codex powers.
I win the roll off to go first and I roll the night fight for the turn 1.

Deployment. I put all tervies and flyrants in the forest on the left flank.
Dirg deploy his army in a wall of steel, from left to the right: empty chimera – tank – chimera with melta-veterans – chimera with command squad – rhino with wolfs – empty chimera. Hydras are on the far right in the corner, Vendettas are in reserve with two veteran squads on board.

Dirg fails to seize and I start.

Turn 1. Tyranids
Mysterios objectives are of no interest, but mysterious forests in my deploy are IRONBARK!!! Yahoo! 3+ cover for my monsters!
Flyrant gets T9, warlord get Endurance and they swoop forward, to the front forest edge and stay in cover but within shooting range.
Tervigons move forward with FnP – no spawning.

Shooting. My dices rock and I wreck the empty chimera despite of nightfight – there were about 9 penetrating results for both tyrants! I get First Blood!

Turn 1. IG+SW
Dirg focus my Warlord. Minimal movement and pivoting…

Shooting. Chimerae at warlord – hit – no wounds – test successful – lighted him up with searchlight.
Hydras at warlord – hit – 3 wounds – test successful – all saved.
Second chimera – hit – wound -  – test successful – all saved.
Third chimera – hit – no wounds – test successful.
Rhino at warlord – hit – no wounds – test successful.
Runepriest at warlord – hit – wound – test successful – all saved.
Lasguns at warlord – hit – no wounds – test successful.

My dices laugh at my opponent – I’m shocked, Dirg depressed.
Plasma tank shoot at tervigon and make a wound despite 2+ cover and FnP! Weird dices!

Turn 2. Tyranids
2+ with reroll means that everything is on from reserves.
Both flyrants get FnP, flyrant is T7 now. Front terv get FnP too.
12 gaunt spore drops near hydras. Two other gant spores drop near the left edge of the Aegis. I try to drop the Doom between the chimeras and board edge, but mishap and return to reserve (cool! Doom will arrive after I pop up some transports for him!)
Flyrants swoop to the enemy board edge and hide behind the wrecked chimera. Tervigons spawn gants without doubles. 2 larger broods rush forward, smallest hide in the backfield.

Shooting. Warlord wrecks manticore, Flyrant wrecks command squad chimera. Spore and gants wreck the veterans chimera. On the right flank spore and gants wreck one hydra and strip a HP from the second. Veterans and command squad bail out to the small square behind the transports (I wanted to drop Doom there to prevent this). Last dakkagants brood just run to spread in antiblast fashion.

Turn 2. IG+SW
Both vendettas come in on the right flank, near hydras.
Rightmost chimera drive to the right to toast some gants.

Vendettas focus flyrant. 6 shots = 1 wound and 2 successful tests.
Command squad and veterans – at the same target = 1 more wound and 2 more successful tests (11 tests in a raw!!!).
Plasmatank has the only option – to splat some gants. I loose 10 gants from a 13-man squad.
On the right chimera flame out all but 2 gants, who fail Ld and run 12 inches.
Runepriest fails to cast hurricane at gants.

No assaults.

Turn 3. Tyranids
Doom lands just in front of the Aegis within 4 inches from Vets and Command squad!
Flyrant get T8 and swoop to the Manticore wreckage, near rhino. Warlord swoops to the rhino soft back armor.
I spawn 3 more gant broods without doubles and they spread on objectives with 2 tervigons. Forward terv move a bit closer to enemy.

Shooting. Doom soaks up 3 models and kill 2 more with Cataclysm and becomes 7W as a result. Flyrant finish off the command squad (Slay The Warlord!). My warlord explodes the rhino, killing one hunter in the process:)

No assaults.

Turn 3. IG+SW
Chimera on the right tankshocks spore to death.
Vendettas zoom towards my objectives. Wolfs go for Doom.

Shooting. Hydra do nothing to my wounded flyrant. Test successful again!
3 veterans shot at flyrant with 1 plasma and 1 grenade. All hit! All wound! I fail 1 cover and 1 armor save first and then I fail both FnP and loose my flagrant o_O
Plasmatank continue his gaunt-hunting and kill 7 more devourer gants. Last chimera kills one of two remaining gants on the right.
Vendettas turbo-boosts towards my objectives.

Assault. Runepriests squad assault Doom. Doom challenges and priest accepts. I take my saves, and priest takes a wound!

Turn 4. Tyranids
Warlord swoops after the vendettas. Last gant on the right is in synapse and immediately regroups.
Tervigons burrow on my objectives, surrounded by three circles of gants each.
Third terv get FnP and go for runepriest with 2 squads of gants.

Shooting. Doom soaks up 5 hunters and is W10 now! Warlord wrecks zooming vendetta and all but 2 passangers die in explosion.

Assault. 15 gants assault hunters. Some gaunts die, others finish the last hunters. Doom get a wound from runepriest, who activates his force weapon with 1,1 on test – they die both at the same moment! Epic! Gants consolidate closer to the enemy objective.

Turn 4. IG+SW
Last vendetta fly off from the table.
Plasmatank drive back from tervigon.

Shooting. Tank shoot down a bunch of gants near enemy objective. Hydra fails to bring down the last gant on the right flank.

No assaults.

Turn 5. Tyranids
Front tervigon gets to the Aegis, ready to assault tank.
Warlord glides back to meet returning vendetta.
Gants step onto the wrecjed chimera and on the enemy objective.

Shooting. Warlord strip a single HP from the last chimera.

Assault. Tervigon needs 3 for charge, but rolls 2, of course!

Turn 5. IG+SW
We agreed it to be the last turn. Opponent has no chances to pull a draw, so he just try to get some VPs.
Vendetta arrives on the right.

Shooting. My luck is over. Vendetta and plasma tank strip all 6 wounds from my frony tervigon despite of FnP. Death of the tervigons kills all the gants on the enemy objective in one go.
Hydra, finally, kills the last gant on the right flank.

We call the game at this point.

Tyranids victory 16-4!

Other team members did with different success and we got a draw as a result. So, our team has 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss before the last round of the tourney.

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