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четверг, 27 декабря 2012 г.

Brothers in Arms - 2012. Game 2 - vs Stepan

After a solid victory in the first game our team is paired with another powerful team – Forces of Order. Actually, everybody called this team “Stepan’s team” cause one team member was most famous Russian WAAC player Stepan.
Our captain lost the roll-off and sent Daemon to be the first defender. Aeris attacked Daemon wis his dual-LR list. Stepan stood as the first opponent’s defender. Let’s look at my pairing estimations:

DE - 2
SM (Aeris) - 8
SW - 6
Eldar/DE - 14
Necrons - 14
BA/SW (Stepan) – 16

So, Johnny had an easy job to send me into attack on Stepan.

“Sorry, no battle report here”

Due to some personal circumstances, Stepan had to miss the game and I took a technical victory of 20-0 points.

After this news, our team relaxed so much that everybody failed to gain even a draw!!! Only Daemon took 11 points (a solid draw) while 4 others lost hard and as a result our team lost this round! Epic!

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