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четверг, 27 декабря 2012 г.

Brothers in Arms - 2012. Game 1 - vs GK+BA

This post is a little different to others – I wrote it first in Russian and now I’ll try to translate it into English:)

I’m not going to waste your time any more and start with the first round pairings. We play Emperor’s Will at Dawn of War deployment. Our opponent is team “Milleniums of war” – this guys are not newbies and have a strong team composition. My pairing estimations for all opponents was as follows:

Eldar - 6
DE/Eldar - 6
CSM - 16
Tyranids - 12
GK/BA - 12
Tau/SM - 15

Our team captain decides that the best option for my hive-fleet is to attack the GK/BA defender. This pairing is not the best for other team members and quite positive for me. So, my first round opponent is Imper – I found him to be a great guy! Here is his list:

Alexander Bashir (Imper)

1 Inquisitor Coteaz (HQ) @ 100 Pts
1 Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (HQ) @ 55 Pts - Chainsword; Bolt Pistol; Carapace Armour; Hammerhand

1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 112 Pts 3 Inquisitorial Servitors @ [60] Pts - Plasma Cannon (x3) 1 Psykers @ [10] Pts 3 Warrior Acolytes @ [42] Pts - Plasma Gun (x3); Laspistols / Chainswords
1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 82 Pts 3 Inquisitorial Servitors @ [30] Pts -Heavy Bolter (x3) 1 Psykers @ [10] Pts
3 Warrior Acolytes @ [42] Pts - Plasma Gun (x3); Laspistols / Chainswords
1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 52 Pts 1 Psykers @ [10] Pts 3 Warrior Acolytes @ [42] Pts - Plasma Gun (x3); Laspistols / Chainswords
1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 52 Pts 1 Psykers @ [10] Pts 3 Warrior Acolytes @ [42] Pts - Plasma Gun (x3); Laspistols / Chainswords
1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 52 Pts 1 Psykers @ [10] Pts 3 Warrior Acolytes @ [42] Pts - Plasma Gun (x3); Laspistols / Chainswords
1 Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (Troops) @ 12 Pts 3 Warrior Acolytes @ [12] Pts - Laspistols / Chainswords

1 Stormraven Gunship (Fast Attack) @ 205 Pts  - Twin Lascannon; Twin Multi-melta

1 Dreadnought (Heavy Support) @ 136 Pts - Twin Autocannon (x2); Psybolt Ammunition; Searchlight
1 Dreadnought (Heavy Support) @ 136 Pts - Twin Autocannon (x2); Psybolt Ammunition; Searchlight
1 Dreadnought (Heavy Support) @ 136 Pts - Twin Autocannon (x2); Psybolt Ammunition; Searchlight

1 Mephiston (HQ) (BA) @ 250 Pts

9 Assault Squad (Troops) (BA) @ 190 Pts - Jump Packs 1 Space Marine Sergeant @ [28] Pts - Bolt Pistol; Chainsword

3 Attack Bike Squad (Fast Attack) (BA) @ 150 Pts  - Multi-melta (x3); Space Marine Bike

4 Devastator Squad (Heavy Support) (BA) @ 130 Pts - Missile Launcher (x4) 1 Space Marine Sergeant @ [26] Pts - Bolt Pistol; Boltgun

Before game analysis:
Assault squad is not scoring according to the tourney rules (yellow allyes) and my plan is to cut down all the scoring henchmen with my dakkagaunts and dakkaflyrants. I’m going to ignore dreads, Mephiston and bikes as long as possible:)

I win the roll off to choose side and take one with large forest on the right. I place my objective there.

Imper put his marker on the right too, behind the hill.

Traits. I get reserve rerolls, while Coteaz receives +1 charge range.

Psy-powers. Both flyrants teceive Iron Arm, One terv finds out Endurance, Doom takes Psychic screech, while 2 tervigons saves theirs FnP.
Coteaz receives reroll to-hits and overwatch at full BS.

Table. I have a large forest on the right, a ruin in the center of the table – that’s the main objects involved in action.

I do not actually remember, wether I won the roll to go first, but I deployed first. We roll the nightfight for the first turn.

I place 5 monsters in the forest. Spores are in reserve.

Imper places assault squad as a living wall stretched from the center and on the right flank. 3 dreads are at the very table edge. Coteaz and Meph are in the center. Devastators on the left. 5 henchmen squads are behind the assault squad, while bikers are on the right, on his objective. StormRaven, carrying a small henchmen squad is in reserve.

No seize and I start!

Turn 1. Tyranids
We roll for mysterious objectives. Mine is nothing, while opponent has Skyfire Nexus!!! To my luck, his henchmen are a little far from it to use first turns. We roll for mystic forest and It’s a terrible forest that forces each unit inside to pass Ld test on 3d6. If fail, a unit hits himself! Urrrgh! My monsters rushes away from the forest at top speed!
Both flyrants receive +1T and FnP. They swoop into central ruin and hide in cover.

Shooting. One tervigon is still in the forest but passes Ld test!
Warlord shoot down one assault marine, while Flyrant wipes out a 5-man henchmen squad! First Blood!

Turn 1. GK+BA
Bikers rushes the right flank – that’s all for movement.

Shooting. Bikers strip two wounds from the rightmost tervigon. The first dread shoot my Flyrant to the ground, but he passes both armor save and FnP, taking no wounds. All the other guns shoot at the same target and after the dust settles he is alive with only 1 wound taken!

Turn 2. Tyranids
Tyrants get +3T each!! Wounded one get Endurance, while wounded terv get FnP.
Everybody arrives from reserve, thanks to 2+ with rerolls.
I try to avoid Coteaz 12” range and Doom scatters too far from enemy, close to the central ruin. The first spore scatters the same way. I decide to be more aggressive and drop two remaining spores almost in the face of Coteaz, but, happily 13 and 15 inches away from him:)
Tervigons spawn 2 large broods and 1 small. Large broods rush forward!
Flyrant swoops to the left, while warlord swoops to the right to support both gaunt broods.

Shooting. Doom fails Psychic screech due to reinforced Aegis on the Dreads. Scattered gaunts run to spread in antiblast fashion.
Leftmost tyrant shoot down large henchmen squad and kills all nut inkvizitor. Two devilgaunt broods shoot down the Cotez squad, bringing me Slay the Warlord!
My warlord shoot down one more small henchmen squad.

No assaults, but my Flyrant regenerates a wound thanks to It will not Die!

So, my opponent has only 1 scoring unit left on the table and one in reserve.

Turn 2. GK+BA
StormRaven comes on the left flank.
Meph and assault marines rushes forward to kill some bugs. Bikers drive back – they fear my spawned gaunts:)

Shooting. Opponent mistaked thinking that he has a BA stormraven and shot 2 bloodstrike missiles, lascannon and melta at my flyrant, stripping him off two wounds.
Dakkadreads instakill Doom and force tyrant to pass another test… but he stays in the air:)
Henchmen shoot down some devilgaunts as well as bikers.

Assault. Meph assault middle devilgaunt pack, while assault squad jumps on the remaining gaunts from the rightmost squad. Meph kills one and locks in combat, while assault marines loose 1 to overwatch and 1 more in assault and wipe the gaunt squad right away. Assault marines consolidate a little and are now right in front of my army.

The desposition is quite positive for me. Meph locked himself in gants, while assault marines are not locked – great!

Turn 3. Tyranids
Tyrants and tervigons buff again. Tervies spawn 3 gaunt broods. 2 of them go to make friends with Meph, two small gaunt broods surround my objective.

Shooting. Last dakkagaunt brood wipe out last henchmen squad. Flyrant kill inkvizitor right away, while warlord shred assault marines to pieces with devourers.

Assault. 2 spawned gaunt broods assault Meph, do him a wound and lock.

So, opponent has only one scoring unit left. I have 2 tervies and 3 gant broods on my marker. Imper is not broken and want to try to make the game a draw… let’s see what happened.

Turn 3. GK+BA
One dread goes for middle devilgaunts, bikers stay near his marker. Stormraven zooms closer to my marker!

Shooting. Combined shooting from stormraven and dreads kill me a full terv on my marker, killing a bunch of gants in addition!

Assault. Dread assaults gants and lock. Meph kills some gants…

Turn 4. Tyranids
I still have a tervigon and 3 gant broods on the marker. They castle up around.
A small gaunt brood straggle near opponent marker, but there are two dreads and bikers who deny them that objective.
Both flyrants swoops backwards to shoot at StormRaven.

Shooting. Tyrants wreck the flyer and it Crush and Burn – all the passangers die in explosion!

Assault. Meph and dread kill some gants…

Turn 4. GK+BA
Dreads shot at my terv on objective, stripping him off 2 wounds.

We call the game at this point as we have run out of time and nothing seem to change if we continue.

The result is Tyranids victory both on primary and secondary objectives. We calculate losses and it looks like a draw, so the resulting score is 16-4 in favor of tyranids!

After the game I found out that our captain changed my estimation for this game from 12 to 16! This is what I call “a wise captain”!

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