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пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

Brothers in Arms - 2012. Game 3 - vs Xellos (Daemons)

After one win and one loss we are somewhere in the middle of the tourney table. We awaited to be paired with some newbies but the reality was different. Our third pairing was ZBS TEAM – a team with Xellos as a captain.
We lost the captains roll off again and Daemon is our first defender for this round. CSM/Daemons army attacks Daemon and opponents put Xellos with chaos daemons army as their first defender. Let’s look at my pairings estimations:

Chaos Daemons (Xellos) - 14
BA - 8
CSM/Chaos Daemons (attacks Daemon) - 16
Necrons - 12
DE - 6
Tau/Eldar – 14

It’s obvious that I attack Xellos with my tyranids:)

It’s a wonder that before the tourney we had a conversation with Xellos about screamer’s sweep attacks and swooping tyrants – and Xellos was the only daemon opponent I met at this tourney:)

His army list:

Maxim Ogorodcev, Xellos the Stranger
Chaos Daemons

HQ1 : Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch [333 pts]
HQ2 : Lord of Change (250 pts) with Master of Sorcery (10 pts) [260 pts]

Elite1 : 7 Flamers of Tzeentch [161 pts]
Elite2 : 6 Flamers of Tzeentch [138 pts]

Troop1 : 5 Plaguebearers [75 pts]
Troop2 : 5 Plaguebearers [75 pts]
Troop3 : 6 Pink Horrors (85) with Bolt of Change (10), the Changeling [117 pts]
Troop4 : 5 Pink Horrors (85) with Bolt of Change (10) [95 pts]

FA1 : 5 Screamers of Tzeentch [125 pts]
FA2 : 6 Screamers of Tzeentch [150 pts]

HS1 : Soul Grinder (135) with Phlegm (25) [160 pts]
HS2 : Soul Grinder (135) with Phlegm (25) [160 pts]

Mission – Scouring.
DeploymentVanguard strike

I don’t actually remember, who won the roll off but a got the corner with a single rock in it, where a put all my markers. Xellos put his markers as far as possible from mine.

Traits. I got the outflank reroll, Xellos got something useless.
Psychic powers:
Doom got psychic shreek, Warlord got warp speed, Flyrant got nothing useful. One terv found Warp speed and Endurance, two tervigons kept their codex powers.

I lost the roll off for the first turn and Xellos chooses to go first.
We rolled the nightfight for the first turn.

Deployment. I place all 3 tervs between the rock and table corner. Warlord is in reserve, flyrant – is in deepstrike as well as spores do.

Before game analysis:
Yes, Xellos can try to drop flamers close to tervs with a high chances of mishap. Overall I do not sure that tervs will live after to turns of beating, but my alfa strike has enough firepower to take their points back on my turn 2.

I fail to seize and Xellos begin.

Turn 1. Daemons
The right wave get’s in – 2 Grinders, 2 flamer squads, horrors and Fate!
Xellos do not risk with his flamers and drop near the center of the table. Fate and one flamers scatters to the right a bit. Horrors take the center, first grinder drops to the left of my tervigons. Second grinder tryes to go close too, nut mishaps on horrors and I put him myself – on the far-far right, one leg in the forest, but he passes the test.

Shooting. Fate and Grinders run towards my tervigons, while flamers run towards Fate.

So, the first turn is positive for me. All my tervies are alive and I have some possibilities to use powers and make a countercharge. My plan is to hide one terv in assault with flamers, while screening the Grinder with gants and keep two remaining tervs out of second flamer’s range – this tactics can bring me to turn 2 without any losses!

Turn 1. Tyranids
I spawn 2 large broods of gants. One brood screen the path for Grinder, second brood goes for rightmost flamers.
Rightmost terv get Warp Speed and rush to try to assault the flamers. Other two tervs try to get to the corner and hide from flamers. One of them get’s FnP as well as WarpSpeeded one.

Shooting. I do not shoot at flamers to enchance my chances for charge. My other 2 tervs run 1 and 2 inches – not enough to get out of the flamer’s range.
Assault. I assault flamers with gants. 7 die to overwatch, but 5 remains and are able to make their charge. Tervigon needs 6 to make his charge. I roll 5 then reroll and see 5 again! Fail!!!
5 gants do 1 wound to flamers. 7 flamers hit 5 times, wound 5 times and I fail all 5 armor saves and loose all 5 gants!!! FAIL!!! Flamers consolidate closer to toast some tervigon meat…

Turn 2. Daemons
Plagbearers, horrors and both screamer units arrive, only Lord remains in reserve.
Plagues drop on the far markers. Others drop safely near the center of the table.
Fate swoops over my terv, but fales to wound on his vector strike.
Flamers form a gunline in front of my tervigons… an unpleasant scenery for my bugs.

Shooting. Flamers open up at tervs… a lot of dices, not many wounds and some good FnP rolls mean that I loose the tervigon without FnP completely and two other got 2 and 3 wounds, but they are alive! Yahoo!!
Screamers sweep the gants, but kill only 4 bugs. After all the moves, Fate is in my corner of the table and screamers are right near him – they think they are protected from bugs, ha-ha!

No assaults.

So, I’ve lost First blood and 1 terv, but I steel have 2 tervigons and they are able to spawn! Not bad!

Turn 2. Tyranids
Every tyranid unit arrives from reserve for revenge!
I drop Doom first and it lands right between two flamer squads. Cool. Next goes flyrant who deepstrikes near the middle of the table – I have no necessity to risk. I drop two spores with gants near flyrant, but one flies to the right. I drop the last spore on the left, at the back of Grinder, but it scatters to the grinder’s side – no shots at the rear armor. Warlord take position near the right scattered gaunt pack to prowide Preferred enemy to them.
Tervigons provide me again with 2 large gant broods, one with doubles. Gants surround the screamers. The largest gant brood gets FnP as well as the most wounded tervigon.
The remaining gants from the first spawn goes to roadblock the grinder.

Shooting. Doom soaks up 3 flamers!!! It’s obvious that without Fate 2 devil gant brood’s shooting wipe out all the remaining flamers.
Last devilgaunt brood with the support of the spawned gants kill 4 screamers.
Warlord wipes full horror pack, while flyrant kills all horrors from the second pack but the changeling survives.

Assault. Gaunts with tervigon support assault screamers and kill all but one.

So, my alfa strike is devastating. I removed flamers, all but one screamers and all but 1 horrors – not bad! Xellos looks a bit frustrated at this point.

Turn 3. Daemons
Lord do not come again.
Plagues capture two objectives (1 and 4 points).
Grinder on the far right comes a bit closer. Fate glides to my wounded terv.

Shooting. Left grinder roasts 11 of 12 devil gaunts. Rightmost grinder kills 8 of 13 from the rightmost squad.

Assault. Fate charges my terv and they exchange blows with no results.
Gants bring down the last screamer and go for Fate.

Turn 3. Tyranids
Tyrants swoops to the enemy objectives, devilgaunts go for objectives. Tervigons get FnP and spawn 1 more gaunt brood. Doom and 3 gant broods prepare to assault Fate.

Shooting. Fate passed Ld from Spirit leech. Flyrant wipe the changeling, warlord strip all but one hullpoints from leftmost grinder. Mycetic spores with deathspitters finish off the last hull point!! Yahoo! The deathspitters work!

Assault. Doom assaults the Fait as well as 3 gaunt broods. I challenge the Fate with Doom to save my terv. I have a lot of rerolls in challenge and do 3 wounds at Str 10:) Fate passes saves. Doom passes his single instadeath save:)

Important note: Fate is more than 3” away from my marker, but gants are right on my marker, so I feel myself quite comfortable in this assault. Overall I control 3 markers (3+2+3 points) and if nothing will change I win the game.

Turn 4. Daemons
Lord comes in automatically and shoot everything he has at my warlord. I evade and take 2 wounds.

Assaul. Grinder assault my devilgaunts on the right and lock.
Fate-Doom-Terv-3 gant broods assault has no changes.

Daemons has 4 point and 1 point markers, +1 for First blood and +1 for linebreaker = 7
I have 8 points in markers +1 for linebreaker = 9.
I want to remove the plagues from 4 point marker to get a 100% victory.

Turn 4. Tyranids.
Both flyrants swoop to plagubearers at 4-point objective.

Shooting. Warlord snapshots after evade, flyrant shoot as normal, but only 3 plagues die!!!

Assault see no changes. Grinder smashes gant after gant, but I have one more spare squad to feed the beast:) Fate and Doom pass all the saves.

Turn 5. Daemons
Lord of change continue to harass my warlord but I evade again and make all saves!

Assaults has no change at all.

Turn 5. Tyranids
My flyrants glide close to the plaguebearers and shoot them all down from the 4-point marker.

Assault remains with no changes.

We roll for the turn 6 and 1d6=1. End of the game. Tyranids victory!

I won the mission and the primary objective, but lost secondary objectives, so the resulting score is 14-6 in my favor!

If I remember right, before the game ended our captain came to my table:
- How many points I have to take? – I asked.
- If you loose 0-20 it will be enough for our team to win the round. – He answered.

So, our team win by a lot in this round and the first tourney day ends. We got beered a little and went to take a short rest.

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