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четверг, 3 января 2013 г.

Brothers in Arms - 2012. Game 5 - vs Torf (IG+SW)

The last game was not with tourney leaders – team HYDRA, as we expected, but with the secont team from Saint Pietersburg – “Successfulness aka alco-party”. Besides the name, the team is highly competitive:)

Let’s look at my pairings estimations for this team:

Chaos Daemons - 16
IG/SW - 16
Eldar/Tau - 10
DE/Eldar - 14
Tyranids - 12
SW/SM – 6

Looks great – only one bad pairing at first glance. But it’s not as good if to mention the mission – Purge the Alien! I posted my estimations for all the missions, but they are very different for this mission in reality.
Johnny, as a experienced captain, estimated that SW/SM army won’t be played as a champion, but there can be a IG/SW army with high probability. So he put me as a champion. And if my estimations were not exact, captain did no mistakes and I get IG/SW as my last opponent!

Opponent army:

Torf - Imperial Guard (with Space Wolves)

HQ1 : Lord Commissar Bolt Pistol; Power Axe [80 pts]
HQ2 : 4 Company Command Squad - Lasguns; Flamer (x2); Camo Cloaks; Regimental Standart
Colonel Straken,
Officer of the Fleet [220 pts]

Troop 1 : Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad  Meltagun (x3) [60 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Krak Grenades; Lascannon; Power Axe [95 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Autocannon; Power Axe [75 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Autocannon; Power Axe; Vox-caster [80 Pts]
Total Troop 1 [310 Pts]

Troop 2 : Infantry Platoon
 Platoon Command Squad  Meltagun (x3); Comander Chenkov [110 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Krak Grenades; Autocannon; Power Axe [85 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Autocannon; Power Axe [75 Pts]
Infantry Squad - Flamer; Autocannon; Power Axe; Vox-caster [80 Pts]
45 Conscripts - Send the Next Wave [255 Pts]
Total Troop 2 [605 Pts]

FA1: 1 Vendetta - Twin Lascannon (x3) [130 Pts]
FA2: 1 Vendetta - Twin Lascannon (x3) [130 Pts]

HS1: 1 Griffon - Heavy Flamer [75 Pts]
HS2: 1 Griffon - Heavy Flamer [75 Pts]

--Space Wolves----

HQ1 : Rune Priest - Bolt Pistol; Jaws of the World Wolf; Living Lightning [100 Pts]
Troop 1 : 5 Grey Hunters Pack – Flamer (х1) [75 Pts]

Aegis DL [50 Pts]

Before the game analysis:
I feel myself a bit out of position for this game. I have an easy time playing with this army on objectives, but kill points is a pure evil. I have 4 spores, Doom and gants as easy KP’s – overall 8 KP’s at ease. My opponent has only about 10 KP’s. So, I have to near table him to win! That’s why it is extremely important for me to get First blood, Slay the warlord and Linebreaker to maximize my VP outcome!

Table. Table is weird – it has a ruin in the center and it is carved with lava rivers – they are counted as a single mysterious river and area terrain!

Mission - Purge the Alien.

Deployment – Vanguard strike.

I loose the roll to choose side, but it doesn’t matter.

Traits. I get +1 cover in ruins, while my opponent gets a -1 to my reserve rolls!!!
Bad-bad-bad! Officer of the fleet and this trait mean that my alfa-strike will be scattered!

Flyrant get Endurance, Warlord get nothing useful.
One terv get Warp Speed and Endurance.
Two tervs keep their FnP as well as Doom keeps his large blast:)

I roll the nightfight for the first turn.

I win the roll-off and choose to go first. I need that First blood!

Torf places Aegis in the corner.I put all tervs as close as possible to his lines, tyrants are within 37 inches from Aegis and in cover.
Torf places all everything except conscripts 43 inches away from my flyrants, behind the Aegis. Platoon- small command squad – Griffon – Griffon – Command squad with runepriest – platoon. Conscripts form a circle around Aegis.

Torf fails to seize and I start.

Plan for the game:
I’ll swoop tyrants to the ruin Turn 1, where they receive 2+ cover, then my alfa strike comes in and I try to bring down his command squad and runepriest. After that I can march Tervigons forward and swarm his lines with buffed gants.

Turn 1. Tyranids.
We roll the dice and find that our river gives FnP to units inside, but it is difficult to leave the river or shoot from it – every unit make a Ld test to do that. It’s good for me, cause I need not to cast much FnP, but I feel that this river can slow down my low Ld gants! I have to avoid it with flyrants not spoil my plan!

Tyrants get FnP and swoop to the ruin. Tervigons follow them, but keep at 31 inch from runepriest.

Shooting. My flyrants kill a couple of conscripts.

Turn 1. IG+SW
Runepriest comes closer to my forces – that’s all for move.

First platoon opens up at my warlord, hit once and wound once. I fail 2+ cover save with FnP and take a wound. I fail my grounding test and fall. I fail a FnP and take another wound from falling! So, I lost a lot of wounds from a single hit!!!
Runepriest casts JotWW at my warlord. I fail to Deny the Witch and after that I roll 1d6=6 for the init test and loose the Warlord!
Second platoon opens up at second tyrant. 3 hits, 1 wound. I fail 2+ cover, I fail FnP, I fail grounding test, I fail FnP again and get 2 wounds on second flyrant.

I just step out of the table to say my captain a single phrase “I loose the game”. He looked at me like this O_O
So, I failed to take First Blood, I lost Warlord, My reserves come on 5+!!! Not good at all.

Turn 2. Tyranids
I have a single gaunt spore from reserves. I think carefully and decide to inflict maximum damage to make some points. I see the gap between Aegis and board edge and put my spore there with a little scatter.
My flyrant get Endurance and hide behind the spore to give gants Preferred and add some firepower.
Tervigons spawn 3 gant broods, two doubles. Gants rush forward and into the river. Tervigons shift to the left to avoid JatWW.

Spore kills some conscripts so I see small command squad with ease. Gants open up at them, but Torf is hot on saves and loose all but one guardsmen in command squad. Tyrant cannot see the last man, so he opens up at platoon. They go to ground and loose near a half.
After that, Torf makes both morale tests with ease.

Turn 2. IG+SW
One vendetta comes in on the left flank. 5 grey hunters come in near gants.

Shooting. Vendetta brings down tyrant – I fail every roll with my tyrants this game!
Flamer and bolter from a 5-man squad kill all 13 gants with devourers!!!
One platoon kills the spore, while second murder some spawned gants with Griffon’s assistance.

Turn 3. Tyranids
I fail all reserve rolls.
The first terv try to warp speed itself, but rolls 5,6.
I try to FnP him but roll 5,6 again! Damn green dices! I hate green dices! :)
I spawn one more gant brood and rush them forward.

Shooting. I try to shoot gants at conscripts, but fail all my Ld-tests to shoot from river.

Turn 3. IG+SW
Second Vendetta comes in.
Shooting wounds my forward tervigon twice and kills a bunch of gants.

Turn 4. Tyranids
My reserves auto comes in!
My last hope is Doom – I manage to put it into the small hole between conscripts, command squad, platoon and grey hunters!!! Yahooo!
Gaunts drop on the same left flank to clear it up!
I spawn one more gant brood and move tervigons to the same flank to support gants with synapse.

Shooting. 4 squads are in the Doom spirit leech range! Torf passes all 4 LD-tests on 3d6. o_O my left eye start to blink uncontrollably.
Doom casts large blast on platoon and… it scatters on 11” and off the table!!!
Two dakkagant broods manage to bring down 5 grey hunters!!!! My first kill point!!! WOW!
Gaunts in the river fail to shoot again…

Turn 4. IG+SW
Minimum movement. One vendetta hovers to get a better aim far from my ranks.

Shooting. Two vendettas kill the wounded tervigon.
Griffons roll double HIT and wipe all but 3 and 2 gants from a 13 and 12 man squads.
Doom dies to the first platoon’s fire. Second platoon murders some more spawned gants.

Turn 5. Tyranids.
Gants spread in anti-blast fashion along the river, tervigons do the same. Last tervigon which is able to spawn do 9 gants with a double, I give him FnP and all they rush to apper at the rear armor of the closest Vendetta.
Shooting. My shooting bounce off the vendetta armor… gants in the river fails their tests again…

I suggested my opponent to play the last turn as we already used all the time for the round, Torf accepted.

Turn 5. IG+SW
Vendettas hover and focus another tervigon.

Shooting. Everything opens up at tervigon, stripping him off 4 wounds.

End of the game. The resulting score is 0-20 in favor of IG+SW!

I lost Doom, 1 gant brood with devourers, 1 spawned gant brood, 1 tervigon, 1 spore, 2 flyrants = 7 KP’s
I did 1 KP!!

My left eye had been blinking rapidly for a whole day after this game o_O

As a result of my fail our team do not manage to win and this round is a draw. Our team takes 6-th place from 16 teams with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. It’s pleasant to see that we played only with powerful teams, including tourney winners – team Anklav!

In the next article I’ll try to make a brief analysis of my army and it’s performance at this tourney.

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