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вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

The Past and the Future of the Hive-Fleet Hyenna

Year 2009. Actually, I bought my first starter “Battle for Macragge” when my son was born, in August 2009. It took about 5 month to paint 10 gants, 8 spore mines and 6 genestealers!
Year 2010. I did a lot of painting with no game played. I just painted, converted and discussed my army ideas via the internet. I had 71 fully painted models for my first game of 40k at the end of the year, including tervigon conversion;)

Year 2011. In May 2011 I participated in my first tourney (I had 2 full 40k games at that moment!!!) That tourney was a significant point for the future as I liked it. I decided to try to make somewhat a competitive tyranids army.
So, I prepaired hard for the second tourney and took third place out of 17 participants – a solid result for a fun army (5th ed. nids) in hands of a newbie.
At the end of the year I received a “Best Army” award, so I was inspired to continue painting and converting:)

Soon, my daughter Adelia was born and I took a half year break from tyranids…

Year 2012. I returned to 40k and decided to focus on tourneys, as it takes much less time than a regular club games. 1 tourney is 1 day that equals to a full month of every week club attendance. As I found out myself as a competitive player , I added some Vassal practice games to my routine:) I ended up the year with 5 tourneys played at a highly competitive level – here is my tourney table:

I’ve learned an interesting thing about team tourney and I’ll try to explain, why I like it. In single tourney you try to win, but when you achieve the goal your opponent is usually upset. It leaves a bitter taste for the victory. If you play a team tourney, after a win you feel the pure positive emotions of your team and feel yourself much better:)

In current time I paint a second Flying tyrant for my Hive-fleet and a dozen of gants with devourers and a bunch for tervies. My current collection includes about 197 models with 132 painted ones.

It was a surprise for me that my friends nominated me for the “Best player 40k – 2012” award on the Russian forums:
and for the «Teacher of the Year 40k – 2012” award.

I won’t win the award, but it inspires me to continue writing battle reports and article in future:)

Year 2013. Future. Future is in the shadow of the Warp:) Nevertheless, I plan to take part in a local 1500 pts single tourney on February, 10.
After that I hope to take part in the belorussian team tourney “4 cities” – 1850 pts, 6 players per team.
I also plan to finish my articles on tyranid army archetypes!
As usual, I will post battle reports from all the tourneys I attend.
If you are interested in my ideas on the certain topic – feel free to ask me right here and, maybe, I’ll write another article on your topic;)

And my son, Martin, my future:)

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