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пятница, 15 февраля 2013 г.

Minsk winter - 2013. Game 3 vs Golio (Eldar)

I got 27 points after 2 games and placed 5-th at the moment. Tourney table looked like this:

1 Fredya (Tau/Eldar)
2 Daemon, my 1st round opponent (Eldar/Tau)
3 Golio (Eldar)
4 [Proxybot] DarkTear (SM)
5 Erle (Tyranids)
6 Johnny (CSM)

Last game Mission is Purge The Alien on Hammer and Anvil!

“Oh, cool” – I said when I saw this table. CSM with double Helldrakes is an easy match for my nids! Golio has nothing to do agains a dual LR list in a KP game. Fredya and Daemon have similar lists, so they may end somewhere in a draw then I will win the tourney!
No so fast, silly tyranid, not so good… Proxybot goes to play with the bottom of the tourney table and I face Golio and his Eldars (Emmm… Golio won the previous tourney as far as I remember!)

Pavel "Golio" Suchkov


Codex: Eldar

HQ 1: eldrad ulthran (210) [210]
HQ 2: farseer (55), singing spear (3), runes of witnessing (10), doom (25), spirit stones (20), eldritch storm (20), guide (20), mind war (20) [173]
Elites 1: 8*fire dragon (8*16), exarch (12), crack shot (5), tank hunters (15) [160]
Elites 2: 7*harlequin (7*18), 4*harlequin's kiss (4*4), 2*fusion pistol (2*10), shadowseer (30) [192]
Troops 1: 10*dire avenger (10*12), exarch (12), exarch's 2 shuriken catapults (5), bladestorm (15) [152]
Troops 2: 10*guardian (10*8), shuriken cannon (5) [85]
Troops 3: 3*guardian jetbike (3*22) [66]
Heavy support 1: 2*war walker (2*30), 4*scatter laser (4*15) [120]
Heavy support 2: 2*war walker (2*30), 4*scatter laser (4*15) [120]
Heavy support 3: 2*war walker (2*30), 4*scatter laser (4*15) [120]
Fortification: aegis defence lines (50), gun emplacement with quad-gun (50) [100]
Total: 1498 pts

And my list again:

Hive Tyrant – 2 x TL Devourer, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Hive Commander = 285 pts.
Hive Tyrant - 2 x TL Devourer, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Old Adversary = 285 pts.
Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (8) = 184 pts.
Tervigon - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat, Onslaught = 210 pts.
Tervigon - Stinger Salvo, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 185 pts.
Termagant (20) with Devourers in Mycetic Spore with TL Deathspitter = 250 pts.
Termagant Brood (10) with Devourers = 100 pts.
Total = 1499 pts.

Aegis, Quad-gun, 6 walkers, 2 farseers… Oh, man, it’s not my day. Nevertheless, as a hivemind, I’m fearless, cause I give synapse to myself:) I made a happy face and came to the table.

I won the roll to choose side and left Golio with a side with 4 pieces of area terrain in it for Ymgarls.
Golio put the Aegis 24” away from his board edge, right in front of all those area terrains!

I got -1 to enemy reserves (oh, no!!!! bad trait! Very bad!)
He got outflank side reroll (Walkers are happy?)

Warlord – Iron Arm, Enfeeble
Flyrant – Endurance, Warp speed
Terv 1 – Iron Arm, Endurance, Hemorrhage
Terv 2 – Catalyst, Dominion

Farseer – 4+ invuln, full BS for overwatch and Prescience.
Eldrad – keep codex powers

We roll the nightfight for the first turn.

I win the roll to go first and take it!

Game plan:
I have to take out those walkers and I will forego his harlequins. At first I will rush tervies at the enemy to support my alfa strike and buff tyrants after arrival. I’ll try to take out every easy KP I will find on board and then I will rush tervigons back to the corner of the table and fly tyrants away from the table to lead on KP’s for at least one (2 gant squads+spore+ymgarls = 4 KPs I will loose, so I need to take 5 KPs to win!). Not an easy task, as he has -1 to his reserves, thanks to my warlord trait!

I place 3-powers tervigon in the center, 37 inches away from his Aegis and quad-gun. Second tervigon and Warlord are on the very left, more than 42” away from walkers and quadgun. 10 gants outflank, 20 gants deepstrike with a Flyrant, Ymgarls lay dormant.

Golio deploys FireDragons on the very right near quad-gun. Harlequins with Eldrad in the center and avengers with Farseer – between harleys and Dragons. He also deploys all walkers on board!!! 2 on the left, 2 in the center and 2 on the right. Every unit is behind the Aegis and in area terrain.

It was so juicy to put Ymgarls into the large area terrain in the center of his deploy, but I decided not to risk with them and placed them into the small forest on the very left of his Aegis.

Turn 1. Tyranids
I Iron Arm (+1) and FnP my Warlord without Perils!! and fly a bit forward, tervigons move forward also.


Turn 1. Eldar
Harleys get fortune, walkers get guide, avengers get Prescience and full BS for overwatch.
Golio moves harlequins and central walkers to flood central area terrain piece! He moves Dragons to flood rightmost area terrain piece! Avengers help to flood central area terrain too.

Shooting. Warwalkers with guide shoot at my Warlord and he fails his test and takes 1 wound as a result. All other units are out of 36” range (nightfight is cool!).
Turn 2. Tyranids
Every single unit comes in! To risk or not to risk? I decided to take a risk and deep struck Flyrant with a HIT between his troops and board edge (there were 6-8 inches from either side, but risky anyways!). Then I drop 20 gants near Flyrant with a little scatter! Ymgarls pop out from the last unflooded terrain piece!!! And, finally my 10 gants fail to come from the right side – they came from the left, near Ymgarls, Warwalkers and 2+ with a reroll harlequins! Nevertheless, I’m happy with the result!
But Golio is well prepared and shoot Quad-gun at my Flyrant! I fail the test and take 2 wounds as a result!!! That’s so cute – to get grounded in front of a full pack of FireDragons!!!

Warlord get Endurance with no Perils again and fly to the center of the table (heroic sacrifice?). Ymgarls ready to charge the leftmost warwalkers.
Tervigons head to my board edge in order to realize my cunning plan!

Shooting. Tervigons run towards my board edge!
First, 10 gants with devourers shoot at walkers and wreck one with glances!
Then Warlord shoot at central walkers without cover, wrecks the first and EXPLODES! The second! One harlequin dies in the explosion with 1,1 rolled!
Then spore wrecks one walker from the rightmost squad! Flyrant finishes the rightmost last walker!
20 devilgants is in doubts – to kill those Dragons or Avengers? I decided that I prefer to try to save my Flyrant and shoot at Dragons! After 60 preferred shots, there are no more Dragons on the table!

Assault. I charge Ymgarls into last walker, go for +1T, save all overwatch and pen it once with an immobilized result and lock in combat :)

  I regenerate the lost wound on Warlord with It Will Not Die!!!!

What a great turn! I neutralized all the walkers, got First Blood and 3 KPs. Ymgarls will give me 1 more KP, so I need only 1 more KP to win the game, while my flyrants are alive!

Turn 2. Eldar
Golio is frustrated. Only 3 bikes come in from reserve on the very right.
He gice harlequins 4+ invuln, fortune and prescience.
Guide for avengers, Doom on 20 gants with devourers.

Harlequins go for Ymgarls, Avengers line up to shoot at gants.

Shooting. Bladestorm at doomed gants make me loose all of them! Bikes shot at my spore, stripping off a wound.

Assault. Harlequins assault my Ymgarls and wipe them out, but not before I wreck the last walker with +1A! Harlequins consolidate back into area terrain.

So, I lead on KPs 4 to 2 and I need 1 more KP to win the game and I see that KP on the table – bikers!!! Get ‘em, tyrants!

Turn 3. Tyranids
I fly both tyrants to the right flank to shoot at bikers.
10 gants pass instincts and move towards my tervigons to get in synapse.

I shoot Warlord at bikers and kill only one! Nevertheless, second Flyrant finishes them off!

10 gaunts with devourers shoot at Farseer and kill a pair of avengers through Look out, Sir!
Turn 3. Eldar
Guardians don’t want to come in.
Both units get fortune, Prescience and 4+ invuln for harlequins.

  Harlequins head for Warlord.
Shooting. Harlequins hit Warlord once, but I pass my save with no wounds taken.

Assault… no assault, cause Warlord is high in the air!

Turn 4. Tyranids
I swoop tyrants out of opponents deployment zone. I place Warlord 17 inches away from harlequins and Flyrant – 17 inches away from avengers.
10 gaunts go home.

Shooting. Flyrants shoot with no effect, cause both units have fortune on them.

Turn 4. Eldar
Here we decided it to be the last turn, as Golio has no chance to win and I have no chance to kill his fortuned units. Our friends already started to pack terrain from our table!!! We are not running out of time – there were about an hour left, but we were tired already. So, the last Eldar turn.

Guardians arrive from reserve, but have nothing to do.
Harlequins move 6 inches towards my Flyrant.

Shooting. Avengers shoot at my flyrant, hit several times. Flyrant fails it’s test and get third wound!
Harlequins shoot their melta pistols at Flyrant and finish him… Oops!

The end of the game. The death of the Flyrant meant that we have lost approximately equal number of points. Nevertheless, my plan succeeded and I win primary objective 5 to 3 KP (actually there were no problem to kill the Spore, so I count it as a 5-4 victory). All as planned:) I won the secondary too with a First Blood scored, while Golio scored no secondary objectives.
The resulting score is 17-3 in favor of Hive-fleet Hyenna!

I finish with 44 tourney points… but who is the winner of the tourney?
The first “shock” is that Johnny managed to table Yaroslav and has 45 points!
The second “shock” was to see that Fredya managed to table Daemon!!!
So, I finish on the third place as a result.

Fredya also manages to reach the very top of our local Belarus Warhammer 40k tourney rating, while I grab the third place of the rating that matches well with the tourney results, he-he.

But that’s not the end. The Best Paint prize goes to Yaroslav and his beautiful Dark Eldars!
And, suddenly I’m granted a special “best sport” prize, cause I’m the only player to get a yellow warning card from the judge for the long time:) As a prize I got a starter book “Dark Vengeance”. On the top of the first page is written “HOW TO PLAY WARHAMMER 40000”, ha-ha! Cute, I’ll add it to my “Battle for maccrage” book for collection:)

Freadya is the most happy guy in the center. Yaroslav is confident, as usual on the right. The most unsteady guy on the left is me:)

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