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вторник, 12 февраля 2013 г.

Minsk winter - 2013. Game 2 vs Hitter (Daemons)

I got 9 points in the first game and found myself below the middle of the tourney table. As a gift for my hungry hive-fleet was second pairing – Hitter with Daemons of Chaos with 5-th edition like army list:

Андрей "Hitter" Наркевич

Codex: Chaos Daemons

HQ 1: fateweaver, oracle of tzeentch (333) [333]
HQ 2: bloodthirster (250), blessing of the blood god (5), unholy might (20) [275]

Elites 1: 5*bloodcrusher of khorne (5*40), chaos icon (25) [225]
Elites 2: 5*bloodcrusher of khorne (5*40), chaos icon (25) [225]
Elites 3: flamers of tzeentch (69), 3*additional flamer (3*23) [138]

Troops 1: 5*plaguebearer of nurgle (5*15) [75]
Troops 2: 5*plaguebearer of nurgle (5*15) [75]

Fast attack 1: screamers of tzeentch (75) [75]
Fast attack 2: screamers of tzeentch (75) [75]

Total: 1496 pts

My army list was:

Hive Tyrant – 2 x TL Devourer, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Hive Commander = 285 pts.
Hive Tyrant - 2 x TL Devourer, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Old Adversary = 285 pts.
Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (8) = 184 pts.
Tervigon - Stinger Salvo, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat, Onslaught = 210 pts.
Tervigon - Stinger Salvo, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 185 pts.
Termagant (20) with Devourers in Mycetic Spore with TL Deathspitter = 250 pts.
Termagant Brood (10) with Devourers = 100 pts.
Total = 1499 pts.

The Mission 2 is Emperor’s Will on Dawn of War deployment.

Before game analysis:
This is my first game with Hitter. As I understood, he read my blog. He declined to look at my army list: “I remember it”, - he said. So, he knew my list. I tried to say some words about my units but he stopped me saying “I know that, I played some games against the same nids already with Nikolay”. I know Nikolay, we played with him twice Nids vs Nids and I won twice, nevertheless, my opponent, Hitter, was prepared for the battle. Maybe, he was prepared much better than me! I became a bit nervous about that:)
His list is tough but I have all the tools to crack this nut – Flyrants to ground Fate/Thirster and poisoned gants to tarpit and bring down all his high T units. He has not much shooting, so I must take the first blood and win secondary objectives with heavier alfa-strike. He also has only 2 scoring units, so I can easily wipe them out with my mobile tyrants to grant me victory on mission. As a main strategy for the game – I need to bring down his flyers to save my Warlord and retain late game mobility. So, my target priority is Thirster/Fate first, then his scoring. I will try to tarpit juggernauts with not many units involved in the task. Let’s try to do that.

I win the roll to choose side and choose one with a large ruin near a large impassable terrain piece (Rock). It will make him a problem with dropping units in. I place my marker into the ruin. He places his behind the rock, on the same board edge not willing to split his forces, I guess.

Hitter find out a -1 penalty to my reserves, while I grab the reserve rerolls! Great for me!

Psychic powers:
Warlord – Iron Arm, Hemorrhage
Flyrant – Enfeeble, Hemorrhage
Tervigon 1 – Iron Arm, Endurance, Haemorrhage
Tervigon 2 – Catalyst, Dominion

I win the roll to go first and take it!

I deploy both tervigons in the ruin. 10 gants, 2 flyrants are in reserve. 20 gants deepstrike, Ymgarls lay dormant.

I cheated here a little. I need to put 3 units on the board and I wanted to put Ymgarls there, but changed my mind and forgot to put gants on board instead. My bad.

Hitter fails to seize and I start!

Turn 1. Tyranids
Tervigons cast FnP on each other.

Turn 1. Chaos Daemons
First wave is Fate, Thirster, 5 Crushers, 5 plagues, 3 screamers. Hitter gets his desired wave!
He drop Crushers close to my tervigons and they scatter even closer, being 3 inches away only.
Fate goes next. He places it 6 inches from Crushers. “Don’t you afraid to scatter on top of you crushers”, - I asked. “Don’t worry, 6 inches is enough”, - answered Hitter and scattered Fate 9 inches toward crushers. MISHAP result = 2 and I place Fate in the opposite corner, facing the corner. Judge pointed that the owning player choose the facing of a misshaped flyer in any case. I disagreed and asked tourney organizer the same question… and got the yellow card as a result – “for arguing with a judge”. So, Hitter rotated Fateweaver to look straight at my tervigons across the table:)
Thirster landed not far from Crushers, screamers – closer to Fate and plagues – on objective behind LOS blocking mountain from my objective.

Shooting. Thirster run to my tervigons, Fate run to get closer, screamers run into 6-inch area from Fate. Plagues run onto objective.

Turn 2. Tyranids
Everything comes in on a 3+ with reroll! Ymgarls pop up from the central ruin behind the Thirster! Surprise!
20 gants drop between our objectives and in shooting range for crushers and thirster. 10 gants come in close to crushers.
Both flyrants vector strike thirster and end swooping near 20 gants with an Old Adversary one – in the very center of my forces! I strip Thirster of 2 wounds with vector strikes, but he takes both tests successfully!
I spawn 10 and 16 gants with tervigons (actually I spawned 10 and 17 (with double), but this tourney I took only 26 gants with fleshborers). 10 head for Thirster, while 16 head for crushers.
I use Catalyst on 20 dakka gants.

Shooting. I shoot 10 spawned gants at Thirster, hit him twice, but he passes test again. Then I shoot him with warlord, hit and wound 3 times and ground him! Thirster passes all saves, sitting with 2 wounds left on the ground. Nice.
After 106 S4, 11 S5 and 6 S6 shots with Preferred Enemy, Crushers disappear, leaving me with a first blood and no icons on the board!!!

Assault. I fail my assault with gants, rolling 1,1. And, suddenly, I see that I forgot to move with my Ymgarls (I’ll count it as a payment for my little cheating at deployment). So, I charge through difficult terrain and as a result, thirster strikes first, killing 4 stealers! I get +1A and roll 3 rends. Thirster pass 2 saves and has one wound left.

Turn 2. Chaos Daemons
Only one screamer unit comes in – good and bad. No crushers is great as I have time to deal with Fate, but no plagues is not as good, cause I cannot kill them right away.
Screamers come in near Fate.
Fate swoops closer to my position.
Plagues move closer to LOSblock to hide from my gants.

Screamers hide out of LOS behind the ruin, near Fate.
Fate shoot bolt at my warlord while other shooting goes to flyrant! He hit it all and wound Warlord and Flyrant once each. I fail test with Warlord and decide to Dive for 5+ cover, but fail it and lost 2 wounds. Flyrant took a wound without diving and passed grounding test. What a nasty creature – Fate!

Assault. In assault Ymgarls go +1S and do only 1 normal wound to Thirster without any rends. Daemon take single save and smashes Ymgarls to pieces! Ouch!

Turn 3. Tyranids
I endurance my Warlord, Iron Arm him to T9 and FnP the 20-man devilgaunt brood. 20 devilgants go for plagues with Tervigon support, 16 spawned gants go for Thirster with the second tervigon support. 10 devourer gants go for screamers.
Warlord and Flyrant vector strike the Fate, rolling 4 wound each. Fatepass both tests but take 1 wound.

Shooting. 9 devilgants out of 20 see plagues and kill 3 of them. 10 devilgants kill one Screamer. 16 spawned gants shoot down the last wound from Thirster! Wow! Tyrants open up at Fate and ground him, dealing one more wound, so only one wound left on Fate.

No assaults. I fail to regain a wound for tyrant by It will not die.

Turn 3. Chaos Daemons
Crushers come in, but flamers and plagues not. Good and bad again!
Crushers land near Fate, but scatter a bit far from my objective.
Screamers and Fate advance close to my 10-man devilgaunt brood.

Fate shoot at my Warlord with bolt again and 3 S5 shots at Flyrant. I make both tests, but decide not to Dive and fail my FnP for Warlord and take anotherwoundfor Flyrant– only 1 wound left on my Warlord.

Assault. Screamers assault my 10 devilgants and wipe them out, but gants manage to bring down 1 Screamer with overwatch!

Turn 4. Tyranids.
So, I need to hold my own objective, tarpit screamers, roadblock the crushers and at the same time I have to take care of the opponent’s objective! I decide to split forces into three groups:
Group alfa (Warlord, Tervigon that cannot spawn and 20 gants) - go for enemy objective.
Group beta (Flyrant, 16 gants, 10 gants and… spore?) – tarpit those screamers and crushers!
Group gamma (Tervigon that can spawn) – Hold mine objective!

So, alfa goes for enemy objective.
Flyrant Enfeebles and vector strikes Crushers (dealing three wounds!), give synapse to gants from group beta.
Both gant squad from beta get FnP from tervigons and go for screamers and Fate.
Gamma tervigon sit on top of my home objective (but do not spawn… not now!).

Shooting. Devilgants wipe out last 2 plagues.
Warlord open up at Fate, ground him but do not manage to strip the last wound from the Oracle of Tzeench. 10 gants open up at the same target, but fail to wound. At last I found out that spore is in it’s despitter range from Fate – 1 wound – 1 failed save and Fate leaves the table! What a wonderful 10 pts upgrade for Spore!
16 gants open up at screamers, killing them all. Flyrant open up at the last screamer squad and kill one, leaving the only one screamer alive.

No assaults as I have no valid targets.

Turn 4. Chaos Daemons
Everything comes in. Flamers drop in with a HIT near 20-man gant squad, while plagues drop right on the enemy objective.
Screemer jump towards my objective.

Screamer boost into contest range from my objective.
First flamer...
 Second flamer...
Flamers barbeque all but 2 gants.

Crushers charge into gants and kill only two (cause gants have FnP and Crushers are Enfeebled!).

Turn 5. Tyranids
Warlord swoops toward enemy objective, but is too far to contest. I FnP the Warlord with Catalyst. Tervigon is far from objective too, so I move my 2 gants onto the objective to contest.
On my home marker, tervigon spawn 7 gants. Flyrant rush toward my home marker to help a bit.

Shooting. Spawned gants kill the screamer at my objective. Tervigon shoot at plagues with no effect. 2 gants run onto enemy objective. I think a minute and run my flyrant into contesting range instead of shooting.

Assault. I charge second gant pack into crushers and we lock. My tervigon fails to charge the plagues.

Turn 5. Chaos Daemons

We are running out of time, so judge decided that it will be the last turn.

Hitter decides to risk and pull out a draw. His plan is to assault my gants with plagues and consolidate onto objective, while flamers must gun down the last wound from my Warlord. Then we will tie on primary and on secondary objectives altogether! Let’s see…

Flamers jump closer to my Warlord, Plagues ready for assault.

Shooting. Flamers hit once but fail to wound my Warlord and I pass my test… That’s it.

Assault. Plagues kill my last 2 gants from a 20-man gant squad.

The game ends. I control my objective and contest enemy objective with my Warlord. At the same time Warlord give me a linebreaker, so I scored all three secondary objectives! I win all the objectives and killed a lot of Daemons, so Hitter gets only 2 points for this game and the result is 18-2 in favor of Hive-Fleet Hyenna!

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