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Число моделей (из них покрашено): 267 (246); Турнирные игры (Победы - Ничьи - Поражения): 34 - 16 - 13

четверг, 7 февраля 2013 г.


At the top of the blog under the title you can see a link to the new page: Library

You can get there by the link:

I decided to make a library of my own posts that is yet more or less actual. Older posts are in Russian, while later ones are in English. Feel free to ask me to translate the article you are interested in into English.

My Russian blog is now at http://dabunker.com/blog/Эрль/

P.S: I don't include posts on 5th edition  rules, tactics and battlereports in the Library.

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